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JAMB Starts Sales of 2017 Forms in a few days - See Cost

Posted: 05-Jan-2017 [08:41:46] into Jamb by Myschool for school | 260 Comments

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We're expecting the sale of JAMB forms for the 2017 UTME to begin in a few days. This deduction is inevitable, since any further delay could cause a serious upset in the Academic Calendar for 2017.

It should be noted that JAMB forms for previous years usually go on sale as from November. The delay in the Sale of 2017 JAMB Form is attributed to the change in JAMB leadership and determination by JAMB to limit middle men (cybercafes & business centres), and push down the cost of JAMB services, by introducing new payment methods.

According to earlier reports released by JAMB, the cost of the 2017 JAMB Registration Form are as follows;

1. JAMB Form - N5,000
2. CBT Centre Registration Fee - N700
3. JAMB Mandatory Textbook - N500 (The Last Days at Forcados High School, A. H. Mohammed)

Total of N6,200 Only

Once details of the 2017 JAMB forms are released, you can be rest assured that Myschool will provide you with proper guidelines for a successful registration.

Meanwhile, ensure you already know the Course you Intend to study, or register for, and the proper subject combinations to gain admission. You can use the Free Online JAMB brochure on this website.

The latest 2017 JAMB Syllabus is also available for free to enable you study appropriately for your coming UTME.

You should also read 2017 UTME: New Guidelines To Note Before Registration Commences.

N50,000 to be won weekly! - Myschool CBT Challenge Season 4 Starts 4th Dec - See Details Here


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Comments (260)
Muhammad Abdul says;
05-Jan-2017 08:47:36 ·
lettled says;
Thank God buh d money is even costier dan bfr
05-Jan-2017 08:52:59 ·
quadri19; Hmmmmm costier
05-Jan-2017 16:50:49 ·
capohlee; and u wan do jamb.. ba?? **COSTIER
05-Jan-2017 23:24:18 ·
JuliusPeterpan; hohoho!
Lord have mercy!!
05-Jan-2017 23:31:12 ·
harygbolahan; No one is above mistake. Moreover, it isn't PPT, it's CBT
07-Jan-2017 20:28:10 ·
JuliusPeterpan; Yes oh no one is above mistake. . .but 4d fact dat it isn't ppt doesn't mean they can't bring 'costier' as an option 4u 2 choose in cbt.
08-Jan-2017 19:01:09 ·
[email protected]; leave am jor nobody is above mistake
14-Feb-2017 09:46:17 ·
orlav35 says;
na was oh...which one cum be COSTIER?#, ah wud rather you studied hard bfore setting ur thoughts on jamb.
05-Jan-2017 09:38:16 ·
richkiddy; f**l running after pepople mistakes don't face your future
05-Jan-2017 13:59:33 ·
eragon247; "I would rather you studied" Jesus is Lord!!!

And your parents are still alive, spits!
05-Jan-2017 21:19:34 ·
orlav35; Eragon.....dah line u picked cud show up in Jamb English questions. wen "would rather " is used in a sentence, d next verb shud be in past tense ...well, am nt begging u to learn.
05-Jan-2017 22:18:09 ·
orlav35; buh ah cud tutor u if u let me... mah future is kinda optimistic. correcting yuh is a stepping stone to mah future... can't u see dah??......
05-Jan-2017 22:20:17 ·
eragon247; Pfft. Even your grammatical emission is not available.
Tutor someone? Tutorial someone?

Tether forth and natter with your diluted parents, I blame them for this disaster.
06-Jan-2017 23:17:01 ·
orlav35; yhu making dis bcom a controversial issue. ah understand ur intellectual prowess n how tenacious u cud be as to wen yhu shud be receptive...ah am quite sure dah u HV learnt smfin from mah posts. Jxt admit it and stop being pompous !!!!!!!!!!#winks#
07-Jan-2017 10:18:50 ·
eragon247; Pfft. You'll die if I didn't.. Just swerve into the hades.
07-Jan-2017 12:36:55 ·
Colin Blake; Una go kill me with grammar oo.. I just dey laugh una.. To my mates who find their excessive use of vulgar words offensive, don't worry because When Jamb result will show, Eragon and Orlva might start typing in Igbo or Yoruba..
08-Jan-2017 05:56:48 ·
Quinsilva; And to think it all strtd wif "COSTIER"... lol
08-Jan-2017 18:53:48 ·
richkiddy; Behave like a basic2 student your mate are busy working hard you are exchanging huge grammars when some of you don't knw the meaning
08-Jan-2017 21:05:17 ·
orlav35; owk, fine. ah will swerve and let u remain in ur stupefaction. No1 here shud pick on mah lines..if u ain't learned ,den it shudnt behove u to inveigle sm1 into accepting ur clumsy opinion. #snaps#,
09-Jan-2017 08:15:04 ·
Quinsilva; I had to open the dictionary just to Understand dis conversation.Nyc! still funny though dat d urge to use uncommon vocabulary strtd from d word "COSTIER" an ommision of one letter "L" to make it a proper grammar!
(COSTLIER) is a word in d dictionary.*Check it out!*
09-Jan-2017 17:06:42 ·
eragon247; Richkiddy. Your parents are poor and food starved, you expect everyone's parents to be in the same calibre with your parents? We are students, boy. Focus and make it, if they should start giving you allowance, you wouldn't type trash about work, stupid demented workaholic. You can't make it in school, bro. Better get your 2by2 and construct a befitting shop literally to your intellect.. . . . . .
09-Jan-2017 20:38:32 ·
richkiddy; God go punish you punish your generation oloriburuku make i give you my facebook profile u go no say i no be smellos like you son of a naugthy woman slut hoe wh*** i don't knw what i can use to qualify your mother you that don't can even boast of wearing nike canvas talkeless of ordinary loafers our own parent get money we con get money join am dependent naugthy woman take look at davido his father his rich but he did not depend on him he work for his own money not a sloth like you that can't work or even live one place eragon 247 u cannot be sucessful son of a naugthy woman me wey i don gain admission i dey help you settle matter u con dey abuse me ko ni ragba fun family yin ewu goat head think before you talk if i to say we fit meet real you no go dey talk trash ko po leti ee sha omo mummyl
09-Jan-2017 21:05:59 ·
richkiddy; To let you knw i learn work i con enter school join am if my parent no get money them no go put me for school or learn work son of a slut when your mother open her p***y wide to recieve your father c**k them no knw say na unfortunate human being dem go born like you just a little i said and he started ranining courses
09-Jan-2017 21:10:07 ·
richkiddy; Curses that curse you rained will go back to your entire generation
09-Jan-2017 21:10:58 ·
Quinsilva; Wow! replay dis episode...
10-Jan-2017 10:26:21 ·
eragon247; Jesus! Kill me here. =))
11-Jan-2017 12:43:21 ·
eragon247; Look at blunders and you're fortunate? Lol. Gimme that your Facebook profile, and I'll help you copy paste your errors on there.. deformed bairn, I thought you got some waves to proffer, instead his epithets are sights to be hold. Insight! Fvck boy, swerve off my sobriquet, olodo.
11-Jan-2017 12:47:04 ·
richkiddy; Tell me the blunders son of a naugthy woman u have nothing to offer in that your dead skull mediocre
11-Jan-2017 15:22:36 ·
richkiddy; Cos u wanna type u started opening the dictionary we all knw mediocre like you since you knw how to speak good grammars why can't you score 100 in jamb use of english unintelligent-person
11-Jan-2017 15:33:05 ·
eragon247; Well, 79, can your retarded father beat that?
11-Jan-2017 16:12:43 ·
eragon247; I need not read those contexts, looks alone would tell how your brain can fathom. Open dictionary for an inane being like yourself? Don't be unfortunate nor think high of yourself. . . . Your father is an alcoholic useless person , your mother is proudly a pepper seller, both gave birth to you. Lol. Direct descendant of illiteracy. Look me well, we aren't of the same calibre, get that. Omo ale.
11-Jan-2017 16:18:06 ·
richkiddy; Ohhh he they pain u zero integrity,weakling,down syndrome patient u lack sense of belonging guy no use your own block me for road this a new year i think u should be more reasonable and behave like a university student,start preparing for school and stop thinking like someone with downsydrome if u call my parents a pepper seller then your own father na motor park touts agbero get of my phone and find better things to do naughty-person
11-Jan-2017 22:10:20 ·
richkiddy; If not for the programming code of my school website u would have seen the vulgar words am using to abuse you d**k head
11-Jan-2017 22:12:05 ·
richkiddy; Why that 79 of urs can't give u admission Art class O level graduate by their bragging you shall knw them shey na your grammar go put food on top table for me SLOTH
11-Jan-2017 22:14:38 ·
richkiddy; Guy go and write physics chemistry maths and english in jamb and score 247 in jamb u keep bragging can u compare scientist to lazy humanities like you we excel more thsn you guys why is medicine the course with the highest number of candidate every year why can't law be it who wants to work in the sun and cook up white lies like you do just to send people to jail you should be regretting your life proud COMPUTER SCIENTIST IT IS NOT PRIDE BUT CLASS ODE
11-Jan-2017 22:19:44 ·
richkiddy; People in the house wetin una see for this matter art class student bragging to a scientist,now i knw why you speak huge grammars cos u are gunning for law if i don't knw how to speak huge grammars like u i will attack u with a scientist term u are nothing but an ammonia gas you sound unpleasant dickhead,mediocre,sloth don't knw what to qualify you with.When you grow up u will start cooking lies for your wife and children at home we all knw lawyers dey are dangerous set of people looking for who to sentence
11-Jan-2017 22:25:37 ·
richkiddy; Come to think of it i had to and check my result slip cos of u i scored 62#TBT# in english just a 17 mark differrence to yours i am more better than you that is the fact if i had been an art student like you and keep reading novels ,magazine,newspapers etc i would have had up to 95 u can see am more better than u don't just envy my sucess think about yourself and move on with life the fact dat you did not make it last year doesn't mean you won't make it this year but next time don't compare yourself to a science student cos we reason hard more than you guys and try to choose a less competitive course word of advice for you bro for me game over any quarrel on this i won't waste my time in replying you cos it won't fetch me money
11-Jan-2017 22:41:11 ·
orlav35; OMG...
did ah cause all dese?? geez, mah hand no dy oh.
12-Jan-2017 12:49:03 ·
orlav35; buh, seriously... Richkiddy has been creating blunt lines. if ah were ur VC, ah wud HV sent u packing ur luggage out of d sch.
12-Jan-2017 12:52:16 ·
richkiddy; Orlav35 you are a mediocre,myschool champion ode,we all knw that people like you don't make it in life dat is why your life looks like a rag get off my phone scumbag
12-Jan-2017 13:55:04 ·
eragon247; Um. Main problem with these science students, they are literally demented, even this boy is way worse than my victims. Poor kid, stop this gibberish already, I loathe checking my notification and I see this post has been commented after mine. You're useless, an olodo. Get lost, please.
12-Jan-2017 15:28:09 ·
richkiddy; Who is he talking to
12-Jan-2017 16:19:10 ·
orlav35; Richkiddy....lolz.. anoda loozzlzz!

look , yhu are hurt and to be honest wif u, ah was dreadfully thrilled by d unsavoury speculations yhu jxt made abt me. It shud be clear dat ah was only fraternizing wif u and ,besides, yhu re running a foul of wah is acceptable on this seems to me dah u and Eragon are MRE dan adept at insulting folks..well ,unlike me,ah don't insult people. Ah only make wishes, and one of dos wishes is dat if ah were d VC of ur sch, ah wud HV sent u packing ur luggage outta d sch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply me and grow a brain tumor....!! #rubbish#
12-Jan-2017 19:32:58 ·
richkiddy; Ode and u will have a lung cancer lets see who will die fast your brain is nothing but compared to that of a fruit fly.I won't reply you again i can see u are just waisting my time
12-Jan-2017 21:09:20 ·
orlav35; waisting ??? ...lolzzz, . ah pray u graduate excellently . And u better don't reply cus u re making fun of ursef.
13-Jan-2017 15:49:34 ·
richkiddy; f**l instead of correcting others mistakes all u do is make fun if them that is why u can't make it joor
13-Jan-2017 22:35:02 ·
richkiddy; Just becos of an putting an i us started making noise u need prayers no one is above mistake wasting unintelligent-person son of a naugthy woman
13-Jan-2017 22:36:41 ·
orlav35; Even tho ah acceded to assuage ur poor-polished grammar, ah din't even kW where to start from!!... every sentences u made were filled wif errors . And u jxt don't want to stop... what's d meaning of "WASTING UNINTELLIGENT-PERSON SON OF A NAUGHTY WOMAN"... haba, does it mk any sense to u?? I jxt don't wnt to pinpoint all d errors u hv posted so far. ah wana be ur frnd...if u say Yes,den ah wud send across mah number to u,privately, and hook u up on whatsaapp.... If u don't mind oh!!!
13-Jan-2017 22:58:10 ·
richkiddy; f**l don't u see i tried to call u a b**tch for behaving like one and an id**t but myschool changed it cos that is how the website have Been programmed to change vulgar words to phrase use your brain d**k head
14-Jan-2017 20:58:49 ·
richkiddy; U could try writing b**tch in full and id**t also and let see what turns out.i don't understand english but i could pass waec and jamb and also gain admission don't use see that when people type on phone they make more mistakes dan writing with their hand cos auto correct software could easily change words without u knwing it
14-Jan-2017 21:03:18 ·
richkiddy; This is the end of it go and find something to do bro bye bye
14-Jan-2017 21:05:27 ·
richkiddy; If i had the opportunity to rewrite jamb and tell u that i will have an high score more than yours i don't knw why a science studen't will be running after mistakes in english when u are suppose to be jerking hard you are here wasting your time on top of nothing i wonder when you are going to gain admission with this dumbass life you are living maybe in 10 years time thou๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
14-Jan-2017 21:10:15 ·
richkiddy; It is an advice go and pick up your book and read and stop wasting your precious time reading this comment
14-Jan-2017 21:11:47 ·
orlav35; oh, ah forgot to tell u sumfin.Am a student of Michael okpara university ...umudike. ah find no reason why yhu shud be boasting abt being an undergraduate..Millions of pipl hv past tru wah u passing tru now and, are feeling normal .So,wahs ur probs? yhu jxt keep insulting unnecessarily !. Yhu hv a prob and,unfortunately, u don't seem to understand it. If yhu cud mellow down,u wud see d errors in ur nat fucking talking abt the 'naugthy woman' and 'unintelligent-person' . yhu kinda disgracing me out here..!!!
14-Jan-2017 21:31:09 ·
orlav35; PRIDE COMES before a fall'.. pride came upon u on d day yhu were admitted and, it is about time u start plunging by having a low G.P . don't say ah dint warn you!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14-Jan-2017 21:42:30 ·
richkiddy; bleep ur mother she should have abort u f**l if you don't make this madness stop i will start raining courses
15-Jan-2017 20:37:19 ·
orlav35; taaaarh....gerara hia.
15-Jan-2017 22:17:45 ·
eragon247; I'm amused at these kids showcasing their literally knowledge. But what baffles me is when people comfortably accept illiteracy. Orlav35 & richkiddy, you should come together, reason together and perhaps, perhaps, bairns. You'd both make it through some charity work.
07-Feb-2017 05:58:06 ·
Tommy Nteowo; "ah wud rather you studied hard bfore setting ur thoughts on jamb".

This statement is correct because it observes the rule of grammar. Naturally, the sentence without a second subject 'You' would go with a simple present form "study". So that it looks like : I would rather 'study' hard... having only one subject 'I'. But with the second subject 'you', it must go with a past form of a verb.
13-Feb-2017 21:45:42 ·
eragon247; Where is the past form in it?
14-Feb-2017 18:25:59 ·
DNaijaguy says;
Make dem answer on time
05-Jan-2017 10:21:03 ·
Emperor Chizzy says;
05-Jan-2017 10:21:51 ·
Electricbrain371 says;
Ok, we are waiting
05-Jan-2017 10:26:19 ·
iyanuoluwajomiloju says;
05-Jan-2017 10:29:13 ·
Alowonle11; Naa Easy Thing Oo Jst Take Easy
05-Jan-2017 23:04:35 ·
Emmyanson says;
Till then......
Until date is announced......
05-Jan-2017 10:32:51 ·
leky7 says;
guys pls do you know the combination of economics in lasu for. o levels
05-Jan-2017 11:01:10 ·
Godwin31997888; English,mathematics,economics and government or geography.
05-Jan-2017 13:22:08 ·
BENEDICTAA; or commerce
05-Jan-2017 14:37:32 ·
Godwin31997888; Commerce not allowed in jamb in sum skull like IAU,unilag and futa.d best subject combinations to study economics in any university in Nigeria,is eEnglish,mathematics,economics and government or geography.not all skull admitts candidate who write commerce in jamb.a friend of mine went to oau Ife,and wrote postutme and passed but was denied admission all because he wrote commerce in jamb.skulls like IAU,futa and unilag don't admitted candidate who wrote commerce in jamb.
05-Jan-2017 14:50:51 ·
BENEDICTAA; wel commerce can be replaced with government.
05-Jan-2017 17:02:29 ·
A A Alhassan; 07035407098 Wastapp me pls @ AALIYAH2
06-Jan-2017 06:46:39 ·
leky7; Thanks guys its a science students ,I think geography will go.God bless but it's o level not jamb combination.
06-Jan-2017 10:25:25 ·
chetibaby says;
pls wat is the subject combination go medical radiography
05-Jan-2017 11:23:04 ·
Godwin31997888; English,biology,physics and chemistry.
05-Jan-2017 13:23:38 ·
Pls guys can I use last year's jamb result for dis years admission hunt?
05-Jan-2017 12:35:08 ·
Ami is bae; No sir
05-Jan-2017 13:00:21 ·
CLASSIC-TANKO; But I tot dey(senate) implemented it to last for 3yrs
07-Jan-2017 10:53:17 ·
suney says;
that would be nice
05-Jan-2017 12:41:23 ·
vongsfresh; Nice for the cost
05-Jan-2017 16:10:47 ·
suney says;
thats gud
05-Jan-2017 12:43:16 ·
Blm12 says;
Chetibaby hi! Am also an aspirant for radiography UNICAL pricisely! Can i have your number lets hook up! Thanks!
05-Jan-2017 13:29:44 ·
Maxwell Tega; Drop your whatsapp contact so you can be added to the unical aspirants group or you can send a message to this number 08179683487 to be added.
06-Jan-2017 07:30:08 ·
Eaglehills; Am aspiring in unical
15-Jan-2017 16:14:08 ·
de moon says;
05-Jan-2017 13:57:35 ·
05-Jan-2017 14:38:25 ·
A A Alhassan; 07035407098 wastapp me pls
06-Jan-2017 06:42:33 ·

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