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JAMB 2017 Candidates in Delta - Connect Here

Posted: 11-May-2017 [12:16:54] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 113 Comments

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We believe by now a good number of 2017 UTME registered candidates must have printed their jamb exam slips and hence able to know their exam centre, date and time.

We are creating this thread to connect candidates who will be writing for the examination in DELTA STATE.

Simply post a comment of your;
1. Your State
2. Exam Centre
3. Exam Date
4. Exam Time
5. Subjects you intend to take

If you see a possible centre or seat partner, don't hesitate or don't be shy to approach them. You guys can be friends before the d-day and share exam or subject ideas as well as help each other with direction on how to get to the venue if necessary.

Please note that this thread is strictly for candidates who will be writing the JAMB examination within DELTA STATE. To view the thread for other states, CLICK HERE

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Comments (113)
pezzyp says;
11-May-2017 09:03:26 ·
pezzyp says;
Delta State
Exam centre: Benchill schools, No 1,DN Dudu Close, off Emiko Close,Warri ,Delta State
Exam Date: Tuesday, May 16th,2017 by 7:00 AM
UTME Subjects: Use of English
11-May-2017 09:09:45 ·
switBoydston; pls how do I get to Benchhill School...? I'm at Okuokoko.
or lemme have your phone Number
12-May-2017 02:22:12 ·
stanleykizy; go to pti junction take keke to airport junction from there take another one to stop u by mopol barack
15-May-2017 05:47:01 ·
mukoro ebruba Gabriel says;
Delta State
Exam centre: Benchill schools, No 1,DN Dudu Close, off Emiko Close,Warri ,Delta State
Exam Date: Wednesday, May 17th,2017 by 9:00 AM
UTME Subjects: Use of English
Literature in English
11-May-2017 09:40:42 ·
pezzyp; same place but my date is on the 16th
11-May-2017 21:54:40 ·
doyue ben says;
delta state
exam center:pti
exam date :may 19
subjects : maths English physics chemistry
11-May-2017 10:36:15 ·
thuqgate; u are writinq jamb ...?
11-May-2017 19:45:27 ·
thuqgate; again kyle..?
11-May-2017 19:46:21 ·
doyue ben; did i write there before
11-May-2017 21:36:18 ·
doyue ben; trying my luck for medicine uncle
11-May-2017 21:37:19 ·
Pruddyberry; Me am writing in deltatoo
13-May-2017 06:57:11 ·
Nester says;
holy ghost international school,,may 15 monday by 1:30pm
11-May-2017 10:47:55 ·
priceless gina; Same place wit me... Am writing on 20th,eng.maths.physic and chemistry. Pls can u send me ur no. Tanx
11-May-2017 17:32:42 ·
EhizBenz; Am writing there too Holy ghost international school izomo aladja ovwian pls send your number through ot just reply mw with it
11-May-2017 23:14:33 ·
priceless gina; 08188950999
12-May-2017 12:01:15 ·
Marlene226 says;
College of Education CBT Centre, Warri.
Tuesday 16th May
Use if English, Literature, Econs and Government.
11-May-2017 10:55:01 ·
gandalfthewhite; Am writing there too can I have ur number
12-May-2017 03:53:12 ·
Kwestzy; Me too o but mine is 9am
14-May-2017 22:12:53 ·
bukkes says;
Pls help me check mine: 76207997GC
11-May-2017 12:34:07 ·
bukkes says;
Pls if u can send it to my mail: [email protected]
11-May-2017 12:34:58 ·
Sharon16 says;
Delta state university, campus 2,
16th may, 2017
Use of English, biology, physics. chemistry
11-May-2017 13:21:38 ·
lallana; Are you doing pre degree????
11-May-2017 13:58:52 ·
12-May-2017 12:27:15 ·
Emmjay01; Same here but mine is on campus 3 buy 1:30 pls could we see so i could get updates from u an if u are on facebook kindly drop ur username here so we'd connect better
13-May-2017 19:51:52 ·
stanleykizy says;
PTI TUESDAY 16 may. 7am bio. Phy eng and chem
11-May-2017 15:29:14 ·
Daviddegrin says;
Delta state
15 May 2017
centre: Classical International School Warri
English,Physics, Chemistry:Mathematics
11-May-2017 16:05:38 ·
Rukevwe jakpor; Same centre but am writing on the 18 of may 2017.same subjects
12-May-2017 10:58:34 ·
Daviddegrin; OK wats ur subjects
13-May-2017 10:54:55 ·
Rukevwe jakpor; Same as yours bro.keep me updated you are writing today
15-May-2017 12:30:31 ·
Godblessigbi says;
delta state university campus3
15 may 2017
bio chem eng phy
11-May-2017 16:39:05 ·
nelbay13; how far? same center, same time.
11-May-2017 17:49:03 ·
favour akpos; am writing too....where is campus 3 located... college road???
13-May-2017 23:15:52 ·
Praiz234 says;
College of education cbt centre warri
May 15 2017
9 : 00am
Mathematics, physics, english & chemistry
11-May-2017 16:42:25 ·
11-May-2017 21:36:10 ·
articles; same place and date
please can I get ur contact
13-May-2017 09:02:18 ·
Kwestzy; Same time n date o
14-May-2017 22:14:04 ·
Debby4silver says;
Delta state
jamb office okpanam asaba delta state
13 of may
seat num14
eng, n econs
11-May-2017 16:59:48 ·
raph Montella; am also in Asaba.
writing in jamb office on the 15th.
11-May-2017 17:41:58 ·
splendour0099; Same place with me.

jamb office, okpanam road, Asaba. date:
16 May, 2017 @1:30 pm.
English, maths, econs, crs
11-May-2017 18:53:14 ·
favourmicky; Same place with me on the 15 by 7 am
12-May-2017 11:03:28 ·
favourmicky; Raph can I get ur number what time is urs?
12-May-2017 11:05:26 ·
BOBBZY; Me too...
Your State: Delta State

Exam Centre: Jamb Office Okpanam Asaba Delta State

Exam Date: 13th of May

Exam Time: 1:30PM

Eng.,Lit.,Crs,n Govt
12-May-2017 12:28:03 ·
BOBBZY; Urz iz wat time @Debby4silver
12-May-2017 15:28:26 ·
raph Montella says;
Delta State
Jamb state office okpanam Asaba, Delta state.
Wednesday May 17th, 7:00am
English,, Mathematics,, Chemistry,, Physics.
11-May-2017 18:00:02 ·

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