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Has anyone registered for JAMB 2017 UTME? Share experiences here!

Posted: 20-Mar-2017 [18:40:42] into Jamb by Myschool for school | 939 Comments

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We're calling on any JAMB candidate, who has successfully registered for the JAMB 2017 UTME, and has collected his/her e-slip as evidence of registration.

Please, your brothers and sisters are finding it difficult to complete their own registration and over 1.5 million candidates are expected to register for this exam.

If you have successfully registered (and collected your e-slip), please share your experiences here and if there was any special procedure you adopted to help you register quickly.

You are also free to share the exact and active Accredited JAMB CBT centre that you registered with.

Any information you share on this thread about registration will be valued.

For those who are yet to register, BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT, update yourself also by getting LIVE Updates from successful candidates at the JAMB Registration Situation Report 2017 Room

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Comments (939)
AFOBAJE2282 says;
20-Mar-2017 18:35:09 ·
Kingfestty; From what am seeing jamb is not ready for this registration.... crowd gathered @institute of criminal justice, 7th Avenue festac town...lagos.. bankers arrived the venue, people were already on que waiting. We waited and waited, we couldn't get any response,.. I met one of the workers and inquired and he made me to understand that the bankers were ready to receive our money but they are still waiting for pin code from jamb to proceed with the registration. We waited till past 1pm for the pin but no pin was received, the bankers decided to collect our money while waiting for jamb to send the pin, #6200 as they claimed. We waited till banking hour was over... the bankers closed and they asked us to come back tomorrow.. IN INDEPENDENCE was given to us after payment of 6200naira
20-Mar-2017 19:31:34 ·
bilaudaud; @kingfestty, same happened in Dolphin Maria, Bauchi state. we paid to the banker, but no Novel was given to us.
20-Mar-2017 21:35:06 ·
Tumi rae..; ok tanks 4 d update.. Bt i would like to know if d syllabus av changed or not??
20-Mar-2017 21:39:32 ·
Kingfestty; Normally we are supposed to be given new brochure and syllabus but they only gave us Novel " In Independence" I don't really understand this their new policy.
20-Mar-2017 22:05:01 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Please I want any myschooler or admin to elight me about dis.... I only read jamb Past questions... PLEASE is dat one Okay or what should I do again
21-Mar-2017 17:47:31 ·
Goodnews Antai; That is good, you are preparing very well. Read also the JAMB prescribed novels.
21-Mar-2017 17:53:52 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Thanks xo much
21-Mar-2017 21:51:16 ·
Mgbemena michael; You should also read your can do this by following jamb syllabus for the subjects you will write during your jamb examination.
22-Mar-2017 05:18:22 ·
george clinton jr; please is there a centre for registration in festac ?? if yes ,, where exactly pls??
22-Mar-2017 09:44:03 ·
george clinton jr; please any jamb centre in festac ??
22-Mar-2017 09:45:20 ·
Nikki law; I heard dah jamb has released some frequently asked questions dah we shld not use d normal past questions again . someone shld tell me how true dis here
22-Mar-2017 15:58:02 ·
Kingfestty; @george does it mean u don't read people's comments before commenting. My post above answered your question
22-Mar-2017 16:22:52 ·
Goodnews Antai; Yes l have register JAMB

Registration in Akwaibom State is free and fair except what JAMB demand of us Candidate which is #6200 in all.

But l was not given the novels. Thanks
12-Apr-2017 05:25:36 ·
Fextinez says;
Pls those that has register should pls share expirence
20-Mar-2017 18:36:46 ·
Oyindamola106; Please add my Num 08189870596
22-Mar-2017 06:41:50 ·
Matkay57; Add. Me too 08165165248
23-Mar-2017 13:58:34 ·
Gbenga4566 says;
87 Itire Road Beside WEMA BANK, Lawanson Surulere Lagos: also giving first 60 students that register with them free gift and material for the exam
20-Mar-2017 18:39:32 ·
AbuUbayy; I was there today, also saw their msg in my inbox some minutes ago, pls call me tomorrow morning
20-Mar-2017 19:30:20 ·
Favour_; is this real,please which banks can we get the form,abi where can I get the e-pin to register, should it be in my center or a bank,I'm close to Masha and one of the accredited centers is there,please can you also explain this lawanson own...Thanks
24-Mar-2017 11:28:40 ·
AbuUbayy; yes, it is real, I registered there last week Tuesday and the registration was successful, I'd advice you and other prospective candidates to buy their e-pin at the jamb accredited centres to avoid issues, though there are some technical issues due to network problem..
to cut the story short, there's a bank agent (String bank) at this centres which sales pins for candidates @ #6,200 (In dependence and registration fee inclusive)
29-Mar-2017 16:26:42 ·
AbuUbayy; There was a typographical error iny previous comment. I meant sterling Bank.
29-Mar-2017 16:27:25 ·
bashahmad says;
20-Mar-2017 18:39:40 ·
Wilsonig39 says;
mine lit bro want to reg jamb but dey said no awaiting result
20-Mar-2017 18:41:55 ·
shuaibuisa; AR result will write, but he need to upload his result b4 admission release
21-Mar-2017 08:05:48 ·
frankkings50 says;
Thats wrong Candidates with Awaiting Results can REGISTER
20-Mar-2017 18:44:39 ·
Quoting: Wilsonig39;
"mine lit bro want to reg jamb but dey said no awaiting result"
20-Mar-2017 18:41:55
Topwinner says;
Go to an Accredited Registration Center.
20-Mar-2017 18:56:00 ·
Iammosez007 says;
of course...
those with awaiting result can still put in...
20-Mar-2017 18:57:08 ·
Mathosky says;
Pls whos staying at iyana ipaja nd registered should pls tell us his or her experience
20-Mar-2017 19:00:14 ·
Juanphistin; Kk go to Mobil station ojo Igbo erilea richytouch
21-Mar-2017 22:23:18 ·
Iammosez007 says;
a friend of mine who his friend went to the centres today...said "centres full to its brim just today the thing is officially out" right here in Ibadan
I haven't seen anyone who has done it yet...
20-Mar-2017 19:00:37 ·
eternaltruth says;
only 2 accredited centers in uyo with over thousands of candidates to register within a space of just one month.. oloyede is a very big scam.
20-Mar-2017 19:07:40 ·
Raphbaptist says;
any successful candidate from otukpo CBT center should give his/her experiences... for Idoma candidates.
20-Mar-2017 19:07:43 ·
Emmanuels; Lol, was hell, we waited and waited to no avail....
20-Mar-2017 20:05:41 ·
Itz Austin; Am doing my registration in abuja but i want to take d exam in otukpo.... The registration is going smoothly over here
22-Mar-2017 10:28:58 ·
Vickysmylz says;
Guys In Abeokuta Ibarra and Okemosan pls If you ve Registered Pls Share yur experience and what center pls
20-Mar-2017 19:20:36 ·
Abiosam94; pliz my frnd do you know of any accredited registration center here in abeokuta
22-Mar-2017 19:54:20 ·
Vickysmylz; There is a centre @ Okemosan Noun, Jamb Office, Navy secondary school, Osiele, funaab u can caLL me up On 07063222618
22-Mar-2017 20:57:23 ·
janelle... says;
Guys in Benin city what's the update. Any luck??
20-Mar-2017 19:23:46 ·
Wilsonig39; can candidate reg in Uniben ICT centre????what lecture did u attend✌☝
20-Mar-2017 21:26:41 ·
Miguel395; go to DA civic centre @ airport road
or Daniet Global resources @ Aburome street in New Benin
26-Mar-2017 23:54:24 ·
absalam4real says;
The whole of ojo to badagry only two center with the population I don't know how they are going to do it. Oloyede system is pathetic I don't know why changing the working system
20-Mar-2017 19:25:06 ·
Yinkamelody; I wonder ooo.... I wonder how the crowd at the Institute of ship go be like.... Okuwafor axis
21-Mar-2017 18:15:46 ·
Ifeanyiisaacs; Seriously...that's one reason am looking towards registering next week in Igboelerin least by then, overcrowding will reduce.
22-Mar-2017 01:28:49 ·
azukalove; Spring igboelerin, que there yesterday was teeming...infact ASAP evacuated immediately,....oops solemn dey locked up d place obviously it may be becos of the PIN issue on board nw
22-Mar-2017 20:18:11 ·
JOHN FREDA; pls after igbelerin which other accredited center do they have around Ojo
24-Mar-2017 11:10:16 ·
Ifeanyiisaacs; No other one in Ojo than in Igboelerin.
25-Mar-2017 12:01:52 ·
Chi Purity; please has anyone registered in Edo state? If yes please share ideal and where is the registration center
26-Mar-2017 19:53:54 ·
Miguel395; if u are in Benin city
go to DA civic centre @ airport road
go to Daniet Global Resources @Aburome street in New Benin
26-Mar-2017 23:56:02 ·
Chi Purity; Thank you
28-Mar-2017 10:09:55 ·
nemmy oma; The earlier you go, the better for you. I paid on monday 20th bt i was registered on thursday 23rd.
29-Mar-2017 17:39:13 ·
Ifeanyiisaacs; Found another centre in Ojo, that is, in CDSSO , did everything yesterday, no wasting time.
29-Mar-2017 22:59:56 ·

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