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JAMB To Announce New date For Mock exam This Week

Posted: 17-Apr-2017 14:28:38 into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 56 Comments

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has disclosed that it lay like;y announce the new date for the mock examination this week

According to report, this was disclosed by a top JAMB official over the weekend.

It was mentioned that the mock examination will help the board test-run the the efficiency of the 600 Computer Based Test Center it approved for this year’s examination.

The date for conduct of the mock exam, which is voluntary for all registered JAMB applicants, according to the official, would be announced anytime this week.

JAMB has said it postponed the scheduled Mock Examination penultimate week, owing to technical hitches it encountered along the line, and more importantly to allow willing applicants who were yet to register as at then, partake in the test-run examination.

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Comments (56)
ibitham Jnr says;
If them like😑
17-Apr-2017 14:35:50 ·
ibitham Jnr says;
I need a favor from my school
17-Apr-2017 14:36:36 ·
temilade8462 says;
Click here to get your jamb answers...

17-Apr-2017 14:37:29 ·
La patrona; Lol... Is it the answers to the questions you set?? Mbok
18-Apr-2017 11:50:12 ·
DoctorMubi says;
Afta Roasting Us In D Sun, They Are Set To Repeat The Same Hapening Again Abi, Dz Tym Around, We Wouldnt Tolerate Any Suffering, They Beta Dtect D Possibility Of D Mock B4 The D Day.
17-Apr-2017 14:44:57 ·
Folasade Adepitan says;
They should better stick to time this time around. They should also be VERY sure before fixing dates. All the best
17-Apr-2017 15:18:01 ·
Elphata says;
Glory be to God.
17-Apr-2017 15:19:02 ·
Nikki law says;
We re waiting
17-Apr-2017 15:29:13 ·
Babtunz says;
if they try To perform any Idiomatic Experiment again,They will know that the Resurrection Power Exists...Good Luck Awaits Us,All fresh Jambites!
17-Apr-2017 15:37:09 ·
CornelG; Amen
17-Apr-2017 18:08:58 ·
17-Apr-2017 19:17:46 ·
18-Apr-2017 10:12:23 ·
optimistic11 says;
myschool pls what about those that doesn't show interested for the mock during registration, can they still participate?
17-Apr-2017 15:52:13 ·
CornelG; No my dear but u can ask me why if you want
17-Apr-2017 18:10:22 ·
Sunnyspaco555; Why bro
18-Apr-2017 20:02:46 ·
CornelG; Because you will not have questions that day even if u are allowed to the hall
18-Apr-2017 21:02:17 ·
HOPE24 says;
Pls wot of those who didnt show interest in doing d jamb mock in der registration..can they still partcitipate in the exam.
17-Apr-2017 16:40:56 ·
CornelG; No not at all my dear
17-Apr-2017 18:11:08 ·
Chris64 says;
how can you participate when you are not interested at 1st. think na
17-Apr-2017 17:24:37 ·
Macnnoli4 says;
Thought it was cancelled for good.
Easter news.
17-Apr-2017 17:50:55 ·
Macnnoli4 says;
It hope jamb does not bleep up in time arrangements most especially%
17-Apr-2017 17:56:26 ·
Macnnoli4 says;
Who auto corrected 'bleep up' for 'bleep up'
17-Apr-2017 17:58:27 ·
Macnnoli4 says;
Who auto corrected 'f*ck up' for 'bleep up'
17-Apr-2017 18:00:18 ·
Quinsilva; Lol.Myschool
24-Apr-2017 15:30:04 ·

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