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How to Check JAMB 2017 Results - Full Procedures

Posted: 16-May-2017 [02:07:30] into Jamb by Myschool for school | 1146 Comments

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JAMB has started releasing results for the 2017 UTME that started on 13th May, 2017. Here are the procedures required to check your result.

How to check JAMB 2017 Results
1. Login to your profile at
2. Scroll down a bit and find the box that says "Check 2017 UTME Examination Results". Click on it.
3. It should either display your result or tell you "No Result Yet"

If you have no result yet, JAMB usually release results in batches. Even if someone in your day schedule has seen his/her result, you still need to exercise some patience until your result is finally released.

If for some reason JAMB has decided to withhold or seize your result, an appropriate reason will be given to you; Example,
1. You were involved in Malpractice
2. You missed your schedule
3. You were too late to the exam

If you would like to see whether the results for your day schedule have been released, please check our JAMB Result Monitoring Thread titled; JAMB Results for 2017 UTME - Monitoring Thread

If you have any issues, let us know using the comment section and Myschoolers will be available to help you out.


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Comments (1146)
odunayo1858 says;
the site is just saying error
16-May-2017 02:11:31 ·
Akinlabi122; join Direct Entry 2017/18 whatsapp group on this number 08106743857
16-May-2017 04:18:26 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Wen am try to login it saying the page ave b removed
16-May-2017 05:18:22 ·
timmy Gold; exactly......same here ooo
16-May-2017 05:55:30 ·
odunayo1858; pls add me to direct entry group 08100719940
is d form out?
16-May-2017 06:20:18 ·
Kellychucks; Add me 08142839961
16-May-2017 07:31:58 ·
Coolfamous; Pls add me with dis number 07030119348
16-May-2017 07:40:56 ·
sunnyguru; add 08156169736
16-May-2017 08:23:39 ·
isaacwilliams500; pls add 09093324906
16-May-2017 09:10:40 ·
ahmadliman; add me too please 09036571536
16-May-2017 09:53:29 ·
horye; 08118289495
16-May-2017 09:55:00 ·
eazy4246; 08110026664
16-May-2017 10:24:03 ·
harrychuks; 07063200051
16-May-2017 11:11:20 ·
Oyedeji2016; 07033193317
16-May-2017 11:13:45 ·
Salamiayobami; Pls add me sharperly 09059030722
16-May-2017 11:23:04 ·
Nancy68; Pls add me 08174364919
16-May-2017 11:27:12 ·
darhmmie_; 09093676876
16-May-2017 11:32:35 ·
favourmicky; 07038086763
16-May-2017 11:43:54 ·
favourmicky; 09031595249
16-May-2017 11:47:21 ·
Geewa; 08105101210
16-May-2017 11:53:11 ·
SiRi_; SiRi 08093118623
16-May-2017 12:12:19 ·
Akanni400; Please add me too 07068390532
16-May-2017 13:41:32 ·
MercySweet; Add me 08139298176
16-May-2017 14:29:18 ·
hopethompson; 07064752900
16-May-2017 14:46:51 ·
uuudee; Pls add me 07034326644
16-May-2017 17:43:57 ·
Debbywisbeauty; please add me 08134718185
16-May-2017 18:16:21 ·
oladimeji_moore; Please add me 08143916510
16-May-2017 18:57:53 ·
Kensky1; Pls add me...08179887869
16-May-2017 19:39:20 ·
Hamskid; pls add up 08180967547
16-May-2017 21:15:44 ·
dotun peter; add me 08117418106
16-May-2017 21:35:37 ·
Afooben; Add 08139192305
16-May-2017 22:44:18 ·
DE2017; Add 08069083201
16-May-2017 23:34:01 ·
Maryimmaj; Pls add 08183479681
17-May-2017 05:55:50 ·
Evandarl; Please add me to direct entry group
17-May-2017 06:50:29 ·
hayortundae; 07063702297
17-May-2017 12:55:24 ·
hassansaz; Add up 08149085664
17-May-2017 15:59:58 ·
01Emek; 08173842254 pls add me
17-May-2017 16:50:53 ·
anthony remy3; Pls add me as well 09090226371
18-May-2017 09:17:14 ·
bn salmon; Add me pls 08188898988
21-May-2017 06:49:23 ·
sunnyguru; JAMB should stop wasting time and release DE form jare
30-May-2017 13:49:55 ·
AMIRU; 08146450562
13-Jun-2017 12:22:12 ·
Ninny says;
Ohk o
16-May-2017 02:15:18 ·
King_Ovo; Anybody has issue checking? Hit me up on whatsapp 08035382259. Imma check for you.
17-May-2017 05:51:40 ·
17-May-2017 10:50:13 ·
dalin3G3; pls D.E candidates what's up with regularization?
17-May-2017 16:16:46 ·
18-May-2017 20:15:02 ·
Allenical1; No result yet
20-May-2017 05:19:55 ·
terror squad; Mine too
20-May-2017 07:56:52 ·
Zizax Wayne says;
16-May-2017 02:41:58 ·
sas4real says;
unable to open d site.error in page
16-May-2017 02:46:34 ·
Samuel95; Jst pray it will work out
16-May-2017 07:09:37 ·
17-May-2017 06:25:12 ·
eduprogresso99; Login & check your result
17-May-2017 06:26:20 ·
sas4real; I HV check mine it's nice great... big....huge...abundant.. thank to Almighty Allah
17-May-2017 08:19:48 ·
David E; What was Your Score Dear
17-May-2017 11:55:16 ·
sas4real; guy.....futminna OK am happpppppppy now..........wat ix ur score na
18-May-2017 20:49:50 ·
24-May-2017 14:02:32 ·
sas4real; 219. futminna civil engineering... cn u tell me my chances
24-May-2017 19:14:22 ·
David E; i meant 219
i was bewildered by unizik departemental cutoff mark for medicine. it 280 last year and the made it 230 dis yr so think about what futminna might gut for ours. i believe that we stand a chance
26-May-2017 10:28:29 ·
sas4real; Alright
26-May-2017 13:55:23 ·
Zizax Wayne says;
I think JAMB site is crash for now! just saying error
16-May-2017 02:51:02 ·
daniex; try it now itz up again
16-May-2017 10:41:19 ·
Eugenia Samuel; Is it true one need to pay the sum of 1k before you can access your result cos that's what I saw on jamb site
16-May-2017 18:21:38 ·
Pillar39; No nt true
16-May-2017 21:20:08 ·
Pillar39; I chkd mine...infact hav been checking and checking since mawnin.,,. And hav been able to see t every now and den.,.,just calm down and do t
16-May-2017 21:23:19 ·
Eugenia Samuel; Please tell me the procedures you used to check yours so I can do same... Thanks
17-May-2017 07:30:51 ·
hamud01 says;
the site is unavailable. but later guys.
am writing mine on 16th
16-May-2017 02:53:07 ·
Afolabisulton says;
I don't know error is doingon their site oo
16-May-2017 03:41:32 ·
mozea700 says;
Today is my day ,16th may ..7am

Am already preparing , will give you guys full updates when am back from my exam , my centre is Benue state Gboko ...excellent college .
16-May-2017 03:48:53 ·
sanniadavize; Success me too
16-May-2017 03:50:59 ·
Dan shallum says;
Am just prepering to go for my exam, ooooooooo i will update u guys when am back
16-May-2017 05:18:25 ·
lucky wilson says;
Don't have anything to do with jamb portal now until I finish writing mine today, anyway thanks to myschoolbase u guys has done some much for Nigeria especially 2017 jambites,
As soon as am done I will give u breakdown of transpires today in UST were am writing, me myself wish myself success and to other candidates writing today
16-May-2017 05:24:31 ·
Mosh More Tz; Ameen
16-May-2017 14:31:50 ·
TAOFEEQ1000 says;
wen I tried to log in it kept showing me DAT erro3 dis page is temporarily unavailable or has been temporary removed
16-May-2017 05:43:45 ·
timmy Gold; yes now and me o......pls anybody with solution to this here pls help
16-May-2017 05:58:19 ·
D Glitz100; No solution.Just exercise some patience.
16-May-2017 09:44:11 ·
tosin9880; u can Chek now
16-May-2017 09:51:56 ·
Anet3; Keep trying i've seen my score
16-May-2017 14:02:32 ·
Temiladedarasimi; Sorry ANET, when did you write the exam?.
16-May-2017 16:27:37 ·
saintguitar; try not to use opera mini in logging in to the site, try using chrome. I tried it but my result is not yet out.
16-May-2017 17:30:35 ·
Enigma777; Wen did u write @saintguitar ??
16-May-2017 17:39:26 ·
saintguitar; I wrote on monday
17-May-2017 11:12:59 ·
jochez says;
the site is down
16-May-2017 05:51:56 ·
Onyedika Victor says;
I don't grab for the malpractice? Was jamb really watching from their headquarters cos people talked to each other.
16-May-2017 06:10:07 ·
xteriouslord; Lol. That wasn't Malpractice nah
16-May-2017 06:13:48 ·
King_Ovo; Lol xteriouslord really? Its malpractice I tell you, but I don't if JAMB was checking anything. Who has that time.
17-May-2017 05:54:20 ·
King_Ovo; *doubt rather
17-May-2017 05:55:02 ·
David Olayiwola; Stay dere... Jamb officials actually checked d video 4rm d CCTVs o... Dat is probably d reason they r delaying d sending of results nd d low performance...
17-May-2017 08:31:51 ·
King_Ovo; Well.. You probably know better
Hope you've seen your result too?
17-May-2017 10:27:23 ·
Umar Aishat; please help me check my result
18-May-2017 06:08:35 ·
Onyedika Victor; Well I saw a corps teaching a lady maths and the no bother for the CCTV is what shocked me. I don't think they really worked with it. Do you know how many students sat for it?
18-May-2017 06:20:02 ·
Onyedika Victor; I Just pray everybody get a result that he or she will use to get enrolled in school. JAMB is not the true test of one's knowledge it is school. God u know it was never planned have mercy on me. I just helped a black like me not to fail and am I going to get punished for it, God have mercy.
18-May-2017 06:23:12 ·
bilaudaud says;
it shall be well,i pray for a successful result that will me and everyone admission.
16-May-2017 06:12:47 ·
Mosh More Tz; Ameen
16-May-2017 14:32:26 ·
Noble Superior says;
nt opening. jst page erro dat is displaying
16-May-2017 06:35:02 ·
Eedris717; Same Here Too
16-May-2017 07:10:54 ·
ChiChi200; Its showing error, is it coz am using java phone to log in to my jamb profile or it's a general issue?
16-May-2017 11:16:37 ·
Brightest68; i hv checked for many pples.. contact me bro on 08138258168 vía WhatsApp or use yur Google Chrome browser
16-May-2017 15:56:04 ·
Probitydetall; And were u able to see the results of the people u checked for???
16-May-2017 16:09:37 ·
Eedris717; have seen my result
Am grateful
16-May-2017 16:27:26 ·
uwaogechiesther; I' be seen mine
16-May-2017 16:59:20 ·
abiakidoma; i wrote mine since Saturday up till today i can't see my result
16-May-2017 17:53:52 ·
Debbywisbeauty; i have seen my i got 166 but i did not put any poly what will i do
16-May-2017 18:19:54 ·
lavusfunny; @debbywisebeauty snd me ya watapp number let chat there sumtin i wana show u that will b of help
16-May-2017 21:35:50 ·
Debbywisbeauty; 08134718185
17-May-2017 10:40:17 ·
17-May-2017 11:43:30 ·
RITA MARIS; go for change of institution @debbbywisbeauty
17-May-2017 16:25:29 ·
lavusfunny; @rita hv told her
17-May-2017 16:41:15 ·
lavusfunny; rita whc sch did u apply for
17-May-2017 16:41:39 ·
Debbywisbeauty; okay thanks i will do that when is out
17-May-2017 17:29:51 ·
fawaz4477; 08171525094
18-May-2017 11:46:39 ·
francisanu33; hlp me check this 77076951HF
20-May-2017 11:01:17 ·
cruz francis; francisanu33 ur score is 183
20-May-2017 16:50:43 ·
21-May-2017 20:46:52 ·

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