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JAMB Results for 15th May 2017 are Out - Check Now

Posted: 17-May-2017 [19:22:54] into Jamb by Myschool for school | 2953 Comments

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JAMB has now announced the release of Results for Candidates who wrote CBT UTME on Monday, 15th May, 2017.

This was announced by JAMB’s Head of Information and Media, Fabian Benjamin.

According to the statement he made today, the result of candidates are usually finalized, and available after 24hrs of writing their exams.

So far 1,144,198 candidates have written the UTME since it began on 13th May, 2017.

Mr. Benjamin advised candidates to check their results in their e-mail boxes or you can simply Follow these Full Procedures on How to Check JAMB 2017 Results by clicking here.

If you try to check your result and you see "No Result Yet", you will still need to exercise patience, even if you wrote at 7:00AM

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Comments (2953)
Deefrosh says;
17-May-2017 17:06:42 ·
Narh5; Take your FTC to the bank to collect Money
17-May-2017 17:08:27 ·
Manax ; Just occupying this plot of land without meaningful project on it
17-May-2017 17:10:54 ·
Manax ; I'm so so grateful to God Almighty for answering my prayers.... I scored solid 235
17-May-2017 17:13:08 ·
StevenTOP ; Seriously when?
17-May-2017 17:17:17 ·
Deefrosh; Narh5 abeg what I do? Shey my FTC dey affect you?
17-May-2017 17:22:48 ·
Boboment; Menax, how did you check?
17-May-2017 17:42:03 ·
Odogideon; It is no surprise that you are gullible seeker of help. I'm sorry for you
17-May-2017 20:19:22 ·
williamsgodwin; I score 239
17-May-2017 22:11:30 ·
amosnokafor; Good at wili, which subject combo ?
17-May-2017 22:52:41 ·
Itzkhalee; 09020326180 add up plz
18-May-2017 00:11:28 ·
success2017; 09060709421
18-May-2017 02:17:10 ·
mariorita; 07015673177
18-May-2017 02:32:22 ·
Paul Eze; 08184390056
18-May-2017 05:42:25 ·
omalichananka; 08132664310
18-May-2017 05:50:35 ·
Inyamah joel; 08024041186
18-May-2017 06:38:30 ·
Boboment; You people should jezz tell us how you checked your results?
And stop giving us high blood pressure!!!
18-May-2017 06:56:38 ·
Holuwasheun_183; Just loqin 2 ur jamb profile
u will see a link below check ur result
18-May-2017 07:02:46 ·
Boboment; Holuwasheun, you've seen yours?
18-May-2017 07:51:54 ·
Xhiomaugonwa; 08130190961 for unizik
18-May-2017 11:14:18 ·
williamsgodwin; maths
18-May-2017 12:14:07 ·
Hazzy22; Someone should add me into a group chat on WhatsApp 07062715989
18-May-2017 12:22:40 ·
Boboment; Williams Godwin tell us the scores for each subject, thanks.
18-May-2017 14:21:21 ·
williamsgodwin; boboment see ma result here
JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Williams Inyene Godwin
Reg Number: 76497326DB
Date of Birth: 16 February 1998
Origin: UYO in Akwa-Ibom State.
Exam No: C05302062
Centre Name: Gestric Infortech & Management Institute, No. 74 Oron Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Subject Score
Use of English 55
Mathematics 66
Physics 73
Chemistry 45
Total Score:239
18-May-2017 14:38:01 ·
davidojie02; did you write mulk exam
18-May-2017 15:09:11 ·
williamsgodwin; no...I did not write mock
18-May-2017 15:15:45 ·
seunizzy; seunizzy ; any Unilag aspirant Shuld add me 08090741638 My Course Mathematics science
19-May-2017 12:51:41 ·
EGWURUGWUCHIJINDUEMMANUEL; Oboy I put it to you That this your result is fake.

I checked ur jamb ur reg. No. 76497326DB it jamb didn't recognize it.
22-May-2017 19:47:49 ·
williamsgodwin; egwuru u b f**l go check ur own result... dey waka dey check odas own.....u know if u do mistake wen typing d reg number
30-May-2017 14:10:18 ·
Narh5 says;
Good I await to see excellent scores
17-May-2017 17:07:04 ·
mariorita; I wrote on d 15 but haven't seen mine, y?
18-May-2017 02:29:18 ·
Narh5; It will be uploaded today
18-May-2017 07:00:00 ·
exzes; haven't see mine i wrote on the 15 ooo
18-May-2017 10:37:42 ·
Johnay; I haven't see mine too I wrote on Monday
18-May-2017 14:06:06 ·
Iniubongakpan; Its has been posted just checked mine now 286 go to you will see either check 2017 utme or login to your account check
18-May-2017 15:33:50 ·
blessing afisi; Am happy for u dear
18-May-2017 18:15:32 ·
Aanu024 says;
Alhamdulillah! Finally
17-May-2017 17:08:31 ·
Kellychucks says;
I HV not seen my own ooo,it keep telling me no result yet
17-May-2017 17:11:19 ·
iolawale303; Me too oh
17-May-2017 17:12:07 ·
Eazboi; Xam here
17-May-2017 17:13:44 ·
Kellychucks; Nawaoo wot is happing now
17-May-2017 17:16:08 ·
iluyom; no result yet here o
17-May-2017 17:30:35 ·
oghenemudiakevwe; Me too o
17-May-2017 18:50:54 ·
exzes; me too i have not see my result ooo
17-May-2017 18:51:31 ·
Gee Gee; "I have not SEE my result".
And you want to get into university speaking like this ?
17-May-2017 19:24:00 ·
exzes; wow am sorry sir,is not my mothan tongue plz,i need correction
17-May-2017 19:42:03 ·
Adaobimaryrose; I seriously don't know what that is happening o
I have not seen mine
17-May-2017 20:37:20 ·
Greaterheightdoncom; @Gee gee are you here to observe flaws mistakes or real business?
17-May-2017 20:40:02 ·
yagi m. j; I wonder oo
17-May-2017 21:42:58 ·
emeka91; have not seen mine oo i wrote on monday 15th 7am
17-May-2017 22:17:46 ·
jedilaw; 08056879004
18-May-2017 01:35:12 ·
Gabbynizzy12; Same tin here ooooo....ah!! Can't wait enough to see mine ooo.
18-May-2017 07:02:22 ·
Iamadewale; same here... System kip saying..there is no results yet! And i wrote on 15th by 9am
18-May-2017 07:35:01 ·
sughnenter; Ah don't kw if am fr only person dat der are telling invalid email address or password pls guys help me so sure of my password and email, der ar all correct
18-May-2017 07:35:04 ·
kidi inki; use another browser
18-May-2017 07:43:49 ·
Gee Gee; Exzes, I'm a girl. :)
18-May-2017 08:34:11 ·
Gee Gee; @Greaterheightdoncom, I'm here for both. . To observe flaws and for serious business. :*
18-May-2017 08:35:47 ·
ewab1; those of u saying that u av nt seen ur own did u answer atleast ten questions in each subject combo or else no result for u o....
18-May-2017 08:56:43 ·
Iamadewale; which kind of business @Gee Gee
18-May-2017 09:33:25 ·
kidi inki; stock fish business
18-May-2017 09:49:15 ·
Greaterheightdoncom; Her business is to keep on hovering this thread
18-May-2017 10:21:50 ·
ceejay1991; Let me have your reg number for people who haven't seen thiers. Will help you check that's if you don't mind
18-May-2017 13:55:35 ·
ewab1; JAMB 2017 UTME Resul
Name: Ewa-Henshaw Basse
Number: 75273273GB
Date of
Birth: 25 April 1999
Origin: CALABAR-SOUTH in Cross-Riv
Exam No: C14806052
Name: Holy Ghost International Scho
Road, Off DSC Expressway, Ovw
Udu LGA, Delta state
Subject Sco
Use of English
Total Score:266
18-May-2017 14:53:47 ·
ewab1; thats my result o.... Pls join and thank God. My screen didnt display it wel dats what i was able to copy and paste o
18-May-2017 14:55:10 ·
ewab1; thats my result o... Tuesday 16tb 7:am batch . Pls join and thank God. My screen didnt display it wel dats what i was able to copy and paste o
18-May-2017 14:55:54 ·
Eazboi; Finally i av seen mine....scored 272...pls join me 2 praise God....2 other dat avnt seen der may d Lord make u smile
18-May-2017 15:26:14 ·
yagi m. j; I have not seen my own ooo..... M on day,,, 15
18-May-2017 16:53:08 ·
yagi m. j; How u check your own? please i wroth my on monday @ eazboi
18-May-2017 17:00:05 ·
Gee Gee; Ewab1, wow! Congrats dear, are you related to James Ene Henshaw and Ewa Henshaw in Calabar ?
18-May-2017 18:00:33 ·
debash113; 15th still no result yet am seriously losing patient here what is happening now God.
18-May-2017 18:23:24 ·
Gee Gee; Please don't lose "Patient" o, hold "Patient" tight.

Just chill, God's will would be done. Well, that's if you invited him into it from the on set. :)
18-May-2017 18:31:11 ·
ewab1; maybe i'm. Cos my ful name is bassey ewa-henshaw. U can add me on fb wit it or follow me on twitter @basseyewa11
18-May-2017 18:32:11 ·
debash113; Thanks Gee Gee, May his will be done on me o.
18-May-2017 18:38:44 ·
Gee Gee; @Ewa, who says I want to follow you ni. Lol
18-May-2017 18:42:56 ·
ewab1; gee gee i think i kinda know ene henshaw cause i thing he/she is kinda my fb friend and my brother has he/she as his friend too. Do u know ene henshaw?
18-May-2017 18:43:30 ·
Gee Gee; He's not a small person o.
You're from Calabar, you should know the Henshaws nau.
Although Ene Henshaw is late now, his son Ewa Henshaw is taking care of his father's empire.
Ewa Henshaw was a lecturer in London, or so. He came back to Nigeria when his father died, his family members are still abroad.

You mean you dunno James Ene Henshaw foundation in Calabar, along stadium road ?
18-May-2017 19:12:29 ·
ewab1; i only said u can follow me on twitter cos u follow on twitter. Hey lass dont get d wrong impression. And also i av 1 ene henshaw as my friend mayb its nt d 1 u r talkin abt. Ther ar many ene henshaw.
18-May-2017 19:32:48 ·
yagi m. j; Please someone should help me and check my result for me please I wrote on Monday 15themail : [email protected] password 08173882150
20-May-2017 07:41:13 ·
kidi inki; JAMB 2017 UTME Results NotificationName:Unimawhu Ukor GodwinReg Number:75807823BFDate of Birth:13 August 1996Origin:OBANLIKU in Cross-River State.Exam No:C45404169Centre Name:JOFAG International College, Tofa Road, Off Makurdi Road, Lafia, Nasarawa StateSubjectScoreUse of English40Mathematics46Physics37Biology39Total Score:162JAMB UTME 2017
20-May-2017 07:49:46 ·
iolawale303 says;
Have not seen my own result pls help
17-May-2017 17:11:36 ·
Manax ; Text me your email address n password lemme help you
17-May-2017 17:15:20 ·
ibukunhorluwa; Manax did u write at 7am ni
Cos I wrote mine at 9am
And no result yet.
17-May-2017 17:54:10 ·
tbarsh; Let's just relax for those of us yet to receive our fantastic results... Dem sey make we chill, so we dey wait
17-May-2017 21:15:41 ·
samson69; Just saw mine 309 was my score.
18-May-2017 14:33:51 ·
tbarsh; oboy u don finish jamb o.. weu u write ur own na?
18-May-2017 15:00:16 ·
tbarsh; wooooow.... now I can go and sleep, its all good news just like I have been praying and wishing Us all.
My Score:
Use of English 72
Mathematics 66
Physics 49
Biology 39
Total Score: 226
18-May-2017 15:27:46 ·
Gabbynizzy12; Guy help me out pls,hw can I chek [email protected]
18-May-2017 15:39:37 ·
tbarsh; @Gabbynizzy12.
just visit this link:
18-May-2017 16:02:22 ·
senecca; Maths and bio how possible
20-May-2017 22:36:40 ·
Smilez_Ak says;
I wrote 15th, 7am.
I just checked, still nothing
17-May-2017 17:11:55 ·
Xhiomaugonwa; Likewise me oo
17-May-2017 18:37:57 ·
Sjibrinjahun; I haven't See Mine, Is there any 1 That wrote on Monday And Saw His Result Today!?
17-May-2017 19:14:06 ·
Smilez_Ak; I don't think the results are out
18-May-2017 03:15:24 ·
Dele03; Have not seen mine too i did it on Monday
18-May-2017 07:34:41 ·
Kaycee1524; My friend that wrote on Monday 15th May by 7am schedule already saw his result, got 215
18-May-2017 08:28:47 ·
Kaycee1524; But haven't seen mine oo,patient though
18-May-2017 08:29:47 ·
Smilez_Ak; Jamb are not competent enough, how can a digitalized exam take much time for the result to be out
18-May-2017 11:16:41 ·
princendubuisi1996 says;
wooow help me check 66056722FI
17-May-2017 17:12:03 ·
iolawale303; Maybe check ur gmail
17-May-2017 17:12:53 ·
Kellychucks; No mail yet bro
17-May-2017 17:16:41 ·
Iamadewale; Invalid reg. Number (66056722FI)
18-May-2017 09:16:23 ·
princessibanga; @bk007 08160114367
18-May-2017 09:26:29 ·
etimjoe; I wrote on Monday but I haven't see mine
18-May-2017 14:50:08 ·
swtestnellyda1; You Did not Register for this Examination...
that was the note displayed by jamb
18-May-2017 17:48:15 ·
Fawaz olaitan; I wrote on Monday and aff not seen my result!! It's saying "you don't have any result yet".. So frustrated
20-May-2017 15:39:23 ·
bebenj; me too
20-May-2017 18:36:18 ·
percyshelu says;
fake news
17-May-2017 17:12:44 ·
Jodecee; No result yet are those caught by cctv camaras 4 malpractice. So if ur 1 toh its left 4 u
17-May-2017 18:27:51 ·
Ogar glory; Lol jodecee yhu r nt seriuz
18-May-2017 01:01:52 ·
Ewaoluwatobiloba; Jodecee,ibeg ibeg dont come and give person High blood pressure oo. What is that now
18-May-2017 07:16:33 ·
Jodecee; @Ogar Glory and Ewaoluwatobi Are yhu among us ne. Lol
18-May-2017 07:49:02 ·
David Olayiwola; Lmao 😂😂
18-May-2017 08:23:41 ·
18-May-2017 09:06:04 ·
the_henrieth; Lol what wnt sombori see😊
18-May-2017 13:33:52 ·
Abbas bin muhammad says;
17-May-2017 17:13:08 ·
UKAJ says;
my own is still showing no result o. is it the same with u guys?
17-May-2017 17:13:35 ·
iolawale303; Me too oh
17-May-2017 17:15:50 ·
Iwa Taiwo; I haven't seen my result either, please help oooo
17-May-2017 21:48:15 ·
Comr Dressman; relax, they're still processing and uploading the results...
18-May-2017 11:20:47 ·
etimjoe; I had not seen mine
18-May-2017 14:51:33 ·
bholuwatife3; Havent seen mine since monday 9am
20-May-2017 19:04:53 ·
stevosky88 says;
Anticipating good result oooooooo
17-May-2017 17:13:36 ·
Franklyn basil; Amen me too
17-May-2017 17:22:42 ·
Mosh More Tz; Ameen me too
17-May-2017 17:57:13 ·
stevosky88; We shall soon rejoice with ourselves
17-May-2017 18:33:35 ·
emeka91; amen
17-May-2017 22:19:41 ·
Mandyk; Bia anticipating you have written your English Jamb
17-May-2017 23:21:19 ·
emmazydon says;
Is it only me or what
Haven't seeing my result
It is saying no result for u yet
17-May-2017 17:15:54 ·
iolawale303; Same here
17-May-2017 17:16:54 ·
emmazydon; That means is not yet out now
17-May-2017 17:26:53 ·
Kez4321; Loading.......any moment now....
17-May-2017 17:35:31 ·
teragram18; See tension.I've seen mine I score 289......Oops dat's my prayer point
17-May-2017 22:24:48 ·
emmazydon; Lolz
17-May-2017 23:22:40 ·
kennay says;
No result Yet... Keep Calm They'll Send Ur Satisfying Result
17-May-2017 17:16:41 ·
iolawale303; Amen oh
17-May-2017 17:17:13 ·
17-May-2017 17:20:29 ·
17-May-2017 17:23:07 ·
saabeerah; Ameen
17-May-2017 17:25:13 ·
emmazydon; Amen ooooo
17-May-2017 17:28:46 ·
Mosh More Tz; Ameen
17-May-2017 17:58:16 ·
17-May-2017 18:00:23 ·
17-May-2017 21:34:47 ·
mercyvicky; Amen!!!!
18-May-2017 01:02:10 ·
Matuidi; Amen
18-May-2017 07:28:31 ·
kennay; Seen Mine Guys.... jus 228
18-May-2017 16:56:06 ·
20-May-2017 16:05:19 ·
michael young says;
No result yet
17-May-2017 17:16:57 ·
17-May-2017 17:17:32 ·
geeprince; no result yet what did dey mean by that. until when will dey release it @day 2
17-May-2017 21:41:59 ·
Niana; As you guys are saying "no result yet out" it makes me feel at ease cus i initially thought I was the only one.
I pray our result satisfies us
18-May-2017 07:33:47 ·
tehmy19 says;
No result yet oh, myschool
17-May-2017 17:18:05 ·
CLEMENT96; at least u r sure of getting results...... mine s saying I DIDN'T REGISTER FOR THIS YEAR UTME
18-May-2017 05:47:44 ·
Spykephabiyi2909; Are you sure you logged in with your correction data i . e the mail you registered with
18-May-2017 06:04:13 ·
CLEMENT96; yea
18-May-2017 07:09:59 ·
angelaed; @clement am having the same problem I tried it over and over again
18-May-2017 10:24:21 ·
ayodejifelix; When did you write your exam? And I do hope u were not involved in any examination malpractice
18-May-2017 10:40:08 ·
HOMEY; There is a difference between your personal email and password and Jamb profile email and password...ensure you get the distinction.If you really sat the exam and your details appeared on the screen and you did not engage in malpractise,then go back to your center and report.Just ensure your informations are accurate and dont forget to pray always.
Be still...
18-May-2017 12:22:42 ·
angelaed; 15th and I can never do dat
18-May-2017 12:46:34 ·
adamu terfa; Honey why are you scaring the general public?
18-May-2017 12:48:04 ·
angelaed; It have changed to no result yet
18-May-2017 12:50:09 ·
Okoh Annadtecia; why all this delay in sending our results. mtchewww .God should plz help us out
18-May-2017 12:50:56 ·
tbarsh; @angelead gud to hear DAT it has changed for.. dats y I told u it'll refix it sef
18-May-2017 15:07:36 ·
tbarsh; it will b out I just saw mine now.. thank God its ova 200
18-May-2017 15:39:30 ·
Gabbynizzy12; Guy,pls help out,hw can I chek [email protected]@tbarsh
18-May-2017 15:41:23 ·
tbarsh; just give me ur email and PW lemme do it for u nw.. or visit jamb official website and check nw
18-May-2017 15:44:33 ·
markroland; guy hw did u check it please
18-May-2017 15:47:44 ·
18-May-2017 15:48:26 ·
tbarsh; visit this link and check ASAP b4 d network drops:
18-May-2017 15:59:35 ·
tbarsh; @ markroland, it says: " you did not register for this examination"
recheck ur email, if there's any error
19-May-2017 16:24:10 ·

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