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WAEC Releases 2016 GCE Results,13488 Results Withheld - See Performance Statistics

Posted: 17-Dec-2016 [16:56:25] into O'Level by bilaudaud for school | 30 Comments

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The West African Examinations Council,WAEC, has released the results of the 2016 Nov/Dec West African Senior School Certificate Examination, (WASSCE).

The results were announced by the Head of National Office, Nigeria, Mr Olu Adenipekun yesterday in Lagos.

According to him, “A total of 66,497 (Sixty Six Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety Seven) candidates, representing 38.50%, obtained credits in five (5) subjects and above, including English Language and Mathematics. “The percentage of candidates that obtained five (5) credits and above including English Language and Mathematics in the WASSCE for Private Candidates in 2014 and 2015 was 29.37% and 20.59% respectively.

“19 (Nineteen) visually challenged candidates registered for and sat the examination in Nigeria. From this figure, 4 (Four) candidates, representing 21.05% obtained credit in five (5) subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

“Of the total number of 172,699 (One Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand Six Hundred and Ninety Nine) candidates that sat the examination, 149,651 (One Hundred and Forty Nine Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty One) candidates, representing 86.65% obtained credits and above in two (2) subjects; 134,152 (One Hundred and Thirty Four Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Two) candidates, representing 77.67% obtained credits and above in three (3) subjects, while 116,133 (One Hundred and Sixteen Thousand One Hundred and Thirty Three) candidates, representing 67.25% obtained credits and above in four (4) subjects.

95,294 (Ninety Five Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Four) candidates, representing 55.18% obtained credits and above in five (5) subjects, while 72,229 (Seventy Two Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty Nine) candidates, representing 41.82% obtained credits and above in six (6) subjects.”

Candidates have been directed to check the details of their performance on the Council’s website: within the next twenty-four hours.

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Comments (30)
Gerald4585 says;
Has anyone checked pls?
17-Dec-2016 17:14:15 ·
Taofeekayo says;
wish all of us success
17-Dec-2016 17:15:55 ·
herdeyemmy2015 says;
17-Dec-2016 17:17:37 ·
Flawble says;
Mine says no result availa in the speacifed year wat dose it mean
17-Dec-2016 17:29:03 ·
Pino says;
i guess the result has only be released but yet to be paste online because the response is No result for this specified candidate this year
17-Dec-2016 17:41:30 ·
arinze333; Can't you read, they said u can check ur result in the next 24hours
17-Dec-2016 19:35:07 ·
Taofeekayo says;
after 24 hours
17-Dec-2016 18:31:00 ·
Flawble says;
the result came out yesterday at 2pm so itz already 24 hr guess myschool just got d news
17-Dec-2016 20:00:01 ·
gjmuham says;
18-Dec-2016 17:37:29 ·
yinkus10 says;
who has seen his or her own result.
19-Dec-2016 07:14:38 ·
Topwinner; Me.
19-Dec-2016 20:13:37 ·
Amolad20 says;
No 1 wil av sin it. Not yt availabu
19-Dec-2016 07:59:56 ·
yinkus10 says;
but i checked mine it was saying pin has already been use by another candidate. and it is the pin on my photo card.
19-Dec-2016 08:49:45 ·
j.fizzy says;
I guess,by today it will be posted
19-Dec-2016 09:33:23 ·
j.fizzy says;
Admin,what do u av to say
19-Dec-2016 09:34:54 ·
yinkus10 says;
go get another scratch card becouse all pin on photo cards has been block........ i laugh. nigeria fraud no go kill us rep excellent. team mbbs.
19-Dec-2016 10:55:59 ·
RubiSommy says;
I tried checking my own , it said my pin and details have been used by another candidate ....what do I do ...should I buy new scratch card ????
19-Dec-2016 11:43:37 ·
frankobobby; go to d cybercafe dat registered u nd threaten dem bcos dey have done sumtin with ur pin
19-Dec-2016 20:16:53 ·
Topwinner; I didn't experience any problems while checking mine. Try to recheck yours.
19-Dec-2016 20:23:02 ·

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