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JAMB To Deploy New Exam Questions For Each Batch Of Candidates

Posted: 21-Apr-2017 [13:03:14] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 128 Comments

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation board (JAMB) has disclosed that it has put a new innovation in place that will enable it deploy enough questions for the JAMB exam for all the candidates writing on a particular day.

This was disclosed by JAMB's Head of Information, JAMB, Dr Fabian.

He explained that in previous years the board can only deploy questions once in a day. So even if there are three batches of candidates (morning, afternoon and evening) writing the examination on the same day, they have to answer the same questions. But this is no longer the case.

According to him, if we have three sessions or batches, we will deploy three times; this is a new innovation to ensure that even the person at the centre does not compromise the sanctity of the examination.

He equally mentioned that so far, about 1.3 million candidates have registered for the examination billed to hold between May 13 and 20.

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Comments (128)
sammysmart says;
Ftc, how is that possible.....IN THE NAME OF NEW INNOVATION.. Blushhhhhhh
21-Apr-2017 12:24:10 ·
bube aji says;
They should just start already and is there any information about the mock?
21-Apr-2017 12:24:21 ·
tobilonier says;
waow...I jst pray d system won't bleep up dis year for d mock I don't fnk it will b held anymore.
21-Apr-2017 12:40:23 ·
Zizax Wayne says;
21-Apr-2017 12:48:03 ·
Farvor says;
When is the jamb mock?
21-Apr-2017 12:51:42 ·
olabisi4064 says;
changing d systems of d questions dose not means dare is an improvement in d conduction of d exam all am praying for is God's intervention noting more
21-Apr-2017 13:07:32 ·
olabisi4064 says;
don't let all did stories scared you jawe jambites in has much dare is no new topics in dose textbook recurminded in noting new again will come out so don't panic
21-Apr-2017 13:12:20 ·
kingbest27; what they meant is that the same questions wont be taken twice in those three exams successive periods, thats in the morning, afternoon and evening.
22-Apr-2017 01:02:19 ·
Emmy-leesan 98 says;
Well that's cool...if they have solved all technical hitches well we are good to matter how difficult the questions it will be very easy for you if you have involved God in your hardwork,consistency and discipline.all this,it working in my favor.good luck to y'all
21-Apr-2017 13:18:34 ·
Phemorihson; Thank you brother.
21-Apr-2017 13:25:50 ·
radical4christ; sure... Thanks u jawe my bro
21-Apr-2017 20:01:40 ·
radical4christ; sure... Thanks u jawe my bro... I believe God is @ work
21-Apr-2017 20:02:27 ·
Mosh More Tz; Thanks Bro
21-Apr-2017 23:09:32 ·
Phemorihson says;
If you like change it every minute, my own is just that I must get; admitted this year and probably matriculated next year.
21-Apr-2017 13:24:02 ·
etz ritzyclems; not probably, na must Amen
23-Apr-2017 04:25:08 ·
Babtunz says;
It seems jamb is Losing it oo,Anyway if they can even deploy questions every minute,Datz ok by me,All I know is dat Success is Ours,Mock or no Mock,Jamb or no Jamb,i must Obtain Admission dis year....God Help Us all...Amen
21-Apr-2017 13:34:36 ·
paulism says;
Just passinq by
21-Apr-2017 13:45:02 ·
Sunday007 says;
all i know is that this year won't pass me by.... i must get admitted this year
21-Apr-2017 13:50:34 ·
thelme says;
gud..e concern dem,any1,we sha waiting for dem oo..if dey lyk bring questions from heaven,we go still ansa am dat day..n still no news about d "mock" 🚶🚶🚶
21-Apr-2017 14:06:53 ·
orlav35; why do u always use Heaven as an instance.? dis not ur first or second time . shey,na u create heaven?
21-Apr-2017 16:10:15 ·
thelme; lol wen jamb is acting lyk dey mighty somehow 😩 itx so anoyin
21-Apr-2017 17:15:46 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; No mine the girl...she be witch na...I fear all this one sha...theme keep 🚶🚶 🚛 may trailer no crush u o u no say I still like u my witch @thelme
21-Apr-2017 22:46:17 ·
thelme; lol u sha won't liv me,y u dey like me..n I accept I be witch n I will haunt u! wizard..m at ur bak o,watch closely
22-Apr-2017 00:13:02 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol @thelme I can't wait...why don't u come for night lemme teach you a lesson if you are confident ni o lol
22-Apr-2017 22:52:07 ·
thelme; eh I dey kom out..12am 👊
23-Apr-2017 10:44:09 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Inbox me na let's talk bout that... Seriously 👀
23-Apr-2017 12:45:32 ·
thelme; lol
23-Apr-2017 14:33:19 ·
jochez says;
Nigeria self I don tie for this ZOO
21-Apr-2017 14:15:06 ·
Jesus 1999; me yo
25-Apr-2017 00:46:49 ·
Kinglustre says;
Even if jamb deploy questions every seconds , all i know is that Allah will crown our hard working with success¤my fellow jambite let us prepare well¤
21-Apr-2017 14:16:29 ·

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