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Possible Questions From JAMB Novel “In Dependence”

Posted: 05-Apr-2017 [20:53:16] into Jamb by hust0n for school | 78 Comments

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Many candidates that have registered for the 2017 UTME and obtained the newly introduced Novel "In Dependence," must have finished reading the book (that is for those that enjoy reading novels).

Already many have started asking of questions they are to expect during the examination.

At the moment I have come up with few questions from the first two chapters of the book.

With time, more questions will be included.

However, we advise candidates to ensure they finish the whole book before the examination as the reason for this is just to give you an idea of how the questions will likely be presented.

The option in asteriks(*) indicates the right answer.

1. Modupe and Tayo always visit where at dark hours
*A. Lebanese Cinema*
B. Hill’s Club
C. Auvergne’s Theatre
D. Las Palmas de Club

2. “Here is some money for the ladies”; The speaker here is ________
A. Uncle Kayode
B. Yusuf(Tayo’s friend)
C. Mr. Adeniyi Ajayi
*D. Uncle B*

3. It was said in the letter written to Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi, that Tayo met King Olav’s son from ________
A. South Africa
B. London
*C. Norway*
D. Brazil

4. Mr. Ike Nwandi, studies _______ abroad
A. Latin
*B. History*
C. Law
D. Modern Languages

5. What was Uncle Kayode’s job rank before his return from Abroad?
A. FBI agent
B. Lieutenant
*C. Senior Army Officer*
D. Superintendent

No options for the following;

6. A simile embroidered to qualify Mr. Ajayi’s silver car was Answer: *It was glistened like a fresh river fish*

7. Before Tayo’s travel, He presumed that Uncle Bola held Answer:*the secret to a woman’s heart*

8. In the last sentence of Mr. Ajayi’s letter to his son was their family’s motto which states Answer:*In all things moderation, with exception of study*

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Comments (78)
nsinke says;
05-Apr-2017 16:59:42 ·
nathan193 says;
good myschool
05-Apr-2017 17:29:09 ·
Zizax Wayne says;
05-Apr-2017 18:02:59 ·
Isaac111 says;
My School pls more of this, tnx a bunch!
05-Apr-2017 18:27:37 ·
harlyz says;
05-Apr-2017 18:42:20 ·
mercylix; Harlys watsup..its Bala mercy
05-Apr-2017 21:06:58 ·
coolprinceay says;
keep it up!
05-Apr-2017 19:03:09 ·
Abbas bin muhammad says;
05-Apr-2017 19:12:59 ·
optimistic11 says;
very good of you Myschool, am looking forward to hear more.........
05-Apr-2017 19:13:32 ·
dave scot says;
Am sure the candidates would appreciate this... Thanks For All of all Help Myschool..
05-Apr-2017 19:14:10 ·
Luukasz says;
Will the novel be given by the bank whr the e-pin was purchased from or at the cbt centre after purchasing the e-pin from the bank?
05-Apr-2017 19:18:22 ·
AdaAda Girl; At your registration centre... Go to any accredited centre n register
05-Apr-2017 23:18:37 ·
Luukasz; Oh, thought it will be obtained from the bank. Thanks
06-Apr-2017 09:49:03 ·
seun 1 says;
05-Apr-2017 19:18:31 ·
AbuUbayy says;
Thanks a bunch! Anyone who has received e-mail from jamb on the forthcoming UTME mock on Saturday?
05-Apr-2017 19:30:22 ·
ogejenny; I thought am the only one worried abt this forthcoming mock. Is Wednesday and notin yet
05-Apr-2017 20:04:53 ·
jilsmart; yea i have
07-Apr-2017 01:07:58 ·
ogejenny says;
05-Apr-2017 20:02:21 ·
franklin chibuzor says;
Bravo myschool team members!! You are doing a great job. More of these.......
05-Apr-2017 20:22:25 ·
Nikki law says;
My school ur d best .more pls😄
05-Apr-2017 20:36:36 ·
MrRonJozi; This boy longest time. You too like awoof.
07-Apr-2017 09:09:11 ·
MrRonJozi; Ah! Just checked your profile now. Never knew you were a lady/girl. 😂😂😂 but it still doesn't change my initial statement o. Lol
07-Apr-2017 09:12:24 ·
Nikki law; Lol who no lyke am
08-Apr-2017 20:05:44 ·
MrRonJozi; Easypeasy did you see my request
09-Apr-2017 01:03:35 ·

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