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JAMB CBT Practice Mobile App 2017 - Free Download

Posted: 03-May-2017 [19:19:34] into Jamb by Myschool for school | 382 Comments

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You can now download, for free, the New 2017 UTME Ready version of the Myschool JAMB CBT practice mobile App for Android Devices. Once activated, apart from all JAMB, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB past questions (from 1978 to 2016), we will also give you 1 year of Free SMS alerts for your Main School of choice. This is the best practise app you can ever have on your phone.

This easy-to-use app is a must have for any candidate intending to write the 2017 JAMB CBT UTME, WAEC, NECO or NABTEB, as it provides you with all the tools necessary to comfortably pass your exams.

Here's what's new in this 2017 Version of the App;
- 2017 UTME Ready.
- 2016 CBT Questions, now included.
- JAMB Calculator
- Supports Agents, Resellers & Bulk Purchase.
- Myschool CBT Ranking, now included
- Myschool CBT Competition Ready.
- Ability to update new questions.
- Ability to get corrected questions & explanations.

We will also keep you updated about JAMB, your School of Choice and other important information you need to know. It's all free!

If you are a smart business person, and you already see how to make money by marketing, selling and offering support by requesting a bulk purchase at a discount, or becoming an Agent or Reseller for this product, click here to read more.

Links to download now

There are two options for you to download:

1. You can Download it directly from the Google Play Store by search for Myschool JAMB App or by visiting this link:

2. If the above does not work, You can also download the raw APK file by using this link:

Standard Features of the Myschool JAMB CBT Practice App

- Access over 40,000 past questions and their solutions for JAMB, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB exams, in an organized manner.
- Access all past questions and their solutions without any Internet Connection, even in remote and rural areas.
- Study Past Question Year by Year - All years included
- Carry all past question & answer booklets for all subjects in your mobile phone.
- Enables you search for a particular question keyword in any subject and get the answer and explanations. Like a "google" for past questions.
- Gives you an idea of what JAMB CBT environment feels like.
- Comes with flexible and reliable 1 year of SMS alerts for your choice school as stated in your profile.
- Comes with a FREE copy of Admission 101 - A guide and an eye opener to all the pitfalls you should avoid right from filling your JAMB form, until you get into school and finally matriculate.
- Prepares you for JAMB CBT and also Post-UTME exams in your school of choice.
- View with the Latest JAMB Brochure to check course requirements for free
- View with the Latest JAMB Syllabus for reading requirements for free
- Avoid expensive admission sorting by encouraging learning.

With this Myschool App and constant practise, you are sure of scoring 290+ in your JAMB CBT Exams.

Links to download now

There are two options for you to download:

1. You can Download it directly from the Google Play Store by search for Myschool JAMB App or by visiting this link:

2. If the above does not work, You can also download the raw APK file by using this link:

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Comments (382)
14-Nov-2016 06:41:21 ·
Oluwa mide says;
14-Nov-2016 06:51:47 ·
my scholar says;
to whom it may concern..
14-Nov-2016 08:24:04 ·
farukudanbaba001; Wat do they mean by remeter
29-Mar-2017 09:41:05 ·
Kingfestty says;
Dear, what happens if I change my phone after purchasing and installing CBT Practice on it, since per activation code is meant to work only on one phone? Urgent reply please. Thank you
14-Nov-2016 11:34:25 ·
Myschool; The activation covers your phone. So even if you change your number, the app remains in your phone and it will still be active. You should however, ensure you keep your phone properly.
14-Nov-2016 15:46:26 ·
iwuohaisaboy; i did mobile transfer and i have not received my activation code and its now more than 24 hrs
25-Feb-2017 15:30:43 ·
Myschool; Thanks for writing in and sorry for the delay. Please send the following information to our email (support[at];

1. The bank payment was made into
2. The date of payment
3. The teller number/transfer number
4. Depositor's Name/Account Name
5. Your order code.

Once we have all these information, we should be able to resolve this fairly quickly.
26-Feb-2017 18:45:28 ·
iwuohaisaboy; i complained about my cbt activation code but i was told to send my details to (support[at]; but it is an invalid email address please answer there is no time left again
26-Feb-2017 23:46:23 ·
Myschool; Please replace [at] with @ and send the mail.
27-Feb-2017 00:59:07 ·
iwuohaisaboy; i did the transfer with my bank app in my android phone so i sent a screenshot of the payment because there was no transfer number
please would i still get the activation code
27-Feb-2017 09:50:30 ·
Myschool; I believe this issue has now been resolved?
27-Feb-2017 23:16:13 ·
iwuohaisaboy; thanks myschool you are the best
28-Feb-2017 17:05:37 ·
Oluwashida says;
Please my school, can any android phone like Techno H3 download this app, and also what are the charges in downloading it?
14-Nov-2016 18:17:51 ·
Myschool; Yes, it can work on any android device and it is free to download. Simplu use any of the links provided in the aboce publication.
14-Nov-2016 18:25:23 ·
adesina506; I can't find nabteb questions in the mobile app and pls how can i get admission 101 for mobile
18-Nov-2016 00:15:39 ·
Myschool; If you are using the activated app, visit the study past questions area for nabteb questions.
18-Nov-2016 00:17:28 ·
adesina506; pls how can i get admission 101 for mobile
20-Nov-2016 12:16:32 ·
maggie-whizz says;
Jamb aspirants 2017/2018 add me to any avail group
16-Nov-2016 18:52:39 ·
Harrisonr4j ; Drop your digit
13-May-2017 21:09:10 ·
SIMON CK says;
22-Nov-2016 19:41:17 ·
JohnnyVision04; Plz View Your Email Adress And Your Facebook Id(username), To Join. Thanks
03-Feb-2017 22:21:43 ·
obedvictor; [email protected]
FB;Timothy Obed
18-Mar-2017 11:06:52 ·
davidoluwaseun says;
pls i need urgent answer to this, is 2017/2018 jamb form out?
24-Nov-2016 10:45:44 ·
anita lawrence; yeah jamb form is out
18-Apr-2017 22:53:53 ·
Bakare Grace; plz hw much does d form cost?
04-Nov-2017 13:01:09 ·
daoodmubarak says;
PLC. sir myschool..... I have downloaded the application but it does not open any blog inside..... it was asking for the username and the password but when I add it! it will reply ........ Connecting error.... pls. what can I do.... very urgent plc
28-Nov-2016 16:19:03 ·
Myschool; Thanks for writing in. You are to use the username and password you use on this site to login. Please what are you looking to achieve with the app?
28-Nov-2016 20:37:41 ·
daoodmubarak; I wanted to be using it for studying ..... and majorly for the preparation of the forthcoming jamb exam..... so but have been inserted the username and along with the password DAT I used here to open it but unfortunately it was telling me that no network connection despite the fact that the data on the phone was totally ON
28-Nov-2016 22:56:30 ·
Myschool; Try turning off your data and turning it back on, and then launch the app to see. Sometimes, issues with IP may affect connections. So try that a few times to see if this issue is resolved.
29-Nov-2016 00:16:27 ·
daoodmubarak; what is telling me us DAT NO INTERNET CONNECTION
29-Nov-2016 07:55:26 ·
iseoluwajomiloju says;
What are the subjects I will write in jamb if I want to study law?
29-Nov-2016 15:36:52 ·
Faith osbourne; you are to write english,crs,government and literature in english
29-Dec-2016 20:16:54 ·
anita lawrence; The subjects you are to write are english,gov,crs and literature
18-Apr-2017 22:59:34 ·
crystalimoh says;
pls how can i download the app on a destop
29-Nov-2016 22:24:03 ·
Myschool; The app can't work on desktop. You will need the software for desktops. To get that, click here
30-Nov-2016 00:33:55 ·
davidoluwaseun; pls is utme 2017/2018 form out? i have been offline for a long time and i'm trying to catch up
30-Nov-2016 23:37:09 ·
Myschool; No it's not out yet. When it's available, we will inform you on this website.
30-Nov-2016 23:50:39 ·
davidoluwaseun; thanks a lot,i really really appreciate that.
01-Dec-2016 06:21:44 ·
doggedness says;
can someone use 2012 waec on 2017 Oau and delsu
05-Dec-2016 11:12:00 ·
Bella uchechukwu says;
Please how do I download it in my laptop?
08-Dec-2016 14:26:28 ·
Myschool; You should download the computer software version on your laptop. Please search for it in the myschool shop using the links provided at the bottom of this page.
12-Dec-2016 17:28:49 ·
kelvinterv; Please help me! The order of names I used in my CBT registration is different from the one I used in Waec registration. In Waec, d details is Surname: Amiteye. First name: Tervin and middle name: Osanwumi. In Jamb, the details are: Surname: Osanwumi. First name: Amiteye and middle name: Tervin. Please I hope it's not going to give me problem in future? Please help!
26-Apr-2017 12:58:41 ·
ivory.talks says;
I tried downloading on a wundows phone but it isnt working and rhe apk file isnt too. please what can i do?
12-Dec-2016 10:06:00 ·
Myschool; The apk is meant for android devices only. You can try the computer software version to see if it works on your device.
12-Dec-2016 17:27:46 ·
chelseasas says;
pls is jamb 2016/2017 out
12-Dec-2016 19:59:13 ·
18-Apr-2017 22:52:05 ·
Deforeroma; I downloaded the app on my android phone but it's not working.
The response is that the app is not responding.
So what else?
07-May-2017 23:48:10 ·
dopecfo; Go and throw away your phone
11-May-2017 09:55:31 ·
Deforeroma; Really?
12-May-2017 10:32:02 ·

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