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JAMB 2017 Candidates, Do Not Relax, Use This Time To Prepare Adequately

Posted: 14-Feb-2017 [12:39:24] into Jamb by Myschool Joy for school | 24 Comments

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I know many of you had almost forgotten about the upcoming 2017 UTME examination, well, this post is to remind you that JAMB registration is still being expected any moment from now.

It is said that most disappointments are blessings in disguise, the delay in commencement of JAMB registration has provided enough time for candidates to prepare. As a matter of fact, I believe that 2017 JAMB candidates have good chances of excelling in the exam considering the ample time they have to study unlike in previous years.

In my opinion, try to use this time wisely, because to whom much is given, much is expected lol...I mean JAMB has given you much time to prepare, do you think you really have any one to blame if you fall below expectation?

There may not be enough time to study once the registration commences. This is the time to read as much as you can, get all the necessary information that you need, Jamb Syllabus should not be far-fetched from you at this point.

Most candidates fail examinations as a result of nonchalance in studying. Some feel they are intelligent and therefore do not see studying as necessary due to over confidence.

Identify the areas/subjects you have problems and dedicate more time on them, believe me by the time you keep reviewing them, they will no longer be a problem.

Going through JAMB past questions is a very helpful measure to take towards preparing for JAMB examination. CBT practice software has made it easy for candidates to prepare, so it is important you access these resources.

Do not depend on "micro chips" or all forms of malpractices, beware of blogs that claim to have answers to 2017 JAMB questions. Do not patronize them. You might be scammed and disappointed on that day.

Always test yourself and see how accurately you can answer questions. The time to prepare is now!!!

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Comments (24)
luminousmoses says;
14-Feb-2017 12:30:31 ·
Horlajumorke says;
God bless you
14-Feb-2017 12:31:54 ·
Alicia solex says;
totally outrageous and funny!
14-Feb-2017 12:44:56 ·
bceeclassic says;
Registration can be delayed but preparation can never be delayed
14-Feb-2017 12:48:52 ·
iamyounique says;
let them start d registration jare
14-Feb-2017 13:43:46 ·
kaaybest says;
thanks so much for your advice.
14-Feb-2017 14:14:09 ·
Johnpaul1616 says;
Thanks for this
14-Feb-2017 15:51:58 ·
Ninny says;
14-Feb-2017 17:34:07 ·
abdulraheem_abdulsamad says;
I feel tired of all this post,make JAMB start registration. JARE
14-Feb-2017 17:50:09 ·
MALIKI says;
15-Feb-2017 09:09:27 ·
EsttyclasicDesta says;
Gratitude..... It shall be well
15-Feb-2017 09:22:29 ·
henanes says;
Jamb exam may start in april
15-Feb-2017 09:51:02 ·
Heinrich Himmler says;
Jamb has been ...Annulled abolished abated aborted Abrogated Annihilated Cancelled Crushed Dissolved Demolished Demoralised Executed Exterminated Expunged Extinguished Extirpated Eradicated
15-Feb-2017 10:40:48 ·
Fecitysimon says;
Hey [email protected] na wetin b ur own na?-ur writing is full of redundant details..who tel u say jamb z abolishd
15-Feb-2017 16:05:51 ·
Iyede Godstime says;
April is not far again o

jamb, here i come.
15-Feb-2017 16:11:33 ·

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