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Sales Of Fake 2017 JAMB Forms - CPAN Raises Alarm As More Candidates Fall Victims

Posted: 07-Feb-2017 [17:39:25] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 32 Comments

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The Computer-Based Test Centres Proprietors Association of Nigeria (CPAN), has raised alarm over the selling of fake 2017 JAMB Registration Forms in Imo by some illegal centres.

According to the Chairman of the association, Comrade Chidiebere Egboh the fraudsters also collect money from their victims promising them of placing them in "Special Centres" to cheat during UTME.

He described this as dangerous and called on prospective candidates to be careful as JAMB is yet to commence registration.

“The fraudsters play fast one and extort N15, 000 and above from thousands of unsuspecting prospective JAMB candidates.

“The consequences are that the fraudsters will elope with candidates’ money and they will not have genuine centres to write the examination.

“The issue of ‘special centres’ had been clamped down. We must emphasis that there will be nothing like ‘special centre’ any longer" He said.

He advised candidates to verify accredited JAMB Registration Centres via JAMB official website.

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Comments (32)
Ardeydarpor says;
07-Feb-2017 14:28:03 ·
Spykephabiyi2909 says;
We should be patient enough to wait for the commencement of the form...
07-Feb-2017 14:29:40 ·
Ninny says;
Y the rush sef..

ixit that those victims dnt read news...

patient is all we need faa
07-Feb-2017 14:44:18 ·
ROXIL6 says;
07-Feb-2017 14:51:49 ·
tayo2742 says;
it isn't dere fault buh d body conducting d exam
not everyone access to d internet constantly to get latest news,jamb is not ready to disclose wen d reg will start,y den will sumpple not fall victim of d scam
Parents and students are anxious while d delay is debilitating d already prepared ones.At least d body should give a month even if dere are not gonna d specific day in order to reduce d pressure
They are going ahead to raid cybercafes in Nigeria, am very sure d sales of form won't begin February,am very sure of that.
07-Feb-2017 15:36:56 ·
mayor1991 says;
sorry for the victims but jamb is not really helping matters at all, up till now jamb form is not out and no specific date has been given
this is really disheartening.
07-Feb-2017 16:17:40 ·
DNaijaguy says;
Please,every candidates should keep calm....JAMB 2011 was also like this....
07-Feb-2017 16:18:22 ·
glomovie; this your story no the hard us.. Weldone sir
07-Feb-2017 18:38:50 ·
Heinrich Himmler; so I say wehdone sir
08-Feb-2017 10:01:04 ·
optimistic11 says;
so this issued of special centre is getting to this point now!...
07-Feb-2017 16:42:25 ·
Mikky Mikky says;
Is CPAN speaking on behalf of JAMB.We are tired of all these gist of fake JAMB forms.Had JAMB lived up to its responsibility by selling the forms at the normal period,will any one be talking of fake forms?I beg JAMB to sell the form sharp sharp.
07-Feb-2017 17:04:09 ·
horluwarsamboy says;
We guyz have to wait shaa
07-Feb-2017 17:07:45 ·
princedone says;
there must be a special centre in Nigeria and i believe that guy that collected there money mush register them this is not his first time on the business he have been doing it ok and those student have been passing there jamb successfully so why all these allegation
07-Feb-2017 18:06:32 ·
bashahmad says;
plss anyone who has d full details of accredited centres in kogi state should pls tell us
07-Feb-2017 19:36:45 ·
Favour emmanuel says;
My country people
them go talk talk
them just dey parambulate
so so story every day

me i dn taya oh
07-Feb-2017 20:56:37 ·
oy dave; Guy no be only u..
07-Feb-2017 22:09:56 ·
Favour emmanuel; E really weak me brother
09-Feb-2017 00:07:07 ·
oy dave says;
I'm fed up wih deez jamb palava..its starting to get annoying..arrgh!!
07-Feb-2017 22:09:23 ·
lemieinstein says;
It seems that something bias is gonna fishing out again in dis year jamb conduct. Cos dere is no post utme and I think there will be strict reg and exam and also bcos of new boss as u kno dat A NEW BROOM MUST SWEEP CLEAN. so d delay may gv some reasons and confusion but make sure u get urself prepared cos I believe die year won't be "SHERE..SHERE OOOO (jokes and play)"
07-Feb-2017 23:58:57 ·

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