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FG To Offer Free Education To Science, Technology And Education Students

Posted: 23-Dec-2015 [13:33:08] into Politics by myschool paul for school | 19 Comments

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President Buhari yesterday presented the 2016 Budget to the National Assembly and Nigerians at at large.

According to the president, the proposed budget which amounts to N6.08 trillion will help revive the economy.

While elaborating on how the 2016 budget will impact the different sectors, the president mentioned some of the plans for the education sector to include feeding of public primary school pupils and free education for science, technology and education students in our tertiary institutions.

He also said that the the Federal Government will collaborate with with states and local governments to tackle the “chronic shortage’’ of teachers in public schools across the country by recruiting, training and deploying 500,000 unemployed graduates and NCE holders to strengthen basic education, especially in rural areas.

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Comments (19)
joshdav says;
Okay.. We are waiting,i pray it's done.
23-Dec-2015 13:45:33 ·
Glory brown says;
Pls is ignatius ajuru 2nd post utme registration still on
23-Dec-2015 14:14:26 ·
emarc says;
Hope and pray this reaches me!
23-Dec-2015 16:56:35 ·
obinna.ogbogu says;
Metchwwwwwwww. Nigeria is a joke.
23-Dec-2015 20:15:24 ·
ADEBAYO SEGUN; .....and what have you done to make it a reality.Why spewing trash without sense. Park well jor.
23-Dec-2015 20:26:19 ·
obinna.ogbogu; Tell that to ur father., since you lack home training.
27-Dec-2015 12:08:56 ·
little john says;
Make sense
24-Dec-2015 02:10:49 ·
Herbephe1 says;
Our president has spoken well,may God help him.But 1tin i dislike abt his fighting corruption crusade is dat,he can't kill a tree by "cutting its branch,he nids to uproot it.Dnt just fight d corruptn at top,lets see d wind of d fight in som institutions most esp. their techniques of giving admsn like Oau,unilorin,offapoly etc so that the children of the masses can av access to educatn and Nigeria will also have best products.God bless Nigeria
24-Dec-2015 08:57:52 ·
Anekeology says;
I pray that it becomes a reality,i will for ever be grateful to God for using President Buhari to bring my dreams to pass.
24-Dec-2015 08:59:33 ·
P.blessed says;
24-Dec-2015 19:36:05 ·
Respect90 says;
whn d righteous z in throne;d Pppl rejoic.He z nt by mistak bt 4 a divin purpose.
24-Dec-2015 22:48:04 ·
Respect90 says;
He z nt there by mistak
24-Dec-2015 22:50:29 ·
Warudjamba says;
thanks Mr president for this matter we a waiting. may it done
25-Dec-2015 11:08:09 ·
De [email protected] says;
one thing is to promise,another thing is to keep the promise.may God help us in Jesus name.
25-Dec-2015 21:17:14 ·
brainiac# says;
May God Help Us.
25-Dec-2015 22:13:56 ·
Arssba says;
Nice move
26-Dec-2015 00:06:35 ·
barakah damilola says;
May almighty Allah make it easy for him to fufill his promise
26-Dec-2015 08:41:44 ·

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