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JAMB 2017 Candidates in Abia - Connect Here

Posted: 11-May-2017 [12:01:32] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 160 Comments

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We believe by now a good number of 2017 UTME registered candidates must have printed their jamb exam slips and hence able to know their exam centre, date and time.

We are creating this thread to connect candidates who will be writing for the examination in ABIA STATE.

Simply post a comment of your;
1. Your State
2. Exam Centre
3. Exam Date
4. Exam Time
5. Subjects you intend to take

If you see a possible centre or seat partner, don't hesitate or don't be shy to approach them. You guys can be friends before the d-day and share exam or subject ideas as well as help each other with direction on how to get to the venue if necessary.

Please note that this thread is strictly for candidates who will be writing the JAMB examination within ABIA STATE. To view the thread for other states, CLICK HERE

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Comments (160)
Francis val says;
11-May-2017 08:34:36 ·
rejoiceeby says;
Clem's bca road
Monday 15
English,physics,chemistry, biology
11-May-2017 09:50:34 ·
BenitaCruz; Clem's too but Saturday morning
11-May-2017 22:18:25 ·
drbrainz1222; my center is also there. how do i get there pls.
11-May-2017 22:25:24 ·
promiseisaac says;
exam Town: Obingwa/Isiala-ngwa/Owerrinta in Abia

date: may 18

time: 1:30 pm
11-May-2017 10:08:49 ·
gabrihinogodwin; tuesday 16 same venue
12-May-2017 12:05:00 ·
timmakaveli; guyz pls hlp me locate there,mine is 18 9am,jet age private secondary school in obingwa LGA
16-May-2017 07:53:14 ·
promiseisaac; how was the exams if I may ask
19-May-2017 22:54:49 ·
timmakaveli; pls has any one see his or her result,on the 18th
21-May-2017 13:43:46 ·
promiseisaac; I haven't oh, I don't know what's even wrong with jamb
23-May-2017 08:59:46 ·
timmakaveli; did u pay the money the were collecting @ the gate,b4 entry,and whats ur score
25-May-2017 10:20:14 ·
promiseisaac; 1k, I did after turning us up and down that day..
25-May-2017 20:29:26 ·
gabrihinogodwin; i paid one k i was so angry and ther network was as bad as their power fused got blown what a day
07-Jun-2017 09:09:13 ·
promiseisaac; abeg make una drop una numbers
07-Jun-2017 13:20:08 ·
Enoch vera says;
benjyl international academy ,19th English biology chemistry and physics
11-May-2017 11:00:12 ·
Enoch vera says;
benjyl international academy , friday 19th 9am English biology chemistry and physics
11-May-2017 11:00:20 ·
Pweety Treasure says;
State-- Abia State,umuahia Precisely
Venue--Ict Resource Center Umudike
Exam Date-- May 16th 2017
Exam Time-- 7am
Subjects-- English,maths, Physics & Chemistry.
11-May-2017 12:10:18 ·
charmingellabarbie says;
My jamb exam slip the one that carries my center, date & time has not been sent to me yet & i don't know what I'm to do
11-May-2017 12:15:36 ·
Pweety Treasure; hello dear, if u have checked ur email uptil now and u didn't see any mail from jamb, i think you should damn delays and visit jamb portal ( to see if u can view ur details from there, or kindly go to any cyber_cafee around you to view the exam slip containing all ur needed exam information and at dsame time print it out. D exam is fast approching and delays might indulge u to miss ur schedule and forfeit the right to sit for the exam. Remember D Exam Will Start On May 13th i.e in next two days .
11-May-2017 13:23:31 ·
iamNolly; pls also try to ask myschool aswell, they can help
12-May-2017 00:29:45 ·
favouronye01; Is seven days Adventist secondary school a strict center for jamb.
12-May-2017 07:45:07 ·
favour.p says;
adventist secondary technical college owerrinta abia state. time:9 ock am.
11-May-2017 13:15:56 ·
dima; Please I sat for jamb 2017 same centre but I haven't seen my result...Have u?
07-Jun-2017 13:55:10 ·
favour.p; I have not oo
07-Jun-2017 20:49:58 ·
favour.p; when did u seat for d exam
07-Jun-2017 20:51:14 ·
dima; Wednesday 17th...5:30p.m instead of 1:00p.m...they delayed us
08-Jun-2017 17:26:27 ·
dima; uptil now...
08-Jun-2017 17:26:59 ·
favour.p says;
11-May-2017 13:16:39 ·
fearless optimist says;
Aba,citizens int'l collage ICT center Clifford road off east road aba,,may 13th,,7:00am,,,English,geograph y,mathematics and physics
11-May-2017 13:33:30 ·
okeke chidiuto michael; Mine is also there but my exam date is on 15th
13-May-2017 09:04:57 ·
fearless optimist says;
Please I need direction to my center
11-May-2017 13:37:02 ·
Lizfabian; enter keke that is going to Ngwa road by east. stop at Assemblies of God church 222 Clifford road....and ask of citizen int'l college
11-May-2017 13:39:27 ·
fearless optimist; thanks lizfabian
11-May-2017 13:48:44 ·
Lizfabian says;
Mchief Communication ICT centre Aba
Saturday 13th May
7:00 am
11-May-2017 13:37:44 ·
Princewill Divine Favour; My friend is also taking there on the 13th by 1:30pm, please he needs directions
11-May-2017 22:54:05 ·
Egovyn; Me too.. That's my center. Call 07068058046 so that I can direct you guys
12-May-2017 20:23:29 ·
Peaceolivia says;
My centre is okwyzil computer institute,comprehensive secondary school,oza-umuebukwu ugwunabo,aba.and i dont even know the place.i need direction pals
11-May-2017 14:10:54 ·
IG_jonsinoficial; That was my center last year
Just enta keke to azikiwe then enta bus to ariaria....ask someone the place called'll trek pass the isn't motorable den enta bike or keke to ph express road by faulks road....just go by your'll find the center
11-May-2017 14:47:52 ·
Peaceolivia; Tank u IG,hw ws their system last yr?
11-May-2017 15:36:05 ·
IG_jonsinoficial; Everything went well....though we were logged out once by the server...but their hall is conducive...with enough Ac to cool your should try nd find the place b4 your exams
11-May-2017 20:20:40 ·
Omagic; No that's not the right direction.... Am actually writing at the same place and I went there on Tuesday to check the place out.
11-May-2017 20:26:20 ·
Omagic; Depends on where Ur coming from... U enter bus to flyover along PH express road and then from there u enter bike and tell them your going to comprehensive secondary school.
11-May-2017 20:28:52 ·
Peaceolivia; Also d same @omagic wel tans 4 dat
11-May-2017 21:15:31 ·
Ejhide; Peaceolivia dear wats ur date and time....
12-May-2017 10:57:34 ·
Peaceolivia; Monday 15th
12-May-2017 11:47:32 ·
Prof.Joe Stat; Peaceolivia pls. take note that the direction from IG_jonsinificial is wrong, Omagic gave the right direction, in case of any inquires you can contact me with 08104236527 because the examination town is my home town. Wish you guys success in your examination
12-May-2017 13:29:03 ·
Peculiarchinenye; I was also posted there,Saturday 1:30,pls hw is de center
12-May-2017 13:45:05 ·
Peaceolivia; Joe his direction is right i went dia yestaday ok
13-May-2017 05:05:58 ·
IG_jonsinoficial; Don't say my directions are wrong
Don't be so direct in saying it
That's where I took my exams last year
It depends on where you're coming from
I stay at ogbor hill
So I gave directions from ogbor hill
13-May-2017 10:44:26 ·
Omagic; I am writing by 9 am on Monday.
13-May-2017 12:10:32 ·
Ejhide; me too..nq same monday 9am..wats ur time @peace olivia
13-May-2017 15:30:56 ·
jessysparkle8 says;
Abia state
clems business systems
sat, 13th may
11-May-2017 14:23:29 ·
rejoiceeby; Hi Jessy, its quite fortunate we have same center and subject combination but very sad that its not the same day if examination
11-May-2017 17:01:13 ·
rejoiceeby; I don't exactly know the venue can you direct me?
11-May-2017 17:03:33 ·
BenitaCruz; Jessy same day, time and combination with mine
11-May-2017 22:21:45 ·
drbrainz1222; Yea! Me too. Are there only women in Clems.
11-May-2017 22:28:24 ·
drbrainz1222; rejoiceeby, it seems we have almost everthing in common. Exam venue, date, time,subject combination, choice institution, course. i pray we make it through jamb and set foot in UNN come september. Read hard oh!
11-May-2017 22:35:00 ·
drbrainz1222; Pls can I get directions? 09039312618
11-May-2017 22:40:58 ·
rejoiceeby; Drbrainz I also pray so...
12-May-2017 08:29:29 ·
IG_jonsinoficial says;
I neva find my mate o
Sound base academy
Tuesday 16th may 9am
Seat number 244
11-May-2017 14:49:19 ·
Ghosttk29; Right here bro
Same center same day
Pls connect 08164949584
I need directions to d place pls
11-May-2017 22:06:11 ·
Princewill Divine Favour; Same here but I need directions for my cousin
11-May-2017 22:57:05 ·
IG_jonsinoficial; Ok...enter keke to ogbor hill stop at ukaegbu junction...just ask of ukata street....the school is at no 12/16 ukata street off 7 ukaegbu can call me 08182972577
13-May-2017 10:34:03 ·

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