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Change Your Life With A UNICAF Scholarship

Posted: 06-Jan-2017 11:07:14 into General by myschool paul for school | 7 Comments

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At the start of every New Year we make resolutions, which we usually forget about by the end of January: to eat sensibly, to exercise regularly, to save money to travel the world, etc. Yet, this is the best time to take a single decision, which can change your whole life: to study for an internationally recognized degree, that’s affordable and available at your own pace and time!

The UNICAF Scholarship Programme can cover up to 80% of the cost of your tuition fees. And with the wide range of courses offered by UNICAF, getting enrolled on an international degree programme becomes as simple as “One, Two, Three”! In fact, you can start you studies with UNICAF just by taking the following three, easy steps:

• STEP 1
Check if you are eligible for a UNICAF Scholarship by logging onto the UNICAF web site. UNICAF takes into consideration your academic qualifications, (in relation to the specific course of your choice), as well as your financial situation. UNICAF was established to increase access to quality tertiary education in Africa and beyond. Financial assistance to candidates, who have the required qualifications to enrol, but not the necessary funds, is an important part of UNICAF’s mission.

• STEP 2
Go to the UNICAF application page and fill out your basic information. Once you submit it, one of our Student Advisers will call you, to discuss all your options, answer your questions, inform you about the portion of fees you will need to pay, about payment plans, and additional documents you may need to provide.

• STEP 3
The UNICAF Scholarship Committee and the Admissions Officer will review your application and documentation and, provided all is in order, you will receive an Offer Letter for the specific programme you have applied for. After accepting the Offer, and paying the relevant fees, you can commence your studies.

A personal tutor will be assigned to you to assist you with all issues you may have until you graduate. You will begin your studies with the Induction Module, designed to teach you the use of the Virtual Learning Environment. You will also receive guidance on other important aspects of learning, to prepare you for the actual study programme.

As simple as that! In three easy steps you can embark on your chosen degree course, offered by a partner university in the UK, US, Africa or Europe, with a significant part of your fees covered by a UNICAF scholarship; you will be learning online, and studying at your most convenient time and place, while keeping your job and caring for your family.

At UNICAF we aim to offer scholarships to all candidates who need them, provided they have a good academic record and possess the required qualifications. This guarantees that UNICAF graduates are among the best, and future employers seek them out for employment.

The degree title you receive after completing your studies is of the same value and status as the ones earned at the campuses of our partner universities. You can even attend a graduation ceremony, at the relevant university campus, with travel, visa, accommodation and other expenses covered by yourself.

So, take the big step! Make 2017 the year you take charge of your destiny!

Apply now for a UNICAF scholarship and start building your magnificent future!

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Comments (7)
prestige_cox says;
is it online learning?
06-Jan-2017 11:20:42 ·
honesty20 says;
I think so
06-Jan-2017 12:29:44 ·
KeryPigBenis says;
OP didnt even bother to tell us the full meaning of UNICAF.
20-Apr-2017 20:15:20 ·
havillah says;
Hello pls
09-May-2017 12:22:33 ·
chishadow says;
abeg o dis na my number 08173134948 add me on Whatsapp 4 d questions and answers
15-May-2017 19:57:08 ·
sanguine1 says;
19-May-2017 19:00:24 ·
MhizLisa10; Is d unicaf stuff only online studying
10-Jun-2017 14:43:46 ·

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