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JAMB CBT Practice Software 2017 - Free Download Now Available

Posted: 03-May-2017 [19:26:55] into Jamb by Myschool for school | 211 Comments

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The 2017 JAMB CBT Software has now been totally refreshed to contain over 40,000 possible CBT past questions from 1978 to 2016. You can now download the JAMB CBT software and use it to get the exact feeling you would experience in your coming 2017 UTME exam.

Once activated, apart from all JAMB, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB past questions (from 1978 to 2016), we will also give you 1 year of Free SMS alerts for your Main School of choice. This is the best practise JAMB CBT Software you can ever have on your Computer System.

If you are determined to score up to 290 and above, you simply have to download this software today and start your preparations immediately. The exam practice section works totally offline, so you do not require internet to be the best.

Download Link

Start downloading right now by clicking here, while you continue reading on how this software would help you scale your 2017 UTME.

.NET (DotNET) Framework Requirement

If after installing the software using the above download link, and it says you require .NET (dotNET) Framework to proceed in using the software, then download, install and update your system for free, with the latest DOTNET Framework by clicking here

Previous Myschool JAMB CBT Software

If the above new version is not working at all for you, then you can download the previous JAMB CBT Software that will work by clicking here

Notable Features

The software has also been packed with the latest JAMB Brochure and JAMB Syllabus for 2017 so you will be sure that all your reading requirements and admission preparations are all in tact.

The most interesting fact about this Latest JAMB CBT Software is that it does not expire. It will last for the lifetime of your computer system. You can always update the software with new questions, answers & explanations, so you don't need to always re-download to get updates. Myschool will also provide you with reliable News and Events, right from the software interface. Isn't that awesome?

The best way to experience what we mean is to download the JAMB CBT software for 2017 UTME right now by clicking here

Getting Your Activation Code

After downloading, you can easily get your activation code from within the software. If you would like to get an activation code right now so you can get started, click here to order a code

Agents, Resellers & Bulk Purchase

Good News! We have now reduced the price for Agents, Resellers & Bulk Purchase, so that even students can become agents. If you are already an agent, this is your time to make even more money as this offer may be limited.

For cyber cafe operators, business centres and family/public computers, the software now allows multiple users on one particular system. If you are interested in bulk purchases, please click here to read more

15 Key Features

1. Activate Once, Use it for Life of your computer - Very Cheap
2. No weekly, monthly or yearly subscription or activation fee - Very, very Cheap
3. Access over 40,000 past questions (1978 - 2016) and their solutions for JAMB, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB exams, in an organized manner.
4. Access all past questions and their solutions without any Internet Connection, even in remote and rural areas.
5. Supports multiple users per system
6. Study Past Question Year by Year - All years included
Carry all past question & answer booklets for all subjects in your computer.
7. Enables you search for a particular question keyword in any subject and get the answer and explanations. Like a "google" for past questions.
8. Gives you an idea of what JAMB CBT environment really feels like.
9. Comes with a FREE copy of Admission 101 - A guide and an eye opener to all the pitfalls you should avoid right from filling your JAMB form, until you get into school and finally matriculate.
10. Fully prepares you for JAMB CBT and any form of CBT exams
11. Can update the latest questions for free
12. View the Latest JAMB Brochure to check course requirements for free
13. View the Latest JAMB Syllabus for reading requirements for free
14. Keeps you updated with Reliable & Latest News & Events from Myschool
15. Avoid expensive admission sorting by encouraging learning.

With this Myschool JAMB CBT Software and constant practise, you are sure of scoring 290+ in your JAMB CBT Exams.

Download Link

Download this awesome software right now by clicking here.

Let us know if you have any issues by using the comment section below.

Get Post UTME Past Questions + SMS, Email Alerts for 2017/2018 Admissions. Click Here to Subscribe.


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Comments (211)
Queen heyzinneh says;
Ftc.. Thanks
30-Nov-2016 09:30:08 ·
damola11 says;
oau admission list is out on jamb portals check urs
30-Nov-2016 09:44:04 ·
Ekeso says;
30-Nov-2016 09:47:19 ·
Emmanuel Akin says;
pls is dere any available myschool app for balckberry users?
30-Nov-2016 11:08:56 ·
Myschool; Sorry sir, non for blackberry. You can however install on your parent's or sibling's device or study the free online version using your browser. Here is the link:
01-Dec-2016 00:35:54 ·
Francis Ikuerowo says;
Can it work on Android phone?
01-Dec-2016 11:34:24 ·
omorodion kelly; yes it can
27-Aug-2017 23:18:59 ·
adexventures says;
how can i get order code?
07-Dec-2016 11:38:39 ·
Myschool; You can download the app first and Order a Code from the app.
07-Dec-2016 13:10:07 ·
ade76; av already ordered for d code BT no reply from my school and av paid also with dis my unique code:106637903
11-Feb-2017 15:47:16 ·
Myschool; @Ade, Please send your order code via our email or call our helplines between 9am - 5pm from Mondays to Fridays. To contact us, please click here
12-Feb-2017 17:04:52 ·
bellobello; please help me i want to install it on my macbook
03-May-2017 14:14:24 ·
musarawa says;
how can i get the order code i have download the software bt is givin only two question
08-Dec-2016 10:14:34 ·
Myschool; Try to call the numbers provided in the soft ware for options you can use.
08-Dec-2016 13:36:43 ·
Mzee185 says;
@my school how will I get d activation code
20-Dec-2016 17:28:11 ·
Celineonugha says;
hv downloaded it in my laptop but I can see it
31-Dec-2016 00:03:11 ·
janetgift says;
my school, is dis apps just like d one we practice online here, because am new and I don't understand
04-Jan-2017 22:44:48 ·
Myschool; Yes it's similar but you don't require internet connection to practice with the app. It also give you quick access to important information.
05-Jan-2017 02:07:34 ·
janetgift says;
my school, how do I get to login to d app Hv already downloaded it
04-Jan-2017 23:00:08 ·
Myschool; When you open the app, Click the Menu (3 vertical dots) located at the top right hand of the app. You will see a link you can use to login.
05-Jan-2017 02:09:36 ·
janetgift; myschool,hw can i download it please
06-Jan-2017 09:18:10 ·
janetgift; My school,hw do i get 2 download d apps,because d previous 1 i download did nt show on d phone
06-Jan-2017 09:20:18 ·
Myschool; This is the software for computer systems and laptops. If you want the one for android mobile phones, click here
07-Jan-2017 01:42:48 ·
chetibaby says;
plsss wat is the cut off mark for medical radiography in ABU zaria
05-Jan-2017 11:18:58 ·
Lilian 34 says;
please My school I lost my apps what can I do to bring it back although I have registered and also activated
06-Jan-2017 08:42:04 ·
Myschool; Please call our helpline between 9am - 5pm from Monday to Fridays for possible re-activation.
19-Jan-2017 21:55:07 ·
Nezzy2nonny says;
#myschool,,, i just paid to get d activation code, how long do you think i can get a reply???
08-Jan-2017 00:43:19 ·
Uteh winifred; did pay cash for the code?
04-Apr-2017 22:09:48 ·
Yug2cool says;
hi myschool i purchase d jamb software on my laptop after purchasing d cbt code but wen i format my system d previous code didnt work again wit it
11-Jan-2017 18:49:31 ·
Myschool; Yes, it ought not to work. Please call our helpline between 9am - 5pm from Monday to Fridays for possible solutions.
19-Jan-2017 21:55:52 ·
orefola; Hi myschool,i found out that the app can't be downloaded on windows phone,and that's the type of phone i use. What do you think is the way out because i really need the app.
31-Mar-2017 11:30:43 ·
Myschool; You can try using it on your sibling or parent's phone. The app only works on Android. You can also practice the version we have online, using your browser. Click here to start
31-Mar-2017 11:35:45 ·
orefola; Ok thanks.
31-Mar-2017 12:36:34 ·
Adewale2626; Pls Yur number
30-Apr-2017 12:55:36 ·

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