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JAMB Results for 2017 UTME - Monitoring Thread

Posted: 24-May-2017 [12:00:27] into Jamb by SakMohd for school | 2863 Comments

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If you want to monitor or see if the 2017 JAMB Result for your day or schedule has been released, this is the right thread to come and check the comments.

We initially got information that All the 2017 JAMB UTME Results will be released at once, after the exams have been concluded.

Again, we are now getting a slightly different report that results will now be released as the week progresses, even while the exams are still going on.

This thread will help us monitor the release status of various results for different days. Obviously, JAMB will not announce every time they release a batch of results, so this will be the best avenue to know when results for your mates have been released.

Below are dates for each of the days and the status of the results;

When you see "No Results Yet", it means the results for that day have not yet been released and have not been confirmed by any candidate.

But when you see "Results are Out", it means the results have been released by JAMB and it has been confirmed by several candidates. But please remember that JAMB may also be releasing the results of a particular day in batch or after Malpractice Investigation is completed for particular centres.

13th May Results - Results are Out (Announced by JAMB)
15th May Results - Results are Out (Announced by JAMB. Read Here)
16th May Results - Results are Out (Announced by Myschool Team. Read Here)
17th May Results - Results are Out (Announced by Myschool Team. Read Here)
18th May Results - Results are Out (Announced by Myschool Team. Read Here)
19th May Results - Results are Out (Announced by Myschool Team. Read Here)
20th May Results - Results are Out (Announced by Myschool Team. Read Here)

For full procedures on how to check your JAMB result for 2017 UTME, please read our publication title; How to Check JAMB 2017 Results - Full Procedures

We will be updating the above STATUS information based on official announcement from JAMB or verified via candidates comments.

So please, feel free to let us know if your result has been released by JAMB, and WHAT DAY YOU WROTE, so we can update the status above.

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Comments (2863)
yink68 says;
but. I haven't seen mine.
16-May-2017 01:53:03 ·
Wikiboy; JAMB is compromising their standards already. They used to send sms containing the results to everyone, why did they suddenly changed?
16-May-2017 08:50:09 ·
brymope; Login to ur profile... Jusst checked for some1.... 197 was d score
16-May-2017 11:41:55 ·
karimzy01; Wen did he/she write it
17-May-2017 00:06:22 ·
King_Ovo; Have issues checking? Hit me up on 08035382259.
17-May-2017 06:54:12 ·
wisdom01; Please will jamb boost this year score for those that write on Saturday, cause many have been crying here like a baby o
17-May-2017 10:43:33 ·
Miemiejay; Please when is 15th may result coming out m freaking out here
17-May-2017 11:34:12 ·
Probitydetall; Mon 15th own, show na! Make person begin d celebration officially!
17-May-2017 12:28:01 ·
Boboment; Those who posted there scores here can you kindly show us how the score is calculated?
Congrats all!!
17-May-2017 15:24:40 ·
ewab1; Did u ans atleast 10quest in al ur subject.the score is recorded by percentage
17-May-2017 21:33:50 ·
Amadi Onesimus; if yes...what happens?
17-May-2017 22:16:50 ·
ewab1; u are liable to submit and you will av result if not no result 4 u wether u submit ur self or ur up time was up it was automatically submited for u.
18-May-2017 01:22:51 ·
ewab1; if u had read d solving paper instructions u would av know and also i got dis info during mock from the jamb officer.
18-May-2017 01:23:52 ·
ewab1; For those of you writing for the remain days left for the on going
jamb exam my advice to you is this; 1. Always read instruction before you
proceed. I wrote tuesday 7:am batch and it
was awesome. Jamb gave some instructions
in a paper that will be giving to student that
will solve especially for science student. Some
of the instructions are how to answer and submit. And other one which is very essential
which is make sure you have answer atleast
10questions in all the subject or else you won't
have your result. That is wether you have
finish doing ur e.g maths,chem,phy and you
did not answer atleast 10question is your last subject combination,just know that you dont
have result. I saw a post about a person not
answering any question from his chem subject
combination. If d persn dey see dis post just
know say u nor get result.
2. Dont be in a hurry to start because from when you start its gonna be exactly 2hrs that
you r going to end the exam. According to
jamb if your time runs out before you submit it
will automatically submit for you only if you
with the condition that you av ans atleast
10question in all your subject combination or else no result for you. And if you still submit it
yourself no result for you. If you choose the
wrong answer it doesnt matter so far
10questions atleast are answered in all ur
subject combo. Pls do the submitting your self
by double S or use your mouse to click submit BY CLICKING END EXAM. If want to know if the
questions you av answer is good to be submit
it that is when you av answer atleast 10quest
all round der will b an icon END EXAM
3. Locating and using your calculator. The calculator is @ the top right hand corner. Its
has an exponetial(x10 raise to power)for
values >1e.g x10^5 anything like x10^-5 you
cant do it. You can only use the calculator with
the mouse.
4.Pls read in instruction that will be displayed before your click start. You can even write
some formulas that you know u will for get on
your solving sheet before clicking start.
as i have earlier said about submiting it is best
to submit when you have atleast 10sec remaining.
goodluck jambites
18-May-2017 01:24:38 ·
emeloguboy; if you apply for Federal Polytechnic Neked Owerri, chat me so that I will add you to the group @07064569417
18-May-2017 05:58:52 ·
joselyn; I applied Nekede add me
18-May-2017 20:57:52 ·
EGWURUGWUCHIJINDUEMMANUEL; If you are practising my school online game practise well the really helped me.
18-May-2017 22:09:09 ·
Goodiesbaby; Add me 08183052665
19-May-2017 00:22:23 ·
jennifer_ibezim; I just saw my result 253.. So happy ..The Lord dat did it for me will do it for u guys in Jesus name..Amen
19-May-2017 20:21:54 ·
matrix006; When did you write yours?
20-May-2017 18:34:46 ·
amosnokafor; I represent 17th may Wednesday, our results are out, not midnight when I checked, but dis morning when I rechecked, scored 232 engineering, praise my wonderful God!, Amen .
21-May-2017 08:37:06 ·
Ekeh kingsley prosper; Na lie oga,,wednesday result is not out,,,,
21-May-2017 10:21:36 ·
Shegebaba; It out oo....i wrote on thusdai...i saw my result this mawninig got 232
21-May-2017 10:52:52 ·
shenkez; Yea Thursday Z out.... I checked for my friend he scored 311
21-May-2017 12:37:19 ·
desmond4life; PLS AND PLS HELP ME FOR MY SISTER WITH REG NO 75456148gi .am waiting for ur reply pls
21-May-2017 13:01:11 ·
Doriano; @desmond4life ur sis scored 179
21-May-2017 13:22:25 ·
A.O.I; Pls can you checke mine for reg no is 75783909he
21-May-2017 13:33:08 ·
Tokunle; Name: Akinkumi Ismail
Reg Number: 75783909HE
Date of Birth: 07 December 1994
Origin: ABEOKUTA-SOUTH in Ogun State.
Exam No: C43709042
Centre Name: New Ocean Comprehensive High School, 70/72, Alaja Road, Megida, Ayobo, Lagos State

Subject Score
Use of English 58
Government 49
Mathematics 35
Princ. of Account 46

Total Score:188
21-May-2017 13:41:52 ·
Tokunle; dts ur score A.O.I
21-May-2017 13:42:43 ·
A.O.I; Thanks
21-May-2017 13:54:01 ·
cheekah005; please help me check mine reg num 75272489IF since on Monday I haven't seen mine am loosing it
23-May-2017 16:16:27 ·
Doriano; @Cheekah005 you do not have any result yet
23-May-2017 19:52:08 ·
Bright sky; Pls check mine, reg. No 76678092GA
24-May-2017 18:34:48 ·
Doriano; @Abule Bright you got 191
25-May-2017 14:08:02 ·
chi Gabriel; pls check mine reg: 75295111CC
30-May-2017 22:19:30 ·
Bright sky; @chi Gaberial "you do not have result yet"
31-May-2017 06:15:47 ·
Ninny says;
Like seriously...

May 13 results ae out..

wer ix dx girl sef...

Xtaaaa come wo result ti de
16-May-2017 01:55:10 ·
yink68; how do u check it??
16-May-2017 01:59:44 ·
Myschool; For Procedures to check the JAMB 2017 UTME results by yourself, see full procedures on this link: How to Check JAMB 2017 Results - Full Procedures
16-May-2017 02:41:27 ·
Bajoagbo; We are sorry

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable.

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16-May-2017 05:21:42 ·
Devyeed; Message this number for Whatsapp groupchat all UTME candidates (09098991338)
16-May-2017 07:19:32 ·
Ezeh vincent; Jamb site is already out
16-May-2017 10:25:35 ·
Ezeh vincent; I mean its already going
16-May-2017 10:26:16 ·
Bajoagbo; yes, just saw mine too
16-May-2017 11:24:52 ·
orluma welekwe; Pls add me ooo 08107835429
16-May-2017 12:25:58 ·
omalichananka; Its working I have checked mine
16-May-2017 13:24:17 ·
abdullkadir; What do u score
16-May-2017 14:12:04 ·
elladik; pls u guys dat saw urs.
watz ur scores
16-May-2017 18:11:49 ·
Ezeh vincent; Still expecting mine tomorrow.......... All the pple that wrote on Saturday what did u score
16-May-2017 20:30:44 ·
omalichananka; I score 212, my girl frind scored 221, while the other score 162
17-May-2017 06:17:16 ·
BenitaCruz; It's working, I scored 206
17-May-2017 08:16:55 ·
Hygentle; Had 236
17-May-2017 08:32:13 ·
Bornstunner6; When did u people write urs pls
17-May-2017 09:28:59 ·
1moonlightAri; Already checked my result I got 236
17-May-2017 09:50:24 ·
Immaq; 250. May 13th by 1:30pm
17-May-2017 09:54:29 ·
Emmanuel155261; scored 300
17-May-2017 10:02:08 ·
liviapretty; Pls you all should say the truth and stop lying
17-May-2017 10:37:37 ·
MrRonJozi; LMAO Emmanuel say the truth and shame the devil. Choi 300. Na you be jamb itself. 😂😂😂
17-May-2017 11:33:08 ·
shenkez; Lol..... It's possible sha
17-May-2017 11:51:33 ·
[email protected]; I scored 399
17-May-2017 11:52:30 ·
Stellah; Lol
17-May-2017 12:33:29 ·
CornelG; Checked mine yesterday #263 Mass Comm, thanks to God
17-May-2017 13:55:29 ·
CornelG; @Omalichananka you no the shame say your girlfriend score past you and you go still the call yourself the head. Chai your stupidity rendered me speechless!
17-May-2017 13:59:05 ·
Ademide1998; 09020396633...add me too pls.
17-May-2017 15:16:50 ·
elladik; @corenlG...omalicha is a gal too
dey r both gsls
17-May-2017 18:32:16 ·
elladik; @corenlG...omalicha is a gal too
dey r both gals
17-May-2017 18:32:22 ·
CornelG; So @Elladik that shows they could be gay!
17-May-2017 20:16:18 ·
sapphire249; Pls say thethruth about your scoresooo
17-May-2017 20:57:21 ·
Nicholas victor; Add me 09092851751
17-May-2017 21:30:52 ·
Smold; CornelG, i still they wonder how you take pass ur jamb...
Choiii, how you go call girl and girl gay.... Waytin you go come call man and man?? Lesbian??.....
My frnd recieve sense by d blood of buhari
18-May-2017 01:03:40 ·
Ninny; @smold i tink u ae d one to recv sense...

Man n Man _hormosexual
Woman et woman_lesbian
In general Gay...shay u grab nw?
18-May-2017 05:02:04 ·
omalichananka; ConelG , you should mind the type of language you use on people you don't know just because u saw them online, if my girl friend score high me its not a problem. We didn't write d same course neither did you know the problem I encountered that day, I used more than 10 laptops all failed to logg in telling me that my SESSION IS ACTIVE SOMEWHERE, you don't know d tears I shed and d sadness watching others writing and you can't logging ,the problem was ratify some one and before I could write exam it was already 6:30pm and I wasn't concentrated, I thank God because I never knew I will reach up to that level.
I can accept any insult you give to ur delve not me but please don't judge people you don't know, coming to lesbianism as you guys talk. May God have mercy on all of you , I am a married woman I don't need lesbian,
I am not a secondary school drop out.
I wrote jamb this year because my husband need a professional course am even tired of going to school.
So please I beg your pardon , comment if you want but insult people is not a good thing . God bless you
18-May-2017 06:10:29 ·
omalichananka; Some of you that think I am lying should join me on FacebooK RAPHAEL BLESSING OMALICHA, you see things your self
18-May-2017 06:13:38 ·
Ninny; Eyaa...

Aunty wa i tink he's jokin...

it ix well..

God ix ur strenght
18-May-2017 07:58:18 ·
CornelG; @Omalichananka i render my humble apology publicly, i was only joking just as @Ninny said. That is all i can say.
18-May-2017 08:38:29 ·
Mhisterdreezy; Iss your own out
18-May-2017 11:34:26 ·
elladik; now u see urself @cornelG
18-May-2017 12:57:58 ·
Brighterkings; Hello guys please I wrote on the 13 yet I have not seen my result why na.
This thing is giving me a heart attack oooo
18-May-2017 20:34:13 ·
godwinshala; All thanks to my creator, I have made it 236. Im now praying for admission. Pls any one that choose uniuyo should add me up. Good luck to you all. Thanks my school.
19-May-2017 02:37:36 ·
shenkez; Thank God for u Godwin but I hope ur course ain't dat competitive if it is go nd pray cuz I got 236 last year for law nd didn't make it..... From d look of Tinz majority would pass Dis year so d competition wud be more than that of last year.
19-May-2017 09:41:11 ·
Tim John; 236 ???
19-May-2017 11:16:09 ·
shenkez; Yea
19-May-2017 13:24:11 ·
wisdom01; Still on the 16th day some of the utme candidates were unable to see their result
19-May-2017 19:58:36 ·
Joselph_95; @omalichananka...those write-up signifies you're a "MATURED_BEING" unlike the kids of today dah get into 'Social media' fights, just as exactly they are.. . Kids
20-May-2017 15:50:16 ·
Joselph_95; Being on social media doesn't mean you can just insult, abuse or even disrespect anyone... Let us all be Social Network Smart.. . SNS
20-May-2017 15:52:50 ·
Devyeed; Joseph, I think you should rest already. The case was settled. Stop adding more salt by your pretentiously belligerent comment.
21-May-2017 15:51:15 ·
Devyeed; Tho' It is certain that "CornelG" is a proud Ignoramus. His choice of words depict how preposterous he is.
21-May-2017 15:53:02 ·
Smold; Vhycktoh, if yuh no pass english and literature for jamb, go village go kill dat old woman
21-May-2017 17:57:01 ·
Adewunmi2054; my score is 222 nd my olevel result is all c nd i chose unilag for Architecture
23-May-2017 22:05:54 ·
MrRonJozi; Funny comments everywhere. I'm still laughing up till now.
26-May-2017 17:59:20 ·
Adebboy says;
Unable to login
16-May-2017 01:58:44 ·
Akinlabi122; join Direct Entry 2017/18 whatsapp group on this number 08106743857
16-May-2017 04:21:44 ·
0lamide; am in.. add me, 08060385614. My school seems to have forgotten us(DE candidates) these days, we just heard about aptitude test without knowing how its going to be, no news, no updates, nothing nothing!! God dey o.
16-May-2017 11:01:08 ·
Kensky1; Add me..08179887869
16-May-2017 19:43:19 ·
jagrelem2; Add me 08034301131
17-May-2017 08:44:13 ·
lamido dantala; add me up @ 07065633967
17-May-2017 10:43:31 ·
01Emek; 08173542254
17-May-2017 16:56:28 ·
Bolanle23; Pls add me up.08119164445
17-May-2017 21:52:54 ·
mudasiru lekan; Add me 08062395467
19-May-2017 03:37:04 ·
paxthoromenjor; Please add me up 08186322928.unn student pls add me up to
19-May-2017 09:23:25 ·
olawuwo38; add me,07039604406
20-May-2017 16:22:48 ·
[email protected]; Pls, add me 07039493104 direct entry.
21-May-2017 12:07:14 ·
Eborkingsley; 08147712494
21-May-2017 13:37:59 ·
[email protected]; Add me 07039493104
28-May-2017 17:36:59 ·
Zizax Wayne says;
Okay thanks
16-May-2017 02:45:40 ·
Devyeed; Message this number for Whatsapp groupchat all UTME candidates (09098991338)
16-May-2017 07:20:10 ·
johndarey; Pls add me 08183824211
17-May-2017 05:16:34 ·
Jerry Cruz; +2348166383768 Plz add me ASAP
17-May-2017 06:03:49 ·
Shanniberry; Please add me. 07056603191
17-May-2017 08:47:07 ·
brainaz 22; add me plz
17-May-2017 09:34:12 ·
Tmercy; I wanna join the group chat..09025634505
17-May-2017 20:51:30 ·
Mhisterdreezy; Add me 08164099020
18-May-2017 11:35:49 ·
Bolanle23; Pls add me up..08119164445
18-May-2017 18:44:13 ·
prudent007; 09070931416
19-May-2017 00:23:50 ·
musaaliyu97; 08067653151
19-May-2017 01:12:51 ·
moreen1997; 08163700149 add up
19-May-2017 12:18:18 ·
habundanz; 08134111828
19-May-2017 20:05:05 ·
MhizLisa10; Plz hu is KC or Kenneth
20-May-2017 20:17:18 ·
johnsontracy; Pls add me 07067300523
22-May-2017 10:22:54 ·
jaybanga; add me 08101698529
23-May-2017 13:44:26 ·
johnkenny says;
I can't log into my Jamb profile again. what could be cause?
16-May-2017 03:07:39 ·
moyosore17; it's an all-rounder problem, just av a Lil patience
16-May-2017 07:28:23 ·
omalichananka; Send your email and password I will check for you i have seen mine and so do my friends here altgough the result is very poor, the fist i check d person score 162, 188,183, 221 and mine 212
16-May-2017 13:26:10 ·
chommyluv1; eyaa
16-May-2017 13:50:51 ·
16-May-2017 13:52:39 ·
Bukola405; Pls can you help me to check mine, [email protected] Password: 09038983792,I'll be grateful if you'd help
16-May-2017 14:45:46 ·
ifeoluwazi; Omali how di u check yours?
16-May-2017 16:36:31 ·
Roseline1999; I hope multiple checking has no effect coz I'm anxious and I'm checking it profusely though "no result yet"
16-May-2017 18:53:21 ·
johnkenny; @bukolaa, when did u take the exam?
16-May-2017 19:01:24 ·
omalichananka; Bukola your email address says invalid
17-May-2017 06:13:24 ·
Bornstunner6; Omalicha when did u write?
17-May-2017 09:31:10 ·
MhizLisa10; Plz kindly add me on whatsapp so I can send u my details nd u will be able 2 check 4 me 08134986985
17-May-2017 20:53:05 ·
18-May-2017 05:55:41 ·
mubaligh; bukola...your scored 202...just help you check it now
18-May-2017 09:49:54 ·
Ford002; I wrote on monday, i just checked mine en i got 254
18-May-2017 15:09:43 ·
dopecfo; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Ayodele Bukola Ewatomi
Reg Number: 76970405AB
Date of Birth: 05 April 2000
Origin: IFEDORE in Ondo State.
Exam No: C41002121
Centre Name: Zeekay Schools, 2 Home of Grace Street, Agbede, Ikorodu, Lagos State

Subject Score
Use of English 58
Physics 49
Biology 46
Chemistry 49
Total Score:202

19-May-2017 10:44:21 ·
Smoov; Yh for now try dis nite or tomorrow it shud open......God Bless
20-May-2017 14:24:44 ·
MhizLisa10; Plz hu is KC or Kenneth
20-May-2017 20:27:21 ·
MhizLisa10; U can send ur reg num 2 dat line if u haven't seen urz
20-May-2017 20:28:05 ·
Bukola405; have seen it already thanks
30-May-2017 08:26:56 ·
Anthony Adacha says;
Even me wo. ive nt seen mine
16-May-2017 03:08:25 ·
johnkenny says;
I tried logging into my Jamb profile at as usual but was unable to log in again. They said that the page may hv been removed or had its name changed etc....
16-May-2017 03:15:38 ·
Sophybby; Try checking it again.. Cos av seen mine.. Log onto
16-May-2017 14:24:29 ·
17-May-2017 06:40:14 ·
AbuUbayy says;
I'm unable to log in to jamb profile since yesterday.
16-May-2017 03:18:54 ·
AbuUbayy; JAMB's website is now active.
16-May-2017 07:43:34 ·
adinoyi22; Akhi, hope it was all OK?
19-May-2017 06:29:11 ·
AbuUbayy; no, The network was bad in my centre, this made the laptop I was using hanged throughout the exam, my result has not been released yet, I wrote on Monday.
19-May-2017 06:46:12 ·
adinoyi22; SubhanAllah. May Allah make it easy. I wrote on Tuesday but haven't seen mine also. Perhaps a little moe more patience is what we need.
19-May-2017 17:33:32 ·
AbuUbayy; Aameen, Na'am.
19-May-2017 18:36:21 ·
AbuUbayy; in sha Allaah, I will call them tomorrow
19-May-2017 19:07:48 ·
Buckleboy; Chat me for all u need to know about ur result and how to upgrade 08023651226
20-May-2017 09:37:21 ·
adinoyi22; AbuUbayy. Have you been able yo call them? The story is still the same till this moment.
20-May-2017 11:25:59 ·
AbuUbayy; No! pls do, no airtime.
20-May-2017 20:00:15 ·
AbuUbayy; AlhamduliLlaah! I've seen it. pls check yours.
21-May-2017 10:00:08 ·
bersh_snob; Alhamdullah' wart do uh score.?
21-May-2017 11:57:26 ·
AbuUbayy; Over 230
21-May-2017 17:19:16 ·
adinoyi22; Alhamdulillah for you. I have seen mine too.
21-May-2017 17:26:03 ·
AbuUbayy; AlhamduliLlaah! , BarakaLlaahu feekum jamee'an.
21-May-2017 22:19:24 ·
bersh_snob; guy how do uh guys make it naw?
22-May-2017 06:48:45 ·
AbuUbayy; Through the help of Allaah
22-May-2017 08:16:22 ·
bersh_snob; indeed' buh why do i score 164.. am rweely sad'
22-May-2017 09:01:28 ·
AbuUbayy; May Allaah put barakah in it. put in more effort and remember to always Allaah.
26-May-2017 14:55:54 ·
hakinjoules says;
it's the server ........bcoz am facing the same problem
16-May-2017 04:12:15 ·
Kez4321 says;
Ehmmm .....I just read that jamb is realising the results in batches and also after malpractice investigation. This should sound like a note of warning to all candidates especially those who have been clamouring for expo and leaving their details as I have observed from the other threads. It's been rather her alarming and horrifying. It seems they have choosen to ignore d fact that these centers have cctv and functional ones too! I wonder what they think they are 4. Please do not allow yourself to be harangue and coarsed by some unscrupulous elements with d promise of glory. How would you feel if your results where to be withheld and cancelled after months of hard work and studies because of exam malpractice in your center because of a few lazy ppl who wants everything in life to be handed to them on a plate of gold....and honestly the examination wasn't that bad for any one who had studied. am also aware there are some people who have taken this exams several times over and should learn from previous experience, don't get it wrong this time, just because ppl have been doing it and getting away with it doesn't garrantee you would. Just don't let your future be hijacked....Am jus sayin....
Anyway am still awaiting my result since 13th and d portal jus won't open and now am an insomniac.
16-May-2017 04:57:07 ·
Different Case; check your mail for your results
16-May-2017 07:20:39 ·
Kez4321; Not in my mail either but I'll keep checking
16-May-2017 07:41:16 ·
omalichananka; Recheck its out now I have seen mine and even checked for my friends here
16-May-2017 12:08:57 ·
Anneta.; Hi hi
16-May-2017 12:31:29 ·
omalichananka; I just saw mine
16-May-2017 13:22:14 ·
Kez4321; Yeah I saw mine too tnx chascop 4 ur convern
16-May-2017 13:43:02 ·
ayslimzy77; am not sure they have released it. coz am checking for my friend but haven't see anytinz yet. coz my own is 2moro. until 2moro after writing my own before am going to believe whether they have released the result.
16-May-2017 14:42:47 ·
Kez4321; It's released.....go to d check result thread. It's really out. I have friends here dav seen.
16-May-2017 15:00:21 ·
Ajibola Rilwan; If u have seen it pls Hw did dey calculate de mark dis time around
16-May-2017 17:45:45 ·

1. English is 60. Assuming a candidate score 40 questions correctly in English, it will now be 40/60 x 100. Your English score will now be 66.
2. In Chemistry, Assuming you score 30 correctly out 40 it will now be, 30/40 x 100 that is 75
3. Phys. 30/40 x 100 =75
4. Bio 30/40 x 100 =75.
The sum of all the four will now be, 66 + 75 + 75 75 = 291
step 2.
Out of 180 questions if you score 150 correctly, it will be 150/180 x 400 = 333.
16-May-2017 18:30:10 ·
Greaterheightdoncom; Liar! You mean to tell me that comprehension and others carry equal mark(s)?
16-May-2017 20:06:04 ·
Ajibola Rilwan; What a big lie,abeg if u dnt knw smtin u shut up dnt use ur own to confuse student here
16-May-2017 22:09:48 ·
abiola3301; Guy are u e jmb marker
16-May-2017 23:08:32 ·
t1nt1n; Wait why you calling him a lie, how are his calculations wrong do you propose that the marks for comprehension would make it different cause I don't understand
17-May-2017 05:21:54 ·
Greaterheightdoncom; Dear, comprehension often carries the highest mark for each question and you can't expect that to be the same with others. Infact, register, lexis and Structure are different marks entirely.
17-May-2017 06:44:18 ·
adeyemo1997; Nope dis is a multichoice ques
All carry same marks
Get it straight
17-May-2017 07:34:58 ·
moyosore17; but he is actually correct.their marking scheme for dis year changed
17-May-2017 07:40:37 ·
Ajibola Rilwan; No their marking for this year didn't changed,english is 1mark while others are still 2marks cos I check my friend result yday nd I see de analysing,,,,still waiting for me,hoping for de best
17-May-2017 09:14:38 ·
Different Case; Hello, Ajibola Rilwan and co-challengers, I just posted this stuff to help you guys and you seem not to understand.
Don't jump into conclusion when ever you don't agree with what a fellow says or writes. It shows immaturity.

JAMB marking scheme changed entirely this year. Okay, let me ask a question ; I the previous years, how many questions are set for just English and other subjects as well. just check it out.

I think you should mind how you address people via social media, show some courtesy. It differentiates you from the circle of illiterates and shows a high frequency of maturity.

My first JAMB was in the year 2010 and by God's Grace, it fetched me admission as an Engineering student then;Petroleum engineering precisely. To God be the Glory, I graduated as a 2:1(2nd class upper) student and by that same Grace, today I'm a 200L Medical student(MBBS) of a reputable University here in Nigeria.

So, mind how you exhibit this attitude of yours because if I had exhibited mine then, I wouldn't have gained some knowledge.

I just decided to log on to this website not because I have much time but also to get some information for my kid brother; a jambite like you too.

Thank you. Most importantly, pray for Grace.
17-May-2017 09:51:05 ·
Macnnoli4; You must be an American to want two different course degrees
17-May-2017 10:28:36 ·
Different Case; My dear, it's all about passion and determination.
What course are you going for?
17-May-2017 10:52:25 ·
olumide senior; med and surg and you?
17-May-2017 11:53:27 ·
Kez4321; @chascop...well said man!well said!..👏👏👏👏👍👍.there r a whole lotta infants here exhibiting their miniscule brains. This should be humbling
17-May-2017 12:12:45 ·
drbrainz1222; the disadvantage of this method is high oh
17-May-2017 13:18:05 ·
Ajibola Rilwan; I think sometin is wrong with ur brain,,,who ar ur infant brother?you must be a f**l
17-May-2017 14:09:50 ·
Greaterheightdoncom; @Chascop and others, those comments weren't meant to abuse anybody, except you people wanted to take it personal. I made mention of a LIAR just for you to prove beyond reasonable doubt that's credible. Does that show any signs of maturity when you once a graduate will still come up to give this kind of disparaging comments. You should have just keep that to yourself and stop showing up.
17-May-2017 15:49:48 ·
Kez4321; @ajibola u just proved me right. You answered to the name so what r u ...retard
17-May-2017 16:46:58 ·
Kez4321; This except was from Google news....
Am posting it for those who think oloyede was joking about his cctv and for those planning on going that route....and all d sceptics..once again don't b led astray..
18-May-2017 08:01:42 ·
Ajoge CORNEL says;
16-May-2017 05:10:24 ·
graceyly says;
May 13th batch, but I've not received mine yet
16-May-2017 05:19:09 ·
Devyeed; Message this number for Whatsapp groupchat all UTME candidates (09098991338)
16-May-2017 07:21:19 ·
omalichananka; I just saw mine now I score 212
16-May-2017 12:07:45 ·
ayslimzy77; Y u 2 dey lie like this
16-May-2017 14:43:35 ·
Ozilian; Not a lie it might b true

I saw sum guys own yesterday DAT wrote on d 13th 295 and oda high scores
17-May-2017 06:19:22 ·
shenkez; Does dat sound to u as a lie @ayslimzy77....what if she said she scored 312
17-May-2017 09:47:47 ·
omalichananka; slimzy am too busy to lie, biko if you fail that does means others people cannot pass, m
17-May-2017 09:57:18 ·
Phnero Frank; Someone has been asking you what your date is but you failed to answer that. Telling us of score over and over.... Mm
17-May-2017 15:04:00 ·
omalichananka; My date is 13th while my center CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE Onitsha
18-May-2017 05:53:18 ·
chimily; People have seen their results both people that wrote on saturday,monday and tuesday so don't attack someone that knows what she's saying
19-May-2017 07:36:26 ·
promiseigwechika; Omalichananka which course
21-May-2017 05:10:43 ·
mhizta chrizto; I wrote on thursday 18th i have check mine today which is sunday ma birthday..i score 303
21-May-2017 11:49:49 ·
ojo oluwadamilare Felix ; Pls help everyone,,,, I wrote since Monday,,,no result, my number is 08136850160 ,,,,reg number is 76407954DJ,,,, pls help me talk to jamb make them release my result
21-May-2017 13:15:08 ·
Ajoge CORNEL says;
Jamb website ave collapse !!!!!
16-May-2017 05:24:24 ·
bilaudaud; will u construct it back?
16-May-2017 06:20:08 ·
emmaboss14; is it london bridge or third main land bridge???
16-May-2017 06:36:47 ·
Brendada; Jamb website has fallen down...... fallen down... fallen down...
16-May-2017 08:18:18 ·
elegwo; Maybe it is wall of Jericho
16-May-2017 11:41:26 ·
straightkid; Lol...hahahahahaha... Mehn I love this website.
Fun at every angle. You guys are so hilarious. Will love to be friends with ppl here... 07031260692... MY whatsapp num...
16-May-2017 17:45:21 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Lols ..bahd gang
16-May-2017 22:39:08 ·
David Olayiwola; 😂😂😂 lmao
17-May-2017 22:05:33 ·
Dansu Desmond says;
We Should All Just Be Patient Nd Pryerful God We Surly Help Us All
16-May-2017 05:36:11 ·
16-May-2017 10:26:50 ·
16-May-2017 13:38:10 ·
Foladarah; AMEN
17-May-2017 15:54:22 ·
TAOFEEQ1000 says;
on 15 is not yet out and by d way jamb site is temporarily unavailable i think my school will do well to update us wen d site opens
16-May-2017 05:48:47 ·
Devyeed; Message this number for Whatsapp groupchat all UTME candidates (09098991338)
16-May-2017 07:22:55 ·
omalichananka; Jamb result is out I just checked mine now
16-May-2017 12:06:21 ·
PRAIZ DAVID; when did u write the exam?
16-May-2017 12:13:33 ·
omalichananka; Saturday ,
16-May-2017 13:19:32 ·
PharmD. Emmanuel; hello were u among d first batch? I mean, which time did u sit for d exam?
16-May-2017 13:41:30 ·
omalichananka; I enter hall around 6:pm am 1:30 batch CKC Onitsha, but duw to technical problems I wrote that time 6:pm
16-May-2017 13:51:38 ·
shenkez; God go help us I checked for one of my friend nd he scored 193.....may 15th ain't out yet hoping for the best
17-May-2017 07:08:05 ·
Alex4unit; Plz guys, is May 15 utme batch out..?
17-May-2017 13:22:38 ·
shenkez; Nope..... I replied may 15th
17-May-2017 15:34:08 ·
moyosore17; yes @ Alex... just checked myn now. #may 15th.
18-May-2017 15:51:28 ·
Alex4unit; Thanks @ moyosore17. Am going to check now..!!!
18-May-2017 16:11:42 ·
07066637222; Guys I've seen my result. May 15th candidate
18-May-2017 18:44:05 ·
Chi Purity; First of all I want to say a big thank you to God almighty for my score though my expectation was more than this but he knows the best for me. I must say thank you to myschool and my fellow myschoolers for all the info I must you are the best and please continue in your good work. God bless you all and I must say I love you all. Be4 I forgot I saw mine this evening 238
18-May-2017 19:54:26 ·
amosnokafor; Good, what course?
21-May-2017 08:25:30 ·
amosnokafor; I represent 17 may Wednesday, our results are out, not midnight when I checked but this morning when I rechecked. 232 engineering, praise my wonderful God.
21-May-2017 08:34:19 ·
Ebuzzyy ; Thursday results are out.. 212..architecture.. Praise God
21-May-2017 11:09:57 ·
Triumph2win; I haven't seen mine
I wrote on Thursday tu
21-May-2017 11:26:56 ·
Mollysas; Jamb well done ooh,after everything una dash me 192,I nor fit enter uniben gate sef#lol
21-May-2017 13:19:45 ·
gracious stanley; meaning?
21-May-2017 13:28:36 ·
Mollysas; I didn't reach the cut off mark for edu and english and literature
21-May-2017 15:29:58 ·
Alex4unit; @mollysas, all hope is not lost. Depending on other choice.. God is our strength.
23-May-2017 18:53:01 ·

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