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JAMB Results for 16th May 2017 are Out - Check Now

Posted: 18-May-2017 16:13:26 into Jamb by Myschool for school | 2828 Comments

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We're pleased to announce that the JAMB Results for Candidates who took UTME on 16th May have been released and you can now check yours right now.

This observation was made by the Myschool Team, after several candidates of 16th May, confirmed to us that they have indeed seen their results, through our JAMB Result Monitoring Thread.

Please note that all results may not have been released and you should not panic about that. Just be patient with JAMB and soon enough, you will get your result or an appropriate response.

If you wrote on 13th, 15th or 16th, you can now recheck your results using the full procedures we posted. Please click here to access the JAMB Result Checking Procedures.

Goodluck to you all.

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Comments (2828)
Freshfireflames says;

Wrote since Monday and am yet to see my result...

By the way,FTCπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
18-May-2017 16:16:07 ·
ferdiromz; as its stands i think calculation questions re nw even cheaper dan theory
no wonder all d scientist re scoring 220+
18-May-2017 16:45:40 ·
SilentBaker; Thank you Lord Jesus. It came to pass and was a success. Thank you my Lord.
JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Asoegwu Desmond Uche Geoffrey
Reg Number: 76135088FE
Date of Birth: 05 May
Origin: ORSU in Imo State.
Exam No: C04307140
Centre Name: American University Of Nigeria, ICT Centre, 226, Modibbo Adama Way, Yola, Adamawa State
Subject Score
Use of English 71
Physics 89
Biology 82
Chemistry 81
Total Score: 323
JAMB UTME 2017 Print Result
2017 Β© Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Online
18-May-2017 16:49:59 ·
mimishofuo; congrats
18-May-2017 16:54:56 ·
PromzRoyal; Wao that was great
18-May-2017 16:59:34 ·
SilentBaker; Thanx all
18-May-2017 17:01:29 ·
Mr_yommex1544; Congratulations
18-May-2017 18:07:36 ·
HomeAlloy; SilentBaker pls did u sit 4 d mock
18-May-2017 18:47:52 ·
NmasinachiW; Congrats
18-May-2017 18:48:35 ·
HomeAlloy; Hv seen mine 235 bt my maths 66 m xo sure dats nt my score..dnt wanna blv in d conspiracy dat added marks r gvin 2 those dat sat 4 mock
18-May-2017 18:52:38 ·
shenkez; Where are my fellow at students is it only science dat smashed jamb Dis year..... Wat are ur scores biko
18-May-2017 19:12:52 ·
HomeAlloy; M nt sciences m [email protected] pls m waiting on ur reply
18-May-2017 19:26:27 ·
Esiayo; I claim dis result IJN
18-May-2017 19:27:17 ·
Darenho842; Plis did you write mock?
18-May-2017 20:21:22 ·
Johnay; I don't believe that 46 was my chemistry score because I know what I did in my chemistry,am expecting nothing less than 80 in chemistry,but anyway na them sabi thanking God for my score 221
18-May-2017 21:44:38 ·
SilentBaker; No, I didn't sit for mock. Late [email protected]
19-May-2017 05:33:41 ·
SilentBaker; No, I didn't sit for mock. Late [email protected] and Darenho842
19-May-2017 05:34:25 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Hey... Nawa...o.I beg who can explained for nmhe how jamb is marked dis exam..self...I expect 60+ in gov.they gave 56..nd economic I esspect 60 they just give 53..buh...thank to God still get 217
19-May-2017 06:06:10 ·
Darenho842; Guyz if you made it past 200, you have every reason to thank God well because he just saved you another year at home. I checked for a guy and he scored 168, another guy checked with the sam e phone and scored 188 and i checked mine and scored 226. I was a bit unhappy because I was expecting soemthing higher buh then i tried to put myself in the position of the boy that scored 188 and i realized it was God's grace and mercy. I can't even break the 168 score to the boy i would let him check it himself and for all that didn't pass just trust God he knows best. YOU HAVE EVERY REASON TO THANK GOD, ONE YEAR AT HOME(with strenous reading, not having fun, and sadness etc ) IS NOT A JOKE.
19-May-2017 08:02:00 ·
ayodejifelix; Hmm that's the salient truth bro, God knows the best and in every situation,one should give thanks. I score 225 and I was so worried while I checked it because in maths,I expected nothing less than 85+,but at the end, I scored 75.Glory be to God for making us to score above 200 and I pray for those that scored below 200 that God shall do one no man has done over their admission (Amen)
19-May-2017 09:00:06 ·
fizzydamsel; @freshfire me too i wrote on Monday I have not seen my result @fct
19-May-2017 09:58:54 ·
arinze ireka; good morning Mr Geoffrey.Congratulations.I actually got 269 .I would like u to pls drop ur number pls.we are from the same state and local govt.pls I would like to chat with u
19-May-2017 10:06:42 ·
SilentBaker; Check ur mail box. I've sent u a PM
19-May-2017 10:33:22 ·
SilentBaker; Congrats u killed it! But wat course and uni is that?
19-May-2017 10:35:56 ·
seunizzy; any Unilag aspirant Shuld add me 08090741638 My Course Mathematics science
19-May-2017 12:45:48 ·
fidelia007; Hey guys,I wrote on Tuesday @grace polytechnic lagos, 7am. TILL now have not seen my result. Whenever I check, it'll show "you do not have any result yet" pls why oooh?
19-May-2017 15:13:46 ·
brain-box; any Nigeria police Academy aspirant here?
drop your number for number.
19-May-2017 16:40:37 ·
Smilez_Ak; Ferdiromz.
It's simply because scientists took their valuable time to study properly. If you think calculation is easy you wouldn't have left science.

Nigerian students should pls accept their fate and stop looking for lame excuses.
19-May-2017 18:52:37 ·
juliegee; mehn ive bin trying to check mine...but nt did you guys check
19-May-2017 19:20:56 ·
cooperate; na only science student Waka cone especially dose one web do biology
19-May-2017 22:54:19 ·
chidaqueen; Wow feel like crying congrats dearπŸ‘„
20-May-2017 09:06:54 ·
T calculus; Am proud to be an imolite because na only person from imo fit get this kind score
20-May-2017 10:17:03 ·
Umaga140; Where this one from come? Imolite ko,impolite ni. Jamb just dash them marks, the score wey dem gimme no be my score o
20-May-2017 13:02:34 ·
haggie; whats ur email address pal. @ SilentBaker
and whats ur course of study?
20-May-2017 14:20:26 ·
Jessiluv; Wow congrats. Wish myself excellent result, AMEN.(haven't seen my score yet).
20-May-2017 17:45:32 ·
21-May-2017 09:50:43 ·
Greatmdz; Got 247 in my Jamb & there's a secret behind it,its awesome, great & marvellous & that is no other thing other than THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, HELP ME GLORIFY HIS NAME
21-May-2017 12:57:01 ·
Freshfireflames; Seen my result finally.. had 257.
30-May-2017 13:59:54 ·
ndubuchi; Which course are u aspiring
30-May-2017 14:04:25 ·
juliegee; i thank God i passed,,,got 236 after evry every..GOD is merciful tho i expected more.
31-May-2017 11:49:33 ·
Young-scholar says;
Ftc..God help me
18-May-2017 16:16:28 ·
Mark william; Pls those that did theirs on 16th, 1:30pm, have u seen ur result. Been checking mine but no result yet
18-May-2017 17:15:59 ·
Bolanle23; same bro
18-May-2017 17:37:36 ·
Olaincreaz; Its out
18-May-2017 17:56:50 ·
shenkez; OMG I made it from 236 last year to 301 Dis year I can't just believe.... Those that haven't written all of u wud pass ijn
18-May-2017 18:21:21 ·
Bolanle23; Amen ooo.. Congrats dear
18-May-2017 18:42:31 ·
Rhino Schmidt; Amen O
18-May-2017 18:50:33 ·
Darenho842; Did you write mock?
18-May-2017 20:17:18 ·
MhizEma; I avnt seen mine too oo.. I rote on 16th 1:30
18-May-2017 20:19:58 ·
MhizEma; I av seen it Ooo... 246... I'm so happy
18-May-2017 20:33:59 ·
shenkez; Yea I wrote d mock I scored 263 there
18-May-2017 20:48:10 ·
skyeagles; I sat for the exams on the 16th by 1:30 I have seen my result I thank God. step ADMISSION! Into the university see you at the top! #SKYEAGLES
19-May-2017 00:01:15 ·
fizzydamsel; Please I need help I missed my mock hope it not a problem I have not seen my result
19-May-2017 02:20:35 ·
sunpauzy; Amen oooooooo
19-May-2017 06:58:48 ·
ugamason2016; What's ur score @skyeagles
19-May-2017 09:52:48 ·
ewab1; if u cant check ur result or its showing no result yet go and check ur jamb profile email.
19-May-2017 17:46:33 ·
Sombankz; Broda it's not working, av tried it
20-May-2017 04:58:15 ·
ewab1; hmmm oya just wait first mak jamb release statistics. Dem dey aware of d difficulty
20-May-2017 11:53:19 ·
promiseigwechika; Hw did u check ur mhizEma
20-May-2017 20:45:54 ·
khrisblaq; 196,computer science in futo...what are the chances of gaining admission?
23-May-2017 10:36:46 ·
EasternBioChemist says;
Glory Be To The AlMighty God. I Scored 221. Rep tuesday
18-May-2017 16:17:42 ·
Okechukwu Josiah; how did you check it please!
18-May-2017 16:29:34 ·
abiola3301; Wot time ave u do urs
18-May-2017 17:28:49 ·
18-May-2017 20:07:58 ·
Neozy; Thank God with me.
We came through in that mercedes,
Niggas, look at how we made it
I scored 236. Itz our work o, #softwork.
18-May-2017 22:05:06 ·
towobolas; naxo jare ma guy(SOFTWORK)
19-May-2017 14:38:46 ·
J_o_s_h says;
223! Thank you Lord! Thank you MySchool!
18-May-2017 16:19:19 ·
Chleoberry; same score
18-May-2017 22:05:01 ·
Harneybelle; Same score
19-May-2017 17:57:44 ·
Augustina Aghogho says;
240 all d way!! Thank u Jah
Myschool u rock
18-May-2017 16:22:25 ·
UKO BENJAMIN; i tank God 4 my score.23
tanks to myschool
20-May-2017 12:31:00 ·
UKO BENJAMIN; i mean God u 2 much 4 me my jamb score 230
20-May-2017 12:33:38 ·
Ehisgodswill says;
No result yet
Pissed off
18-May-2017 16:23:14 ·
oluchij; wait is it that those that wrote by 1:30 receives their result first cz i wrote mine by 7am hmm
19-May-2017 07:23:11 ·
Ehisgodswill; Me too,
I don't even understand jamb self,. Even my friends that wrote on Monday haven't seen their results
19-May-2017 18:37:52 ·
Michael96; If you are a unilag prospective/aspirant, a group has been created for you to know more about unilag admission process and registration just click on the link below to join the group
20-May-2017 11:53:08 ·
ola Jay says;
All glory to God for the success, it has been God all through. I just saw my scores 221.wrote on Monday, thanks to my school for everything
18-May-2017 16:24:08 ·
ojo oluwadamilare Felix ; Monday???? But I didn't see mine ooo
18-May-2017 17:28:31 ·
OLUWAPAMILERINAYO PHILIP; Wots it saying,i also wrote on monday and its saying no result fr u yet
18-May-2017 18:26:06 ·
Senorita308; check ur jamb profile
18-May-2017 19:47:15 ·
topewale; Mine also d same thing
18-May-2017 19:49:18 ·
OLUWAPAMILERINAYO PHILIP; I av check profile tire am fed up
19-May-2017 17:05:05 ·
tife matthew; Same here..i also wrote mine on Monday too i have not seen my result
20-May-2017 01:04:35 ·
D-Gold; i wrote mine on 16th 1:30 pm it's still telling me you do not have result yet! guys i am scared oh. plz wots happening?
20-May-2017 10:16:12 ·
vopeoluwa; I wrote mine on Monday and I still can't see my result
20-May-2017 10:22:52 ·
olaligho says;
too god b d glory 250
18-May-2017 16:26:05 ·
prince300000000000; Please try using capital G not small g to refer to my God
19-May-2017 18:06:30 ·
eregaredivine says;
269...thanks my school fr d preparation
18-May-2017 16:27:04 ·
Darenho842; Please did you sit for mock?
18-May-2017 21:11:57 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Stop ask dis question.. Is wat every one ave they give u...I write mock nd I score 217.nd am still complain.they deduct from my mark self
19-May-2017 06:10:34 ·
cosameke; 269 my score mate
19-May-2017 06:19:38 ·
ndubuchi; Me too i scored 269
20-May-2017 14:50:43 ·
Ayo Tbg says;
Thank God o
At least my hard work payed off with prayers.....I got 249...πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
I rep may 16..7 Am... I come..zooooom!!!!!!
18-May-2017 16:28:06 ·
Elphata; also unimaid aspirant. course?
18-May-2017 18:57:56 ·
__JAYNETH; I've not seen mine. I wrote on Tuesday 7am
18-May-2017 20:16:23 ·
bharddest; same here too.did on Tuesday 7am nd av nt seen my result
19-May-2017 18:18:30 ·
Kanmi19; Lol et seems we're all in d xame shoes oo, haven't seen mine neither.......
19-May-2017 22:51:34 ·
Muhammadbash; Ayo tbg you are also an aspirant of unimaid, congrats ooo
20-May-2017 07:17:54 ·
Elphata; Ayo, what course?
24-May-2017 07:37:42 ·
lordzzz says;
Subject Score
Use of English 43
Geography 53
Mathematics 53
Physics 43
Total Score: 192
18-May-2017 16:28:08 ·
Dayoies; u re kidding right?? U made wat??
18-May-2017 16:30:02 ·
ferdiromz; in everything b grateful
nd he is showing it
do u knw if he has 5 A in olevel
he may even hv a greater chance of being admitted dan u
18-May-2017 16:42:18 ·
arinze ireka; hey dayoies or whatever your name is will u stop killing his spirit.u don't even care to know if he encountered any problem oin his exam day and u are talking thrash.
18-May-2017 16:45:02 ·
Brendada; Arinze. Don't deceive either yourself nor lordzzz. Below 200 is not a good score. Infact. Below 250 is not a good score. Regardless of whether or not he had hitches, he is going no where. Or maybe poly though...
18-May-2017 19:26:18 ·
shenkez; Hmmmmmmmm..... brendada Wat are u even feeling like.... Did u get 400 abeg.... Nothing Z impossible with God don't be surprise Dis dude make it Nd u don't..... Last year I scored 236 my friend that scored 202 got admission in same uni same course sef so grace differs mister no all..... Any situation u find urself give God glory every body cannot score above 250.
18-May-2017 19:35:51 ·
rayhenry82; Brendada stop talking like an hypocrite... He is happy for his score.... Don't be surprised he that scored high may get into school and those of you mocking him may remain at home... Be grateful in whatever situation you see yourself... Uniuyo biochemistry aspirant, add me up 08070475523 if you are not a uniuyo aspirant and you message me, I'll block you...
18-May-2017 20:07:13 ·
Kellynora; Shenkez,, I totally agree with you..its been God all the way
18-May-2017 20:09:44 ·
Brendada; I guess you guys are right. It's not by power ot might abi? Lordzzz congrats thoh...
18-May-2017 21:34:36 ·
Shegebaba; Ys oo....uniyo aspirany
18-May-2017 21:36:35 ·
Bucarsson10; Wishing you Best of luck @Lordzzz
19-May-2017 06:58:37 ·
gracious stanley; lordzz me nd u are dsame score 192,me I wunt mind if pple mock me or nt,of all d mistake I did in dis exam I still make it up 2 dis,I wasn't expecting dis,all is d hand work of God,He surprise me wit d nd I bliv He ll still surprise me with admission in2 BSU,so my dear frnd let's rejoice OK,d Lord had done it 4 us nd he ll still do more true Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen. am happy cus dis is my 1st experience.
19-May-2017 13:41:09 ·
Smilez_Ak; Brendada the genius. What is your score? pls
If you don't drop your score here then you aint poo!
19-May-2017 18:47:52 ·
Brendada; Mr Smilez calm the bleep down. Did you not see where I accepted my fault and congratulated him?
Go sip a cup of tea.
19-May-2017 19:38:24 ·
jennifer_ibezim; I scored 253... I thank God
20-May-2017 07:39:01 ·
arinze ireka; congrats jennifer
20-May-2017 12:29:24 ·
ndubuchi; Jennifer which course are you aspiring
20-May-2017 15:00:17 ·
Smilez_Ak; Brendada
Ok. Bro, high score is not even everything in Nigeria. Last year people with far less score got admitted into same department and i was never considered for biochemistry with 221 bro.
20-May-2017 17:13:44 ·
olabisi2609 says;
Glory be to God 228
18-May-2017 16:28:15 ·
Adexwales ; Congrats..... Waiting for own Success
18-May-2017 20:13:58 ·
Adexwales ; congrats... waiting for my own good result.
I pray God will hlp me
18-May-2017 20:15:17 ·
18-May-2017 21:44:11 ·
Paule7 says;
who wrote on Tuesday 9am
post your scores
18-May-2017 16:29:58 ·
Femooo; Scored 255.....Law UniJos..
18-May-2017 18:58:08 ·
ogejenny; Wrote on Tuesday 9am and still haven't gotten result
18-May-2017 22:13:02 ·
benflofocus; Law is 270 ooooo
18-May-2017 22:54:16 ·
Shanniberry; Scored 244,law NDU
18-May-2017 23:01:02 ·
shenkez; Scored 301 for law
18-May-2017 23:22:07 ·
shenkez; Unn
18-May-2017 23:22:24 ·
19-May-2017 01:12:35 ·
maryokpe; 237.. International relations.. Unn
19-May-2017 06:39:11 ·
nusyy; 244. Law aspirant of ABU
19-May-2017 06:43:08 ·
oluchij; so for law n unn is 244 hmm buiss admin is 226 God plz help me
19-May-2017 07:26:52 ·
favvee; I haven't seen mine too....tuesday by 9am
19-May-2017 07:41:57 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; I score 217 for political science in Ful lokoja..guy did I get ope
19-May-2017 10:33:43 ·
Romeovincent56; Scored 249, thanking the almighty......BSU aspirants whatsapp me on 08133318123
19-May-2017 18:20:01 ·
Aliu Aliu says;
18-May-2017 16:30:28 ·
abiola3301; Around wot time ave u did ur exam, how did u check it
18-May-2017 17:34:48 ·
Atimeharck; visit jamb portal, log in 2 ur profile & click check utme on ur dashboard.
18-May-2017 18:36:39 ·
Darenho842; Did you sit for mock?
18-May-2017 21:13:03 ·
Damaster21; Wat is ur problem with this mock
18-May-2017 23:51:26 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Don't mind DAT unintelligent-person
19-May-2017 06:17:41 ·
oluchij; his nt unitelligent hes jst asking
19-May-2017 07:28:20 ·
Darenho842; Do you really think i'm just asking it for the fun of it? Thank you Oluchij and Cornel it's just a question and do you have to call me unintelligent?
19-May-2017 07:45:52 ·
Sharygon; Aliu are you a science student ???
19-May-2017 08:21:23 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; @darenho..bcus all ur comment ave been seen is all abt dis mock..
19-May-2017 10:22:10 ·
Darenho842; I'm just trying to confirm something and i have.
19-May-2017 21:47:30 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Did they add mark for jamb candidate
19-May-2017 23:34:02 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; I mean mock
19-May-2017 23:34:22 ·
Drmos; did mine too on may 16 but no results uptill now. pls Help me check [email protected] 75235857IA
20-May-2017 07:09:28 ·
cynrustessy; it says "you did not register for this exam"
20-May-2017 08:34:53 ·
Atimeharck; pls log in 2 ur profile account & click check utme result.u will c it.
20-May-2017 09:20:40 ·
Okechukwu Josiah says;
how did you guys checked it?
18-May-2017 16:31:00 ·
mimishofuo; send your reg no. let me help u check. or u go to and click on check 2017 UTME result
18-May-2017 16:34:27 ·
Okechukwu Josiah; i don't have the reg offhand
18-May-2017 16:36:53 ·
horla_yinka; Pls can u check mine... Reg no:75789368JA email:[email protected]
18-May-2017 16:40:16 ·
favourmicky; Please somebody help me out I need reply urgently does unical offer microbiology
18-May-2017 16:44:36 ·
ajaydhammy; Check_ur_inbox_u_scored_200
18-May-2017 16:45:45 ·
18-May-2017 16:46:22 ·
mimishofuo; @okechukwu what about your email?
18-May-2017 16:49:39 ·
horla_yinka; Aww... Thanks alot
18-May-2017 16:50:01 ·
Tobizzy1; you will pass relax with God
18-May-2017 17:51:40 ·
favourmicky; Does unical offer microbiology
18-May-2017 17:59:13 ·
Gee Gee; @Favourmicky, yes. Unical offers microbiology.
18-May-2017 18:12:00 ·
enitan1; help me check my result pals 76424812ac and pls dis is my mail [email protected]
18-May-2017 19:55:25 ·
kvngSolomon; @enitan you score 17
18-May-2017 20:05:57 ·
kvngSolomon; @enitan you score 171
18-May-2017 20:06:20 ·
18-May-2017 20:11:51 ·
adeolamariam; for direct link to check ur result with either your email or Reg No only , just log in to
18-May-2017 20:53:09 ·
gfuad; @holar_yinka, your score is 200
18-May-2017 21:14:41 ·
Tobizzy1; mine is not yet out
19-May-2017 05:15:58 ·
walcut; @ Tobizzy1 did you write on tuesday? I wrote on tuesday but am yet to see my score.
19-May-2017 07:06:48 ·
mimishofuo; @okechukwu it says you didn't register for the exam
19-May-2017 09:07:38 ·
eagle121; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Azeez Mariam Olayinka
Reg Number: 75789368JA
Date of Birth: 30 January 1996
Origin: ISEYIN in Oyo State.
Exam No: C40105128
Centre Name: Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology Administration, 7th Avenue, Opposite K Close, Festac Town, Lagos State

Subject Score
Use of English 52
Mathematics 40
Commerce 68
Economics 40
Total Score:200

19-May-2017 09:33:37 ·
eagle121; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Lateef Sodeeq Enitan
Reg Number: 76424812AC
Date of Birth: 28 January 1995
Origin: IWO in Osun State.
Exam No: C52807123
Centre Name: AITECH-ATMAN ICT Centre, Block Y (Commercial) OSPDC, Service Area Agunbelewo, Ilobu Road, Osogbo, Osun State.

Subject Score
Use of English 45
Mathematics 42
Physics 39
Chemistry 45
Total Score:171

19-May-2017 09:41:04 ·
19-May-2017 13:45:25 ·
thankgodhens; Pls check for me [email protected]
19-May-2017 16:06:08 ·
favvee; Pls check for [email protected]
19-May-2017 17:27:59 ·
[email protected]; Ur results are not out yet
19-May-2017 19:54:21 ·
VIPPER; Hello guys my friend wrote on Tuesday but he has not yet seen his own pls is there any one who could help him check it for him tanks alot Email modestussoguama
19-May-2017 21:21:32 ·
[email protected]; They said he did not register for the examination
19-May-2017 22:13:09 ·
[email protected]; Sorry there was an error in the way u wrote the email. They said the result is not out yet
19-May-2017 22:21:26 ·
D-Gold; plz Osaro when did you write ur exam? i wrote mine 16th 1:30 pm batch,it is still telling me that (u do not have result yet). plz i am scared coz i feel i am the only one who have not gotten his result after out of 16th Tuesday Batch ohhhhhhh. i am so scared plz somebody say something!
20-May-2017 10:25:56 ·
D-Gold; good day guys....those of you that wrote on Tues 16th and have not seen results should please reply my chat so that we can know our statics...and easily follow-up and notify one another when JAMB eventually send the results to us. so, when u receive your result..kindly come back to this comment and type (RECEIVED and the DATE u got yours).Thanks!
20-May-2017 11:00:19 ·
adamskareem56; plz i wrote mine 16th but av not seen my result [email protected]
20-May-2017 11:08:34 ·
engrblinks; me too...lets wait patienly..
20-May-2017 12:59:26 ·
Oluwatumininu1104; me too,pls someone shud epp me check. [email protected]
20-May-2017 14:04:56 ·
Oluwatumininu1104; I also wrote on Tuesday 9 pm, no result yet.
20-May-2017 14:11:30 ·
D-Gold; Yea EngrBlinks is correct. I think we should just be patient and watch notify as things unfold
20-May-2017 14:44:22 ·
fizzydamsel; I wrote on 15 I have not gotten my result too
20-May-2017 17:22:19 ·
D-Gold; Whaaaaattt! Chisos crust!!! Are u serious dude?
20-May-2017 17:48:22 ·
engrblinks; fizzydamsel ur resultz supporsed to be out...
20-May-2017 18:42:49 ·
20-May-2017 18:46:17 ·
miss PJ; i haven't gotten my result too. i wrote exam on 16th
20-May-2017 19:14:17 ·
Fawwaz; Me too
20-May-2017 19:48:21 ·
[email protected]; U guys should just be patient, I think it's bcos it's weekend, by on Monday evening our results will be ready
20-May-2017 20:10:38 ·
D-Gold; OK thanks...dats true guyz. Let's just prayerfully take chill peel guyz.ok
20-May-2017 20:30:09 ·
[email protected]; Guys the results are out...
21-May-2017 12:06:01 ·
engrblinks; its out..
finaly ...scored 200
21-May-2017 12:44:16 ·
D-Gold; Congrats engrblinks.i haven't gotten mine ooh
21-May-2017 13:02:21 ·
prudent007; My score is 251 thank you lord
21-May-2017 13:04:56 ·
Fawwaz; I scored 238,not sure if OAU would take me for ChemEng
21-May-2017 16:09:50 ·
holammy9253; guys please I haven't seen my result I did it on the 16th
21-May-2017 20:43:29 ·
engrblinks; keep checking @holammy
21-May-2017 22:12:13 ·
21-May-2017 22:17:59 ·
21-May-2017 22:19:01 ·
Rickhy ; You had 200
22-May-2017 07:10:47 ·
D-Gold; i have not seen mine result God plz help.
22-May-2017 20:23:19 ·
emelux12; Name: oguama MODESTUS SOPURU
Reg Number: 75419825AJ
Date of Birth: 10 January 1997
Origin: IDEATO-SOUTH in Imo State.
Exam No: C22408093
Centre Name: Federal Science and Technical College, Electronic Library and ICT/CBT Centre, Orozo , FCT, Abuja

Subject Score
Use of English 68
Physics 71
Biology 57
Chemistry 60
Total Score:256
24-May-2017 07:41:08 ·

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