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JAMB Postpones 2017 UTME Main Exam, Extends Registration

Posted: 08-Apr-2017 [22:13:09] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 199 Comments

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The Joint Admission and Registration Board (JAMB) has announced the postponement of the 2017 UTME registration and the examination.

The JAMB Registrar disclosed this in a statement in Abuja.

According to him, the registration deadline has been shifted from April 19th to May 5th, 2017.

The 2017 UTME examination on the other hand has been shifted. It will now start from May 13 to May 20, 2017.

"Instead of the earlier announced April 19, the deadline for the sale of forms and registration will now extend to Friday, May 5, 2017. Consequently, the 2017 UTME has also been postponed to start on Saturday, May 13 – 20, 2017." The JAMB Boss stated.

It will be recalled that the House of Representative earlier directed JAMB to extend the deadline.

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Comments (199)
baset36 says;

hope you will not also postponed d real exam like today mock
08-Apr-2017 21:40:21 ·
Myschool; The real exam has been shifted from 6th May. It will not begin from May 13 to May 20, 2017. This should be reflected on the photocards, when you go for a reprint at the stipulated time.
08-Apr-2017 21:50:35 ·
ajibolaadesina3; Sir are we no longer sitting for the jamb mock
08-Apr-2017 22:11:09 ·
Sir Upright; join 2017/18 direct entry whatsap group on this number 08106743856
08-Apr-2017 22:16:49 ·
EngrAjibola; Add me up @ 08163829067
09-Apr-2017 05:09:49 ·
olakans; 08061364730, add me up
09-Apr-2017 08:41:54 ·
Adebayor75; Add me up guy 08107986962
09-Apr-2017 21:06:06 ·
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09-Apr-2017 23:19:31 ·
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10-Apr-2017 00:07:23 ·
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10-Apr-2017 06:09:22 ·
idrisopanda; pls add +2348076607251
10-Apr-2017 09:19:19 ·
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10-Apr-2017 11:26:18 ·
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10-Apr-2017 13:44:31 ·
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10-Apr-2017 16:56:51 ·
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11-Apr-2017 01:00:31 ·
Olarewaju19; 07066676589 add me up
11-Apr-2017 15:52:50 ·
numoney1; pls add me 08165346258
15-Apr-2017 23:30:11 ·
numoney1; do we still need to reprint nd when ar will reprinted?
15-Apr-2017 23:32:23 ·
itz paci; 07035387939, add me up
16-Apr-2017 00:41:48 ·
Micologuy; add me up with 08133339027.
17-Apr-2017 23:37:38 ·
charlesrich; add me too 08030679899
19-Apr-2017 14:46:28 ·
ifakindotun; Pleaseeee myschool add me on ur whatsaap group I wanna meet brilliant and intellectual ppl.. Pleaseeee!!!!..
21-Apr-2017 10:36:59 ·
Praise E; Add me 07066444811
23-Apr-2017 23:05:57 ·
ifakindotun; 09053584259,.. Am Donald Ifeoluwa by name plszzzz add me scholars.
24-Apr-2017 20:11:14 ·
jibril Idris ; Jibril Idris 08143050453 plzzzz add me up
11-May-2017 12:57:43 ·
Adebayor75; Pls is jamb direct entry form out?
10-Jun-2017 11:21:00 ·
Latinwogbolahan says;
At last, then postpone am #TeamOAU
08-Apr-2017 21:40:23 ·
nsinke says;
God is good
08-Apr-2017 21:42:58 ·
chemotic1155 says;
Finally,anyway is a my e pin on 5 of april till nw i am not able 2 register,dy keep on telling me cum tody cum tomrrow,network dis network dat.dat man dat call himsef prof ishayl or watever go cum say in no xtend his head.
08-Apr-2017 21:51:27 ·
thelme says;
I jux laff sha...if dey lyk shift exam date til December!! we dey wait,n dey still won't be ready!..mstchew
08-Apr-2017 22:02:17 ·
bliezzy; Lol na xo ooh
09-Apr-2017 13:20:51 ·
Nikki law; Abi name yeye pple
09-Apr-2017 15:36:49 ·
thelme; lol no be small tin o,I tire
09-Apr-2017 21:25:46 ·
Gabbynizzy12; Me tire fr dem joor..
10-Apr-2017 11:27:14 ·
Balogun adavize Sunday says;
Hmm... What about the are we still going to reprint our slip... On 25
08-Apr-2017 22:03:39 ·
Chuks612 says;
Jamb! When will u ever be serious??
08-Apr-2017 22:04:44 ·
DNaijaguy; Abi nah every time technical issues
09-Apr-2017 06:59:54 ·
straightkid; Only God know o. Man don tire
09-Apr-2017 15:04:40 ·
darray says;
How will the jamb exam be done for just a week
08-Apr-2017 22:09:47 ·
SUNNYCHISO; Don't mind them. They'll still extend it. I wonder why something that even a toddler can understand, some adults won't. How on earth did they think it is possible to register, thumbprint and examine students in just less than 32 days. The system of education in this country is nothing to write home about.
09-Apr-2017 07:42:27 ·
Kween Aima; Una no know say Mr Oloyede is suffering from dementia? Only one week for jamb?! Maybe some pple go write dem jamb for 12 am, 2am and 5am
09-Apr-2017 13:05:00 ·
bliezzy; Lol.....ahhhhh
U guys cn joke ooh
Bt anyway its no longer funny ooh
09-Apr-2017 13:22:43 ·
09-Apr-2017 15:06:05 ·
Eazboi says;
Clueless pple..sebi he said he wont xtend it..
08-Apr-2017 22:12:13 ·
Ibn momoh; He never said he will not estend it, but rather relied d estention on impedimenting registeration circumstances, that will cause many prospective candidates not to register in or on time, before d registeration ends.Nevertheless, we should b mindful on how we react to unpleasantness.Insulting a man old enough to b ur father can never b justified for any reason or alibi.
08-Apr-2017 22:46:21 ·
PuertoSans; Insulting a man who's a complete moron can be justified.
This is how we allow stupidity to continue in the guise of giving respect.
The unintelligent-person should do his job if he doesn't want to be insulted.
09-Apr-2017 01:21:14 ·
Ibn momoh; How is he a moron or stupid man.How do u define both?For what he has done or what he is doing there is purely no moronicality or stupidity in it.D man is only trying to develope and improve d system for good and to prevent a national shameful and inglorious replica of what happened last year .D inability of a nation to organise and conduct exam meritocratically is an inastimable shame.Dis is what he is trying to dereplicate and all he gets is insult and abuse from us.I understand if we criticise him for what has just happened, but d question is do we ever expect success absent(without) cost.Infact, we should show happiness under d veil of our querulousness(annoyance), because d problematic reason for suspending d mock exam did not happen in d main exam.And now they can takle and solve that problem for smooth and hitch-free exam possibly or atleast prevent its reoccurrence.So u see, he still deserves praise for his intelligence of testing d new system before d main exam; he is not stupid or moronical as u branded him.Again, before i fall from presence, where is our respect and righteousness if we show impudency to an old man, because u think he has failed in his duty or becasuse of sth he did dat did not cost us our cherished and and highy protecting ambition of admission success.
09-Apr-2017 09:53:42 ·
Salvation_Ikeh; @IBN mind you before you type nonsense just note that some of those words aren't recognised in English language. U Ishaq ass lickers
09-Apr-2017 16:24:27 ·
Craig Duffy; hahhsaaha. .ah laf in Swahili...wah was he thinking? that most of us here ain't educated?.. lolzzzz,
10-Apr-2017 13:59:59 ·
PuertoSans; I'll reply you, but I strongly suggest you forget about writing JAMB this year and get an English tutor.

Anybody with an average understanding of computer systems knows that before you deploy any solution, it must be rigorously tested and the results of these tests must exceed the actual required performance or else the system is not deployed.
JAMB failed to test their systems before deployment and you're embarrassing yourself to defend their stupidity.
10-Apr-2017 15:47:16 ·
Craig Duffy; that's d spirit#
10-Apr-2017 16:05:01 ·
Ibn momoh; To puertosan Neither will i leave u unaswered.If u are so good in d language, what is holding u back from disclosing d grammatical mistakes i have made, along with d right corrections, "master"? U speak as if u know everything but u dont.What solution are u talking about?Do u know d problems jamb were addressing before they set d mock exam's date?Do u know if that problem that led to d postponement of d mock exam was not among them and it was unexpected, mm? Undisputably u dont.These are d questions u should have rigorously and repeatedly asked urself before u penned down that misplaced scathing of yours,"master". And as for ur saying that i should forget about writing jamb this year, because i dont understand English Language as much as u do, u have absolutely showed stupidity and vacuousness .Even if i dont know d language at all, a primary school child would tell u that one does not need English Language alone to pass jamb because there are 4 subjects and each is equally valued,"master". Oh! Before i forget, let me make this magnanimous offer.U know u are better than d members of jamb administrative board, and with sb like u around and known by us,they shouldn't b wasting time looking for more competent hands to manage d agency effectively.Why don't u allow us to call on jamb to incorporate u into d decision making house of d agency, "master"? CHARLATAN.
11-Apr-2017 08:26:17 ·
Sir Upright says;
say something about DE plz
08-Apr-2017 22:12:42 ·
Folasade Adepitan says;
*laughing in Spanish*
How on earth do dey expect to register millions of people within a month with all dis network ish? Mtscheeewwwww. So when are to sit mock abi no mock again?
08-Apr-2017 22:18:14 ·
Stephaniecutie says;
Hahahhaha shey i talk am?
After al his gra gra dat his not gonna extend d date for d reg nw wot happened,not only dat he extend d reg date he also postponed d innocent exam choi'

i cud recal wot he said wen d house of rep asked him to extend d reg date,he said and i quote :'i won't!Nigerians shud start thinking n behaving lyk foreigners .we need to groom our kids and we've been taking record of d numbas of candidates been registered each day.our students shud be serious since we said is on 19th it shud stand dat way.if the house of reps summon me ofcos i wud go afteral they ar my employers"

nw wotz d latest gist?i talk am buh am confuse here oo
which is one week for exam,is it not too short?and also is d reg deadline and d date for d commencement of d exam not too close??

Hmmm OYALEDE OYALEDE hw many tyms did i cal u?????? Jus make sure u knw wot u ar doing ooo cos did exam is my last.

And i also tink dat too many good Things or perhaps bad things ar happening 2dae
buh as always Oluwa Is Involve.
08-Apr-2017 22:22:13 ·
chukszx; hahahahah, point of correction OLOYEDE not OYALEDE.....
08-Apr-2017 22:33:00 ·
Stephaniecutie; Taken my dear
hw can i spell his name correctly wen his infuriating me al d tym lolz
08-Apr-2017 22:45:02 ·
Esthybella1; Hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Nigeria!!!!!
08-Apr-2017 22:56:58 ·
timinem says;
I sha know say we go do am very soon..
08-Apr-2017 22:23:54 ·
Aniobi Geraldine says;
hhmmmm its official dis jamb officials are very confused...choi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really hope they know what there re doing cos me dis years admission is very important to me fa
08-Apr-2017 22:27:03 ·
Lebdav; xame here... Dis year admission is important
09-Apr-2017 20:50:27 ·
chukszx says;
Mr oloyede, although i admire your will in making dz whole jamb stuff more computerized and technological in advancement also... BT dz tnz takes gradual process, lyk dy say "room was nt built in a day"... xo i tnk it will still nid lyk two to three more years to perform perfectly.... well we still ve at least a month to prepare... xo letz kp praying to jah as we continue jacking.... #peace#...
08-Apr-2017 22:28:11 ·
cooljiz; baba na rome not room
09-Apr-2017 00:18:34 ·
PuertoSans; With this kind of English eh, bros, no bother writing the JAMB o. You go fail die.
09-Apr-2017 01:24:35 ·
Kingsley38; fail in what sense?? is it because of the simple mistake the person make??Guy you don't judge a book by it cover..OK!
09-Apr-2017 05:13:07 ·
thestar; Please my dear kingsley, tell him well- and at thesame time, Puertosan, could be joking- you know we have so many clowns here in Nigeria, who aren't serious in what they say at times... I am beginning to understand the likes of Puertosan...
09-Apr-2017 07:30:10 ·
straightkid; Lwkmd o. Na everything una de take joke? Kai, life in naija... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
09-Apr-2017 15:11:41 ·
Ibn momoh; To puertosan Like i said before, u have just displayed foolishness and stupidity for thinking that one success in jamb completely depends on how much he knows English language, as if it is d only subject one would do.For ur understanding and to erase that foolish, wrong and erroneous thought from ur mind, English Language is equal to any of d other 3 subjects in marks distribution.So one can possibly pass jamb very well without it(English language) at all and even better than one who knows the subject very well. Not even wise afterall.I thought u were than this.
11-Apr-2017 10:23:52 ·
LottyF; Geez...u just got schooledπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
11-Apr-2017 14:53:02 ·
PuertoSans; πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
How do plan on passing JAMB without English?

You do realize all the questions are in English and you'd need to understand a question before you can attempt it?

English language is a mandatory subject for all candidates for a reason.
13-Apr-2017 01:17:48 ·
Ibn momoh; U so much believe that i cannot read and undestand, eh?How did i get to this level, what do i want, what am i doing here, how am i able to express myself and respond to issues, if i cannot read and understand? Please stop, u are unintentionally making a mockery of urself.Everyone knows that nobody can attain this height(d level of writing jamb) if he cannot read and understand.
16-Apr-2017 23:33:05 ·
straightkid; 😈😈😈😈😈 puertosans n ibn una well so? Shey na d wahala on ground una de hala here? Wetin cm b d new gobe one English? Make una take time o n make peace ...
25-Apr-2017 15:31:50 ·

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