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ASUU Calls For JAMB Registrar's Resignation, Says JAMB Should Be Scrapped

Posted: 20-Apr-2017 [10:16:29] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 309 Comments

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Following the reported issues on the ongoing 2017 UTME registration, the Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities, (ASUU) University of Ibadan Chapter, Dr Deji Omole has called on the Registrar of JAMB, Professor Ishaq Oloyede to voluntarily resign from office.

The academic union also asked the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu to call the registrar to order to lessen the difficulty being experienced by the candidates.

According to Dr Omole, JAMB had outlived its usefulness and the best thing is to scrap it and allow universities design their standard examination for their own candidates.

He noted that the fact that a mock examination was stopped due to logistic reasons points to incompetence of the JAMB Registrar.

"Why will anybody make life difficult for candidates whose parents are struggling to live under the terrible condition the government has made them to live in?”

“Why would somebody introduce changes that are only known by members of the board?" .

"How can we ensure that the candidates prepare well for the exams when they spend weeks waiting for Personal Identification Number and are at the mercy of registration officers who force them to go to cybercafe where they have arrangements to first create their profile before they can have their PIN?” He queried.

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Comments (309)
nasdrapman says;
20-Apr-2017 09:49:45 ·
thelme; baba oo! 👐🙌scam alert ..Whh universities did u n ur friend gt admitted to?!
20-Apr-2017 20:14:12 ·
Ninny; LOL...

i need answer to thelme q too

which uni gv u et ur frnx admission
20-Apr-2017 20:34:12 ·
Nikki law; Scam alert big time only big time f**ls go fall. Chai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 somtin wey dey vex jambite Na im u dey use laff.tell us wish uni admit u shey Na agbero united university or babalawo university of herbalists
20-Apr-2017 20:55:02 ·
thelme; lmao I tire oo,abeg mk we do am joor ninny n nikkisara so we enta year one too for BUH(babalowo university of herbalist)😩😂😂😂😂🙈🙊😂🙌Oya mk we dey go🚶🚶🚶
20-Apr-2017 21:05:08 ·
Ninny; Kikikikiii...

BUH tinx
20-Apr-2017 21:18:28 ·
Nikki law; Na so thelme the tin jus be say Na u nd ninny go first go me I go dey join ya later😀😀😀😀
20-Apr-2017 21:19:46 ·
Ninny; Admisio tinx Nikky wnts to push us forwrd abi...

i sha dae u nd Thelme bck...
20-Apr-2017 21:26:25 ·
thelme; no no we suppose go 2geda,let's support each other😩🙏 sisters for life...plz abeg sombori shud open watsapp group for BUH aspirants joor..let's epp a fellow brother n sister ✌piss 😂
20-Apr-2017 21:29:55 ·
thelme; we r all getting year one sure sure
20-Apr-2017 21:31:12 ·
Nikki law; Yeah one sure
20-Apr-2017 21:41:29 ·
Nikki law; No b for buh abeg my sister my own Na Unilag u no my sisters?
20-Apr-2017 21:42:21 ·
thelme; lol oya babes lets not joke hin no be asif we spoil d boi hin sell small for d peeps wey go fall mugu 😂🙆 ba3 don low jare signing out ✌
20-Apr-2017 21:46:48 ·
thelme; lol nikkisara buh can b unilag na lol
20-Apr-2017 21:48:23 ·
Nikki law; We don spoil market already o.#bad market#
20-Apr-2017 21:53:48 ·
Ibn momoh; This harsh condemnation of Assu against d chairman of Jamb is purely a sentimental-driven one and a clear witch hunting too.It seems Assu and Olayede had an acrimonious disagreement before he was appointed as d jamb chairman.Because of this, they try to disgrace him wherever he goes. When he was unveiled as d new jamb chairman, this same Assu questioned that decision and asked d federal government to remove him, claiming d man is unfit for d job with d allegation that he is a very corrupt man.They said he was conspicuously involved in d mismanagement and embezzlement of d school's fund where he was the chancellor.They also claimed that during his days, admission was conducted on d base of favouritism and nepotism.But this was unapproved by d Obafemi Awolowo University students, who praised him and said he was a good man and a very discipline one. Another reason why i see this act of Assu as a selfish one, was when Ojerinde was still in action as d jamb chairman last year to b precise, when he organised & conducted an unprecedented poor exam, when students where hugely underscored and compesational marks were descriminately shared as a result, Assu never said or raised d word of resignation of Ojerinde; they where completely silent in that regard.But today, they swiftly & unhesitatively draw d attention of d public to d little out of hand mistakes of Olayede, inorder for us(d public) to support them for his sack. Assu makes me laugh when they accuse another of irresponsibility& uselessness where as they stand as d perferct example for such scathing or criticism.Where were they when d putme was unnecessarily scrapped?Yes, one would say they detested it, but how much?The only time when we terribly were in need of them to help us make sure d decision did not hold, they disappointed us. The simple truth in this matter is that Assu is not fighting for d public's interest but theirs alone.They just hate d man(jamb chairman) for a personal reason truly known only by God.The sack of Olayede is inconsequential and we should also bear in mind that Assu are pushing for it only to benefit themselves.
21-Apr-2017 02:35:50 ·
Ninny; Hmmmm...
21-Apr-2017 06:38:29 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; What are humming bout ninny? You probably must be nodding your head in agreement like agama lol
21-Apr-2017 08:02:09 ·
Ninny; @Emmy lemme b jawe!!
21-Apr-2017 11:12:11 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol @ninny if I don't let you be,what will u do bout it? You won cum slap me ni
21-Apr-2017 13:21:03 ·
Ninny; Werefa
21-Apr-2017 17:32:19 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; You too whatever...
24-Apr-2017 10:08:58 ·
nasdrapman; nonsense
05-May-2017 14:33:49 ·
alfredino27 says;
someone is talking sense @ last
20-Apr-2017 09:57:58 ·
Godwill1132; Wat kind of sense is He talking,if d jamb boss resign nd jamb is scrapped wat do u think wl hapn to jambites dz ,even though u cant consider others ,try consider urself if u ar a jabites wat wl hapn to u if jamb boss shd resign nd jamb scrapped .To u maybe u like d way u ar sitting @ home,is like u wnt to spend more years at home,pls we dnt wnt to spend anoda [email protected] home ,so i oppose d statement .
20-Apr-2017 13:12:55 ·
ferdiromz; u don't get it
if jamb boss resigns there are a million reasons to celebrate some of which are the return of mouse in the cbt exam, the return of the original 3hr for exam ,the enablement of cafe to facilitate east registration etc
but if jamb get scrapped there is only one consequence
admission will be extremely difficult as Universities will favour long legged and back door aspirant more than merited ones
we are Nigerians so you know what i mean
20-Apr-2017 14:29:34 ·
PuertoSans; It's people without any commonsense like you that are causing problems for Nigeria.
Did your useless brain not tell you universities won't stop admissions because JAMB registrar resigned?
When I see monkeys like you, I keep wondering why exactly my mum insisted I came back to school in Nigeria.
20-Apr-2017 14:35:35 ·
ferdiromz; to anyone who says jamb shouldnt b scrapped ask yourself this simple question is Nigeria moving forward or is Nigeria stagnant or even going backwards
which civilized nation have an incompetent national exam body called jamb or whatever name
use ghana (a neighboring African county ) as an example do dey have their equivalent of jamb?
the ans is NO
but admission process is easy transparent and accessible to the point were our fellow Nigerians school there
and someone here made mention of upgrading jamb
if you know the amount allocated to jamb annually coupled with whatever revenue there make you should knw upgrading isnt there problem because there have all the resources required for upgrade
how can an arranged exam(mock) b cancelled after days weeks months of prep
imagine one the day of your proposed exam you get told you can't write because abuja isnt sending signal cos that what we were told on the day of mock
to summarize it all jamb should b wiped out of Nigerian educational system
and allow Universities conduct there desired exam or screening
imagine there drastic change last year when the newz of no post utme got released a lot of u folks were happy on hearing that but that news killed the dreams of many qualified candidate last year how can after toiling to get your olevels complete and genuine you are over looked because one baba olowo child had parallel A using d back door
if jamb made that news knw before the commencement of the olevel exams aspirant will knw there aint searching for credit bt distinctions although
go check jamb brochure you will see that varsity stated 5 credit minimum but now its takes either God grace or back door to get admitted even with 5Bs
jamb ,there policy,and everything f**king about them should be scrapped out of existence
20-Apr-2017 14:49:29 ·
thelme; @ferdiromz my question now is even with jamb now isn't it difficult?! please...som hu gt high score did dey get in,in som universities?!no! d high score ends up wasting!n dat means jamb anorda year for dos ppl,while other with low jamb score got in!,u shud think long as dos hu merit it will definitely gt in..even tho dem wan do long leg short leg any1 e concern dem..
20-Apr-2017 14:53:28 ·
ferdiromz; @PuertoSans
if am the person you are referring to
then its clear you are sick and you mum wasted her time in conceiving you
i can see now you have no clue on how this country is run if not u wouldn't have typed your idiotic comment here
for the well groomed candidate who sees my points and agrees or disagrees with me i have made my point know
and for you @PuertoSans should jamb get scrapped tomorrow no varsity is stopping admission only a new screening process will be introduced
20-Apr-2017 14:57:52 ·
ferdiromz; well that Nigeria for you @thelme
20-Apr-2017 14:59:31 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; Ferdiromz,i support yah!.
20-Apr-2017 14:59:36 ·
thelme; @ferdiromz Whh Syd r u on sef lol..but my own is jux lyk som1 said...other nations don't conduct anytin lyk utme! n dey r duin well for dem selves..many ppl can go to universities!(hu doesn't mit up by 1st yr can be dropped den)smaller nations dan Nigeria sef admission process is easier! just lyk u said too post utme was scraped last yr n caused many ppl to stay at home for anorda 1yr!(aside from ring score given to ppl by "jamb" o) with deir olevel grading system say screening,if putme was done as long as u mit d university's cutoff u get in! n bcus of olevel system many hu didn't worth it got in,Whh is not fair! so jamb in som way is not helping at all cus even with "high score" in jamb no admission is given...til next yr agn..n kip trying n trying lyk dos folks dat wrote jamb 7,12tyms Whh is not ryt! while ur mates in other countries r done with masters sef forging ahead..somhw! ppl r not even thinking,dis jamb ppl r Kiping jamb for us evri year to suffer while dey tk deir own children abroad! to beta countries to study easily! why don't day kip deir children here to be writing jamb with us,no!,cus dey know wat dey r duin Mstcheew God save us sha..
20-Apr-2017 15:13:39 ·
PuertoSans; @ferdiromz
Why did you assume I was referring to you?

Anyways, JAMB is a total waste of time. They should focus on supervising the entrance exams conducted by Universities to make sure they don't cheat.
20-Apr-2017 15:40:51 ·
Nikki law; Exactly jamb is [email protected] ferdiromz it shld be scrapped nd schools shld be allowed to conduct their exams
20-Apr-2017 16:20:59 ·
zee brown; This jamb should seriously be scrapped.We Nigerians make things more difficult for ourselves.. Just allow the universities to set their own questions..and screen the students according to their standard..any student who does not make it should get screened by another Uni..its as simple as ABC...afterall people outside the country just apply directly to multiple schools...which ever one of the schools calls them,that's their luck..nna ehn..I just weak
20-Apr-2017 18:25:29 ·
thelme; u jux said d ending well @zee brown thanku
20-Apr-2017 18:36:21 ·
mey_john; i totally agree agree with you on this one. if universities are meant to be the ones conducting the exams, atleast we will be sure that the serious ones will get admissions and not write jamb, then after getting a high, admission will just fly you like kite.. it's really not fair
20-Apr-2017 20:21:42 ·
thelme; scam alert yaff rich here🙌😁👏baba o
20-Apr-2017 21:09:50 ·
Nikki law; Lol lemme come an b running away o🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
20-Apr-2017 21:13:43 ·
PuertoSans; Lmao.

@Master Solution a.k.a BombExpo, did BombExpo also help you write your semester exams?

Wtf, why is this making me laugh so hard
20-Apr-2017 22:55:00 ·
zee brown; Mey_john I totally concur with you...universities should do d screening that way,people that merit it would at least be given
22-Apr-2017 04:49:09 ·
T calculus; thelme think about what we discuss....i give u two days
24-Apr-2017 08:26:10 ·
T calculus; thelme think about what we discussed....i give u two days
24-Apr-2017 08:26:34 ·
thelme; lol go n slip
24-Apr-2017 11:05:25 ·
20-Apr-2017 09:59:19 ·
MALIKI; Getout
20-Apr-2017 12:58:40 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; Trying?. 4 over 6mnths trying and still faild 2 hold d mock exam and all these registration palava!?. haba! joseph.
20-Apr-2017 15:02:52 ·
Nikki law; Even if d man go heaven come back bcoz of jamb we go still complain may we give I'm time tins dnt change in an instant
20-Apr-2017 16:23:52 ·
20-Apr-2017 18:43:00 ·
Ninny; Dnt no y we ae complainin whn dx 1 JAMB ix doin ix part 1...

By d tym uni strt theirs (part 2) na that tym eyes go open...

Just obsvin sha...
20-Apr-2017 20:46:33 ·
shozy tizzy; You are a goat
21-Apr-2017 16:21:45 ·
MALIKI; i didnt insult u ok Joseph
22-Apr-2017 10:51:39 ·
23-Apr-2017 06:30:10 ·
IG_jonsinoficial says;
Am not interested in his resignation
All I am saying is that nobody should tamper wit my result like last year own nd expect me stay at home for another one again...due to their nonsense incompetence....becuz I swear I'll go to my village shrine on their head
20-Apr-2017 10:05:48 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; Datz y they shud b cancelld na. They can easily do wat u anticipate.
20-Apr-2017 15:04:44 ·
Nikki law says;
Haahaa resignation ke.Bcox of wat.d man is trying I believe y shld he resign?though his shuffling nd reshuffling of organization brought we candidates a lot of hardship dat is still not enough reason to im to resign.i believe we re getting there wit is changes nd his hard work won't be futile.buh if NA to scrape jamb I fully support am
20-Apr-2017 10:13:47 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; O'owh! u jst supported and opposed.
20-Apr-2017 15:06:26 ·
guenchogo; Remember change can't come in a day ,it's a gradual process
20-Apr-2017 15:10:44 ·
Nikki law; Supported nd opposed in wat sense if d man resign den wat next? Dahs exactly what am saying or can't u assimilate simple [email protected] tire for u o ,u no go read post u go jus comment anyhow sha abi Na understand u no understand u for ask Na Instead of saying tinz u no no.
20-Apr-2017 15:36:09 ·
Nikki law; Wat am saying is d man shld not be asked to resign bcoz is trying if Na scrape dey one scrape jamb may dem do dat instead it telling Im to resign dey shldnt go abt finding faults in d tinz is doing when dey themselves can't help.# hypocrites #😬😬
20-Apr-2017 15:40:19 ·
Nikki law; Abi o help me tell them guenchogo Rome wasn't built in a day so dey shldnt go abt criticizing d man may we at least wrote exam finish b4 we no whether oloyede competent or not may d man die b4 we burry am na
20-Apr-2017 16:12:17 ·
Nikki law; I meant write
20-Apr-2017 16:13:14 ·
Nikki law; Exactly abass
20-Apr-2017 19:22:20 ·
obedvictor says;
I believed this can't be scrapped for this year cos millions has done their reg.
Although I support ASUU cos,in other nation,their university has their own standard,medical school has it own while engineering school has theirs so,one nation wide exam can't be suitable at all. See what UI said last year or 2015 that some candidates are having a very high score in their ume but doesn't meet up with the standard of d school at the end of the semester precisely.
I was jacking Physics after been thru with d ume novel when I received a call that ume 2017 has been cancel. It can't for this year. Keep jacking.
May the will of God be done.
20-Apr-2017 10:43:42 ·
thelme; thanku my brother.. precisely!,other nations av nothing called "jamb" or "utme" dey jux go to d university dey want or Whh Eva institution apply n tk entry exams..but even with with our jamb it still fail! failing students!,rong scores r given to ppl,go tru stress evriday year to write so called jamb n still can't secure admission,n som with high score hu gts in know nothing!while many gud students r outsyd waiting to write jamb jamb jamb,...dey r total failure n useless!n shud b scrapped! even tho not dis year. i support #scrapjamb!
20-Apr-2017 14:38:37 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; #scrapjamb!
20-Apr-2017 15:08:59 ·
guenchogo; Looking at ur comment you must come from a rich home , if university should conduct exams then how are we to curb malpractices. I don't gave money to buy my way in
20-Apr-2017 15:13:52 ·
guenchogo; I don't have money to buy my way in
20-Apr-2017 15:15:14 ·
thelme; den study harder! u will get in,cus u can tel me if u do well in d exam dey conduct u won't in..dats a fat lie! over d years postutem has bin going smoothly n tru it ppl av successfully gotten in,various don't tel me dat shiit....neither m I sayin no cheat or bribe in getting in(cus dat will Neva seize! in Nigeria) as long as corrupt ppl still exist,corruption still exist in Nigeria,(n bsyds corruption is evrywer!not only in Nigeria)so malpractice can't stop,but doesnt mean dos hu merit it in d ryt way,won't get in,dey will! so plz tk several seats n chil!
20-Apr-2017 15:35:29 ·
Nikki law; Thelme tell them o
20-Apr-2017 16:25:35 ·
20-Apr-2017 18:59:31 ·
mey_john; thelme the thelme... ahbeg you go apply to be our new jamb registar oo.apjamm.. i support the motion tho #scrapjamb
20-Apr-2017 20:28:12 ·
thelme; lmao no jamb agn abeg,Ino want registrar lol
20-Apr-2017 21:07:58 ·
BENEDICTAA; abeg as una dey sing solidarity song i spend almost 10,000 for jamb reg and tp fare. before una registrar resign willingly or byforce make him pay my money in advance.
20-Apr-2017 21:37:59 ·
Nikki law; Lolx aliyah no kill person o .u no even pity d man's condition Na ur money concern u😂😂😂.see wetin naija turn us o😂😂
20-Apr-2017 21:48:48 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; Aaliyah? chai! we understand ur anger.we no go blame u 4 diz. haha.
20-Apr-2017 21:53:42 ·
obedvictor; lolz
20-Apr-2017 22:46:03 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; If u study from now till eternity and you don't involve God in all that then your chances will be of ume tho shouldn't exist is just a f**king waste and way for the moguls to buy their way in so either way both jamb and post ume is f**ked up so don't talk bout how important or wrong it is for the cancellation of post ume...back in the day,was there anything like post ume? Candidates will prove their worths in the uni when they are admitted then as they will be faced with daunting task which only an hardworking student can succeed so y'all should just stfu bout post ume if jamb is rid of all malpractices and hitches which i dounbt it will be standardized then
21-Apr-2017 08:00:23 ·
thelme; n u too stfu! cus tru post many ppl got into skul so shut up n stop saying wat u don't know! den let's go by in d daiz n jux prove our worth lyk u said without either jamb or post utme,so jamb isn't a fuccking waste too abi?!n hu told u ppl still don't buy deir way in for jamb!(to gt highscore) didn't u see clearly wat happened last yr! ppl didn't gt deir real score n dos hu didn't worth d scores got it...abeg go n sit down one side mstchew..btw enrytin in dis life without God is hu no hold God concern am...abeg stfu n tk chill pill!
21-Apr-2017 11:33:19 ·
thelme; if hin dey pain u for wat I said den go n diie! n shut d heell up @emmy leesan
21-Apr-2017 11:36:55 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol @thelme am impressed I didn't pick for u the aggressive indicted type...why would your meanless words hurt me? Lmao,the thing is you are not using your brain you just blinded by your anger perhaps prolly a sicko cox I clearly said both post jamb and utme are corrupt systems,which is a noncommittal stance(if u knw what means).so girl pour your frustrations and calamities else where if u can't understand my previous comment how the hell do u wanna pass jamb? Girls like u are suppose to be automatically ostracized from the society. Next time you think before writing gibberish,go s**k some d**k if you are vexed...😘
21-Apr-2017 13:31:59 ·
thelme; u r d one hu is obviously sick upstairs n lost..n d one anger n pained if it didn't hurt u y u did u den type stfu under our comments..m so gud bro rather u r d one who's damn frustrated about jamb n post utme u mite jux go mad soon, n yes I was defending post utme too what was ur concern?!plz next tym use ur brain n go ahead n type somwer else or u cud borrow som1 else's brain if u don't av 1..I Cee u r soo pained n unhappy nigga..get lost! n get a life uh...cus I don't av tym for stupid senseless asss lyk u..I av beta tinz to do Dan to exchange words with u..yaba left dey wait u..bye Felicia😂👐🚶🚶🚶🚶😹 lost soul, n btw I do pass jamb veri well 😘😚 n ur comment was rubbish!..u go lyk woman wrapper ehn,kpekpe,aproko noni,itk 🙌..get along boi n go succk ur mama's booobs or u can stil mit bobrisky to fucck d hell out u so ur brains can correct well 😖 I will pray for u brother 🙏 peace 😹
21-Apr-2017 14:00:09 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; @thelme Lmao a wh*** like u wouldn't understand perhaps I should just take it upon your mongloid gayish father who r*ped her wh*** sister.I guess it runs in the family,the wretchedness,promiscuousness,narcissism in your family. I don't blame u I blame my self for talking to a wench and a dull poor wh*** like who knows nothing.I'd advice prolly not take this jamb u just waiting your time go s**k some d**k like u are meant to are beneath me kid,people like you are what my goons eat for breakfast why don't go take a nap and think bout how f*cked up and haughty your life is...get a life 😎 😘🔫🔫🔫
21-Apr-2017 15:59:05 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Stop f**king sending me pm messages @thelme why would I wanna f**k a diseased wh*re like u I'd rather die...gee just get the f**k off already you as ignonble as your life is,if u so h*rny go f**k the dogs you are so messed up,I wonder how parent could bear a stupid,cursed,ugly,wh*rish damned girl like u if I were I would just kill myself gee...💣 ✈
21-Apr-2017 16:09:45 ·
thelme; lol m jux watching insult ur dear mother in ur last two comments gosh u av no single respext at all! so dis is ow ur mother is lmao n ow ur father n whole family relatives r lmao congrats to u ur generation n generations r doomed! 😖😩 n gals u and ur goons r eating r d foolish ones jux lyk u n dem😹 m done mhen bleep retard..small boi wer Neva wise I pity u n ur life😩😖take heart my dear,cus u jux explaining to me ow dey rapeed ur mother den ur sister😱oops Ure an unintelligent-person! n ur life is finished! hu send dis 1 pm I wud rather die😣not to tlk of follow ur type...I jux dey laff u n thank my God ow I am...u mite as well go n jump in lagoon cus na thin rope dey hold ur life..n I Cee u lyk fuccking dog,na ur type go pass Hiv/aids giv stupid,foolish small gals lyk ur age,small children of now a days chai...seriously kip typing rubbish n telling us all about u ur mother ur sister n father...retard! 😰😂😂😂😂 lmao amadioha nai go strike u down wen u finish mk u rest in peace 🙏 😹 bye naugthy woman!💃👋 my life is too happy to have a sting lyk u..bee! get d bleep outta my life n jux go n die
21-Apr-2017 17:05:51 ·
thelme; mistake spermm 😹😂😂😰 chai....ur mama wud av done u gud n aborted it,wait U! she was r*ped she shud af removed d bad man-fluid 😖 👐 damn naugthy woman u a rotten egg 😹🚶🚶🚶msg again mk u die asap...lagoon go happily accept U!
21-Apr-2017 17:12:05 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; I take it that you are boiling with anger lol,you gat no words to say you are just repeating my words why? Cox you are too dumb and f**ked up to think intuitively.I will take it with your parents for breeding a wh***,illiterate ugly fat wench...yea am a small boy na am still fresh am not like a old piece of crap like u who God knows how many times jamb has crushed you,gee babe you are pathetic as your family.your words just tells me how demoted,outspoken and dull you are.I'd strongly advice u to go back to being a wh*** it suits you better,satisfy customers you know.your foolishness is unprecedented, it has no boundaries, I mean girl kuku kill yourself it better for u to rot in hell
21-Apr-2017 17:47:28 ·
thelme; m better good mannered Dan u by far n btw u r a crazy person,mad man so if I kip talking makes me same,Whh am not! I dnt tlk trash lyk u cus u don't av sense!!! get lost in d deepest hole f**l and m not fat neither m I unly ..10 of u sef can worth me...n u are a disgrace to human race!
21-Apr-2017 18:15:19 ·
thelme; cant!Neva!
21-Apr-2017 18:18:54 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol thelme am flattered by your comments maybe you have a career in comedy apart from being a wh***.lmao so are you u saying u not a crazy woman? You must be insane not to know you are not insane.why do u keep sending PM when I clearly said am not interested is it by force? Gee I have never seen anything so disgusting as you are just tasty,and I promise am not gonna give you my d**k just gtfo already diseased old woman 😭😭🙇
21-Apr-2017 22:34:21 ·
oyovwi; I don't know when the my school comment page turned into a place where chauvinistic and feminist bs are exchanged. If you ppl can't act mature(which of course I doubt u are), then u fucking logout until you have sensible information that will benefit us jambits
22-Apr-2017 14:13:30 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; @oyovwi did we call you our arguement? Are u sick in the head? Listen girl if u have nothing better doing just kill yourself already
22-Apr-2017 16:11:57 ·
thelme; emmy u sha won't stop lol..issok @oyovwi no vex...I apologise for my bad manners displayed up der 👆🙆🙏 n I wish I cud delete all of dem..myschoolers plz ignore n forgive me 🙏✌thanku peace
22-Apr-2017 20:42:08 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; @oyivwi dont come between two people fighting anyhow like that next time,apologies too.So @thelme so you can be cool like this huh...why don't we forgive each other the.let's bury the hatchets.So friends 👫?
22-Apr-2017 22:43:00 ·
unbelievable; Lekwa ndi ara... Unu wu eziokwu aturu...iberibe with first class... Oya face Nna gi!
23-Apr-2017 07:31:12 ·
unbelievable; •Ezigbo •
23-Apr-2017 07:34:12 ·
BENEDICTAA; waoh, c as bomb of abuse dey fall. if u want to insult eachoda nxt time.PLS, neva include ur parents and siblings its very bad. some people just attract curses through it. so, study hard make we enter school dis year o.
23-Apr-2017 11:31:19 ·
23-Apr-2017 12:39:25 ·
thelme; yea sure emmy 👫 happy Sunday!😊
23-Apr-2017 14:29:13 ·
Motu99 says;
Actually, the method of registration this year is a good one, a nice idea but ...efficiency is poor (say 67%). My point is jamb shouldn't be scrapped, the questions should rather get an upgrade at least to match up to the standard of various varsities
20-Apr-2017 11:06:44 ·
Macnnoli4; Then if they scrap jamb,then almighty waec result may be the new jamb score.
Then naija students go become over-serious
20-Apr-2017 15:05:45 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; OR miracle waec centres wil start making huge money and thoz wit 'short legz' wil never make it cz they cant afford d price.
20-Apr-2017 15:11:48 ·
Ninny; True...

miracle center tinx
20-Apr-2017 20:58:41 ·
lukstar says;
I think what the man is saying is the simple fact… jamb has to be scrap
20-Apr-2017 11:10:09 ·
Nikki law; Na so I talk wey one person dey say I dey support nd oppose o
20-Apr-2017 16:28:05 ·
Iviemu amos; JAMB should be scrapped, so dat peeps like u wu knew the VC or someone connected to him will easily be admitted right? Come on all what dis assu boss is saying is borne out of a malicious desire.. Vasities will substitute merit 4 favoritism if left in their hands.. Rather i will call on JAMB to upgrade.. No hard feelings.. #NOTIN CONCERN ME SHA JAMB AFTER LIFE #
23-Apr-2017 18:59:07 ·
Nikki law; Obviously u ain't a candidate coz u no notin bout d game.either jamb get scraped or not unis still get to play their malicious games coz jamb doesn't stop dem frm conducting their post utme .After struggling to score high in jamb u still get disappointed whereas those who have extremely low marks re granted admission so who jamb epp. Abeg pack one side.scrap jamb mhen✌✌.make we kuku no say na uni wahala we go face🙅🙅
23-Apr-2017 20:04:57 ·
manuel94 says;
pls dis is not d right time to talk abt scrap,will de refund us?
20-Apr-2017 11:13:59 ·
Prince chuks Nna; Bro thats what i'm thinking o..i don't know why others keep saying this scrap of a poo
20-Apr-2017 12:34:51 ·
PuertoSans; The two of you are morons.
How did you imagine JAMB will be scrapped before a pending exam is conducted?
If at all it will happen, commonsense should have told you it will be after the exams have been concluded.
20-Apr-2017 14:39:36 ·
Nikki law; Abi on Puerto some pple go jus talk sha
20-Apr-2017 17:14:16 ·
PuertoSans; @nikkisara
Don't mind them. Just makes you wonder the kind of brain some people have.
20-Apr-2017 17:29:17 ·
Ninny; Nd they sy der wan rit jamb...

i wonder whch brain der go use
20-Apr-2017 21:01:00 ·
Nikki law; Lolx abeg o Na beg I dey beg o mouth don dey pain me o over laff don kill me o dos two guys b mumu😂😂😂😂😂😂.abeg make I see mouth write jamb o
20-Apr-2017 21:03:59 ·
Nikki law; Common sense dey uncommon o😂😂😂😂😂
20-Apr-2017 21:05:07 ·
manuel94; dis is just public opinion, I don't no y somepeople hu lacks parental training will just open dat gutter de called mouth and b saying rubbish,@puertosans or whatever u call ursef,if don't like my comment den bleep ursef
20-Apr-2017 21:36:03 ·
ferdiromz; @PuertoSans
jst like i said wen i referred to u in an earlier comment u knw nothing abt hw dis country is run
nd who told u jamb cant b scrapped prior to a pending exam
wat happen last year?
post utme was scrapped b4 most schl ( if nt all) conducted dere
if it isnt possible this asuu personnel wont hv suggested it
20-Apr-2017 22:10:50 ·
Nikki law; Ferdiromz when post utme was scrapped has any one paid then? We ve been notified even b4 jamb was conducted
20-Apr-2017 22:14:44 ·
ferdiromz; in case u didn't knw go nd check uniben has started their,student hv paid b4 d scrapping news was released
dey were told to refund d money bt no aspirant got deres back
20-Apr-2017 22:26:51 ·
Nikki law; Dat dey refused to go is there fault na
20-Apr-2017 22:29:20 ·
PuertoSans; @Manuel94
Don't send me stupid PMs again.

It's funny how you think you can write a thesis on how this country is run and yet you are here complaining.

Wake up already.
20-Apr-2017 23:02:59 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Just an idea,No neccessary condemnation of fellow members please. You guys should behave mature
21-Apr-2017 08:06:55 ·
BENEDICTAA; number 1 fundamental human right is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. so, pls. everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.
23-Apr-2017 11:35:16 ·
PuertoSans; @AALIYAH2
Freedom of speech is not absolute. You must be responsible in the enjoyment of your rights. Misleading people with your opinion is not a part of your right to free speech.
24-Apr-2017 16:39:10 ·
BENEDICTAA; as if i care.
24-Apr-2017 16:53:03 ·
PuertoSans; Then why did you mention it?

Enjoy making random illogical comments?
24-Apr-2017 17:03:10 ·
BENEDICTAA; i do not blame u. u love insultin peoples opinions.
24-Apr-2017 17:45:15 ·
PuertoSans; Just the uninformed ones. Doing a little background check before you say what's on your mind won't kill you.
24-Apr-2017 21:42:32 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol @Puerto take it easy there boy
24-Apr-2017 21:50:23 ·
usman buhari says;
Jamb should be scrapped? There is no point in that. Our problem in nigeria is that, when something went wrong, instead of addressing the issure somebody is now calling 4 the resingnation of the Jamb boss! If he quit then what?
20-Apr-2017 11:20:45 ·
Nikki law; Abi oo if d man resign den wat next?😮 D main issue dey no address am d man wey dey talk set if dey put am there e no go fit do am
20-Apr-2017 11:49:23 ·
PuertoSans; So what is the main issue? Whose job is it to address whatever challenge is facing JAMB?
The Registrar is in charge of JAMB and he should resign since he's not managing it properly.
Also, what's the use of JAMB if schools still conduct their post utme exams?
20-Apr-2017 14:43:32 ·
guenchogo; Wch kind brain u get. This Asuu mn id fighting for his interest
20-Apr-2017 15:17:58 ·
Nikki law; Puerto.... Abi o of wat use is jamb mtchew. exactly guenchogo he dey fight for him own interest .
20-Apr-2017 16:06:20 ·
usman buhari; @PUERTOSANS The ASUU man should have said something lyk, Jamb Candidates are facing a critical situation during the registration, and Jamb Boss must do something about it. What's the issure? The registration centres in the country is too limited, jamb need to create more! I Am nt supporting the hard condition that jamb applicants are going throug, i am aslo writting this year's utme and if u know what i went throug at the bank and CBT centre u will be surprise! Did u pay 2 times b4 getting the PIN? Well i did! I paid 4 d first time bt i got nothing from my E-mail, I went to complaint and they ask me to create another email and jamb profile, i created that 3 times, all they said was my Email is Invalid, untill i created the 3rd one, only 4 them to realise that the problem was nt from my email, that it was a network problem, They ask me to keep checking my email, after one week I went to dsame bank and i meet soo many people who are facing same problem. The bank manager is lyk a uncle to me, my father's friend. So he paid for another pin and gave it to me at that moment, bcoz by then the Pin issure was resolved, u will get the Pin soon after paying. He said i should go home, he will call my dad and they will talk. I said in my mind, well, all i wanted was the PIN, i don't care whether jamb will refund the money or nt. When it comes to critizng jamb Boss, i guess i am d ryt person to do that, bt i am sure he did nt do that just to make us suffer! When our leaders are doing something wrong, we should call them to oder. And if they are nt ready to correct their selfs, then we should call 4 their resingnation.
20-Apr-2017 17:13:19 ·
PuertoSans; @Usman Buhari

I'll tell you my own story. The bank I went to, it was just me who was there for JAMB. I called JAMB office and spoke with them after I didn't get my PIN after 48 hrs. I was directed to the guy in charge of PIN vending and after exchanging ideas, my PIN was texted to me on Saturday. I know the guy who manages ICT for a school that's accredited as a CBT and I went there on Sunday morning and completed my registration.
It was easy for me, very easy.

Now, should I praise the JAMB registrar because my registration was easy? The answer is NO. Because if I didn't know who to call, I'd also be spending weeks and paying more than required for it.

And who is to blame when an organization is failing to leave up to it's expectations? The boss!

So my friend, you may enjoy suffering unnecessarily but other people don't.

The JAMB registrar has failed consistently in his duties and he should resign.
How do you explain the failure of the mock exam to hold after candidates paid N700 for it? Or do we have to wait until the main exam fails to hold before we know that man doesn't know what he's doing?
20-Apr-2017 17:52:24 ·
usman buhari; Then u should also know that this is a new system of registration that is why many candidate suffered. But by next year people will b familier with that. And i am praying that all the strugle and everything at the end we all make an excellent performance.
20-Apr-2017 20:44:41 ·
Ninny; true we ae sufferin cux it a new system nd we ae d first to xperince it...

in two yrs tym whn evrytin ix setld...candidates wont suffer lyk dx...

i beliv 2017 candidates wil never suffer in vain
20-Apr-2017 21:06:33 ·
Nikki law; Amen
20-Apr-2017 21:12:23 ·
Boweej; i find dz ASSU-UI poo and some comments here laughable...first is incompetence of the registrar and then an outright scrap..the man hasnt even conducted any exam yet oo and you want his resignation(ona forget say nobody dey resign for naija.smh)based on statistics atleast 1.2million candidates don register, now 5500*1.2m do the math,all going into TSA...and you still think any govt would throw-away this reliable source of income! abeg you people should find chair and sit somwhere and stop disturbing our peace in this for Mr Oloyede let the man die first before u bury him...My 2kobo
20-Apr-2017 23:59:00 ·
PuertoSans; @Boweej

If you had any sense you'd know nobody here really expects the JAMB registrar to resign. This is just argument.

@Usman Buhari
You can't keep making these sort of excuses. What do you mean when you say "a new system"? Did JAMB build a platform from scratch? Did they "invent" a new software to conduct this exam? Don't we have online CBT software here on that we've been practicing with? How long did it take you to register your account on Have you ever tried to access the online JAMB CBT test here on and anybody told you it's not available because "Abuja is not sending signal"?

Everything JAMB introduced has been in existence for at least 15 years now, so what exactly is the new in this new System?

The problem is simply that the arrangements so far have been inadequate. Simple and short!

If you can sit down in your house and use your phone to pay for physical goods from Konga and Jumia and even from shops outside Africa such as Amazon, please tell me, why we had to go to the bank and physically pay for something as basic as a pin-code?

Also, knowing that over 1 million candidates where going to register, why did they give such a short time window for the registration? Why did they not provide more centers to avoid the huge crowds and long queues? The answer is that the people at JAMB, starting from the big boss himself (the registrar) failed to plan properly. You can't make any excuse for them here, nothing surprising happened.
21-Apr-2017 02:20:26 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Jamb registrar called it "international standards" lol we will see our standard it is now
21-Apr-2017 07:38:47 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Some people are just spouting nonsense... This post tho I didn't expect to garner so many people,few with brains tho
21-Apr-2017 07:49:13 ·
Boweej; na only you get sense na..write ur exam,get into the system and change things,stop spewing gibberish....if you had engaged ur thoughts you would have known JAMB is just rolling out what they have in stock in bits..i'm sure ur clouded dogmatic soul cudn't have reasoned baffles me when ur likes come online to brag on some "knowledge" you claim to have....Mr man better park well
21-Apr-2017 21:30:50 ·
PuertoSans; @Boweej

Yes I'm going to get into the system and change things but with nitwits like you everywhere, I might just change my mind, leave the country again and let you continue wallowing in your poor-education induced stupidity.

What sort of innovation ends up causing more suffering that what was originally obtainable? When you use the term "innovate", the import is that you've improved the system not unnecessarily complicating an otherwise very simple process.

Stop defending nonsense.
21-Apr-2017 22:02:15 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol quite some affronts continue
21-Apr-2017 22:37:03 ·
Boweej; lool..see dz one oo...who cares if you leave..i'm sure you replied on do you intend changing things when you re considering leaving the country??! re just a confused
the nation doesn't need ur likes,rather creative/courageous souls who face issues with solutions head-on....

abeg i quit,i don tire
21-Apr-2017 23:38:12 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Right he said he quit...quite funny
22-Apr-2017 07:10:45 ·
earths says;
Haha men of now adays. You have started criticising the so called man of integrity honesty and hardworking "OLOYEDE" we should all recommend his effort on what he has done to improve education sector. Put more effort the register May almighty allah support you. ASSU I OPPOSE YOU OPINION
20-Apr-2017 11:37:14 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; Certainly u aint a jambite...or a jambite witout a cmmn sense
20-Apr-2017 15:17:09 ·
guenchogo; Abass ,u might be the one without common sense
20-Apr-2017 15:19:18 ·
Nikki law; Dis abass guy u be antioloyede abi wat? I no get u o u jus dey talk like say everything fit change one time
20-Apr-2017 16:30:26 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; Yea datz it,u ppl dnt lyk it whn we tell d truth.
20-Apr-2017 18:57:03 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; D u even notice dat d novel is scarced?
20-Apr-2017 18:58:19 ·
Nikki law; Truth dat?scarced for where? I got my novel d same day I reg so if u ain't given novel it's d fault of ur center not jamb
20-Apr-2017 19:21:01 ·
guenchogo; I wonder o
20-Apr-2017 20:54:01 ·
Ninny; Hw come d novel ix scarce whn it evry wer i go...

mbok Abbas whch center u go reg urs
20-Apr-2017 21:10:43 ·
Nikki law; Hemme ask I'm o maybe Na abele center he went to o .if u go confirm jamb center dem go give u ur stuffs sharp sharp
20-Apr-2017 21:15:38 ·
Abbas bin muhammad; I GOT MINE,i registerd d second week frm d onset of d registration. Am cncernd abt d othr fellow jambites,who hvnt bn given 2 book. I dnt knw y! They kp on saying cm back 2mrrw,2mrrw,2mrrw. Haba!. They initially had d books,bt 3 weeks later,it'd bn no longr available til date. And d centr is amng d officially listed jamb reg centrs.
20-Apr-2017 21:18:36 ·
Dammyphee says;
I see no reason why the jamb boss should resign... The method of registration dis year is ohk just that the time limit for registration is not enough that what cause the stress we pass through during registration...his is just trying to make the examination easy we shouldn't condem him.. His trying.. I oppose the idea of him quiting cause if he quit now what will happen next... I pray we all pass our exam CU's another year at home hmmm I pray not
20-Apr-2017 11:38:48 ·
PuertoSans; Even if you pass your exams, schools can't admit everyone. You may just have to sit home again
20-Apr-2017 14:56:23 ·
Dammyphee; I know sch can't admit everyone... As for me not another year I don't knw of u
20-Apr-2017 16:37:22 ·
PuertoSans; So that prayer is pointless because it's can't be answered.
20-Apr-2017 16:45:25 ·
shimbo99; @ PuertoSans don't condem the faith of the guy, if you are not ready to bind yours with his then leave him alone with his God.
20-Apr-2017 23:07:37 ·
PuertoSans; @shimbo99

No faith can make every candidate that passed JAMB get admission
20-Apr-2017 23:18:07 ·
shimbo99; @PuertoSans

I know that, both I think the guy personalized his prayer & faith to him and him alone
20-Apr-2017 23:34:18 ·
PuertoSans; You thought wrong.
21-Apr-2017 01:56:42 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; It is decipline hardworking,and God(faith) that spouts success
21-Apr-2017 07:36:06 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; And yea not every candidates is gonna get through
21-Apr-2017 08:09:00 ·
Nikki law; Though not everyone is gonna get through buh work hard involve God coz when u hold on to God u surely won't be disappointed even if u ain't admitted dis year u definitely re gonna be admitted d following year dats all I no for sure
22-Apr-2017 21:59:35 ·
PuertoSans; God has no business with exams. Study and pass or don't study and fail. Simple as that
23-Apr-2017 01:37:23 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Stop spouting nonsense bout God,just keep quiet.
23-Apr-2017 08:54:20 ·
PuertoSans; Funny, I'll like to see you make me keep quiet.
Are u furious that I think your God is a joke that colonialists used to enslave Africans?
Maybe you should allow your god prove his own existence instead of trying to coerce people into believing absurdities.
23-Apr-2017 10:40:39 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol so you are an atheist huh.this jamb will u teach u lesson and it will open your blind eyes that there is indeed an almighty God.guys like u are the one who end become pastors, now u don't understand I will pray to God for u to understand before it's too late
23-Apr-2017 12:42:38 ·
PuertoSans; Lol. With my eyes closed, I can comfortably score 300 in JAMB but it's not even important.
To get an idea of how easy my admission will be, check the number of Students who pick Igbenidion University,Okada as their first choice.
JAMB is a mere formality for me, I'm not fighting for spaces at any rundown public university.
23-Apr-2017 12:55:01 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; So u really f**l yourself this much, you think you can score that high? I don't see u as a genius which I highly doubt.really rundown public uni? Well goodluck with the private uni,I should be guesses that is where cowards like u go,where money is the only language they speak.More also don't be so sure your admission will go smoothly tho am not wishing u bad but don't be too sure boy!
23-Apr-2017 13:21:10 ·
shimbo99; @ PuertoSans Then if you can score 300 with your eyes closed then I don't see reason why you priotize private uni. over public uni. If you are genius to the extent you just talked about then go to public uni. and let your geniousity be test to the fullest.
And mind you (PuertoSans) things that have proved the existence of the Almighty God are infinity (i.e uncountable). I just want you to try this in your forthcoming jamb exam, read all your study pack and except God. Then after the exam I would like you to announce your result publicly on myschool.
Quote for you; "When I look at things of this world I see that they are vanity upon vanity".
23-Apr-2017 14:36:32 ·
PuertoSans; @Shimbo99
The thing is, public universities in this country are worse than dog piss.
I don't want to spend 7 years running a 4 years programme because of the workers union and their incessant strikes. Plus they don't have good facilities. I've friends studying in the University of Portharcourt and they tell me their high school laboratories are more equipped than the laboratories in UniPort.

See, I would rather pay good money in private universities than go and study in lecture rooms without electricity.
Do you know that if the air-conditioner in a lecture hall goes off in Nile University, they suspend lectures in that hall until it's fixed?
Now that's the kind of school I'd attend.
23-Apr-2017 14:58:51 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol stupid spoilt boy you are a coward I know what the guy said,don't pray to God or do anything pertaining to anything religious then do any other things then take the exam
23-Apr-2017 22:15:26 ·
PuertoSans; I don't pray to any god; not the one Christians claim, definitely not the ones the murderous Islamic ummah claim.
And no, I'm not going to go to a dysfunctional public school. Maybe if they were not infested with with wild rats like you, I may have remotely considered the University of Lagos, Akoka.
23-Apr-2017 22:59:02 ·
Boweej; and u think you wud be able to compete in market with those who went to "dysfunctional public Unis"?...ur "rich-education" wont have told you that(ode forgot its a centralised education system..if u lack understanding--u run d same syllabus with others in sokoto ,i never really believed it when they said'the illitrates of the 21st century wont be those who cant read and write,but some educated dummies',until i met you..your thoughts are just shallow...sequel to ur previous insultive response to comments i knew u were just some arrongant sham covering his inadequacies...i no say u no get sense b4..but i gave u the benefit of dissapointed!
Use head,b4 someone helps you to

24-Apr-2017 01:45:28 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Leave this narcissistic little w**ker done with puerto
24-Apr-2017 08:28:45 ·
PuertoSans; @Boweej
Why are some States classified as Educationally disadvantaged if a centralized education system makes everything equal?

You just showed you are a complete moron who can not think through complex situations.

Do private universities go on strike like public schools?
Are students forced to bribe lecturers before they can pass exams in Nile University as they often do in public schools?

24-Apr-2017 16:58:44 ·
Boweej; acted wise to hav looked up centralized education system but u're stupid f**l to have ignored educational less developed states in its've never been to the system let alone know what goes on in there..u get forced if you cannot read so they help you use ur head..ur 'hallowed' Nile uni. would be an exception?!..smh

dz f**kboy

delusion suits you,remain there
24-Apr-2017 22:35:18 ·
PuertoSans; You do realize you succeeded in making no coherent argument?

You obviously failed to comprehend my last comment. I'd advise you go brush up your comprehension skills before you score zero in English and spend another year doing nothing with your cheap life.
24-Apr-2017 23:31:36 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Enough @puertosans @bowej this is a educational site not a dispute site especially u Puerto
24-Apr-2017 23:37:47 ·
shimbo99; @Puertosans You lack manners, which course are you aspiring to study in your so called private uni.
25-Apr-2017 14:46:39 ·
PuertoSans; @Shimbo99 manners and morals are subjective, we have our different ideas of what constitutes the standard.
I want to study Political Sci. and Public Administration. Why do you ask?
25-Apr-2017 15:02:39 ·
favour92 says;
Hmm great jamb has to scrape. But I know that the govt won't scrap jamb because of the money they make from it. Over 1.689 million student registered for jamb. My dear 5'500,× a lot of money so I don't think they will scrape jamb.
20-Apr-2017 11:40:04 ·
akewlere; and you think they don't spend too
20-Apr-2017 11:45:32 ·
BENEDICTAA; abeg. who be dis crook? oloyede send u to do him dirty work for him?
20-Apr-2017 21:41:45 ·
akewlere; even if you in a state of mental recession ,u don't have to show your nuisance behavior.
04-May-2017 07:07:58 ·
Elphata says;
This is political and hypocritical for ASSU to have called on JAMB boss resignation. Let us remind ourselves that the previous registrar (Dibu) is ghost-member of Oyo state chapter his hometown. I smell tricks to pull the new administration down. This is my perception although the registration is hectic nevertheless thing will turn around
20-Apr-2017 11:46:00 ·
Nikki law; Yes hypocritical!👍
20-Apr-2017 11:52:09 ·
shimbo99; Guys I think it is us (i.e we candidates) that made the registration looks hectic, cos I did mine in less than an hour.
20-Apr-2017 23:11:08 ·
feraboiy; my broda u were only lucky...imagine just 7 pple registering for close to 1k student how do u expect it to b fast its not to student its jamb dem selves d so called cafe registration was better Dan dis....dey r just confused... imagine dem saying dey wantu deploy army during exams are we going 4 war...idiotic jamb reg....very soon he will ask for u.s army....instead of the army to fyt terrorist its d student dey wantu show of to
22-Apr-2017 16:08:05 ·
shimbo99; Bro just forget the stress dat u've went through and focus on the success you want to bring out of the exam. Success will be Ours
23-Apr-2017 14:40:40 ·
feraboiy; u should have said that at first
25-Apr-2017 08:20:37 ·
Mhorlaitan says;
@myschool.... I posted this news and u said it's still under review while you go ahead and modifies it and post it... this is unfair.. it shouldn't be done this way..
20-Apr-2017 11:46:25 ·
Ifefunke; Same here
20-Apr-2017 14:33:02 ·
Mhorlaitan; but why is it like that??
20-Apr-2017 18:00:08 ·
Ifefunke; I dnt no
20-Apr-2017 18:50:39 ·
20-Apr-2017 22:10:54 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Lol what can u do bout it
21-Apr-2017 07:34:10 ·
Mhorlaitan; lol... abi.. ntin at all
21-Apr-2017 10:16:35 ·

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