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10 Things You Should Really Ask A University, If You Want To Study Abroad

Posted: 27-May-2015 [14:48:41] into Study Abroad by myschool paul for school | 15 Comments

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It can be easy to simply ask about the scholarship opportunities a university offers. However, institutions receive hundreds of such enquiries, so your message won’t stand out.

The more unique or personalized your question or enquiry, the more likely it will resonate with the university staff member who reads it; it will be something different from what they see normally.

There are a lot of other things you should be asking. Just think of everything which you would want to know about a university you might be studying at (especially one in a completely different country from your own).

So what should you ask?

‘Where can I live?’
Do you know what accommodation the institution offers? Is this accommodation on or off-campus? How expensive is this accommodation and what’s included? Are you guaranteed a place in on-campus accommodation in your first year? What support is there to find accommodation off-campus?

‘What’s the international student body like?’
What proportion of students currently enrolled are from overseas? What countries do these students come from? Are there many students from your own country? If so, are there any specific clubs or societies which are tailored to students from here?

‘How is the course taught?’
Is the course taught through lectures, lab work or seminars? How many students are in these classes? What is the structure of a normal lecture/seminar? Will you work independently, or with one or more students as part of group-work? How many hours can you expect to spend on campus each week? Does this include face-time with your professors in their office hours?

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Author bio:
You can start speaking to overseas universities through Hotcourses Abroad. Simply search on the site for a university or course you’re interested in. When you see the ‘Contact Institution’ button, click it to send a question to a relevant staff member at that university.

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Comments (15)
SmartJude says;
am i going to ask them only questions? myschool i need to get the hell out of this country and study
25-May-2015 15:59:38 ·
mathidom; bros calm down house no dey any ware
20-Jul-2015 18:45:26 ·
Jidosky says;
Na true oo same here i'm damn tired of dis countries education sector IT DAMN FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!
25-May-2015 22:00:12 ·
Heryouryeancarh says;
Gonna do exactly
27-May-2015 17:21:05 ·
la slimz says;
Hope der ar nt going to tell lie 2mi due 2 d question am asking dem or ar dey nt going to neglect my questions.
27-May-2015 21:58:11 ·
vivan12 says;
Hello people, please who has written toefl exam b4? Can u
apply for the exam if u dnt hv international passport?
24-Jun-2015 09:20:14 ·
OnyxKlassy; Who says you can't get one while writing the exam
27-Nov-2015 20:16:20 ·
tizkid1848 says;
I wanna go 4 dat
01-Feb-2016 10:48:39 ·
durbin says;
I scored 320 in my jamb eyam
01-Mar-2016 14:57:23 ·
adeleye2367; eyam??!,that is nice
17-May-2017 08:36:33 ·
Electricbrain371 says;
Honestly educational sector in nigeria is handled by f**ls, i desperately need scholarship outside the country
01-Dec-2016 04:56:47 ·
adeleye2367; Haven't you read this novel IN DEPENDENCE
Tayo refused to travel abroad,so learn how to like how the system of one's country goes........#fact
17-May-2017 08:39:10 ·
Dope Dr; You seriously need to also read the book again because tayo eventually ended up traveling abroad and prior to that he also schooled abroad.
21-Aug-2017 22:43:35 ·
u are right @Adeleye.Imbibe and instill the spirit of PATRIOTISM.
15-Jun-2017 16:21:43 ·
ProfessorACE says;
seriously, Nigeria is not really trying in d educational sector, even ordinary Ghana is topping Nigeria on education, it's really appauling. look at how magnificent other ministries in nigeria are built , everything there is clean shiny and expensive infrastructure and expensively furnishedBT go 2 a ministry of education u would hardly see a good powering generator, unconducive environment so tell [email protected] brain371 how do u expect their senses to function well
08-Sep-2017 08:35:55 ·

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