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NOW ONLINE: How to check 2013 May/June WAEC Results on the website

Posted: 08-Aug-2013 [22:34:05] into O'Level by for school | 30 Comments

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We can now confirm that WAEC 2013 May/June result is now online, and open for checking!

We have provided necessary steps for checking the 2013 May/June WAEC results below. If you missed the official statistic, performance analysis in terms of successes and failures, please revisit statistics here.

6 Steps to checking 2013 WAEC GCE Results
Step1: Identifying yourself: Supply your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number. (ie. your 7-Digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate seat number eg. 4123456789).

Step2: Tell WAEC that your examination year is 2013. However you can type in other years if you are not checking for 2013.

Step3: Select the type of examination you sat for. For the recently released result, select May/June or do otherwise if you wrote external exam.

Step4: Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.

Step5: Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card

Step6: Click "Submit" and wait for your result window to come up, then print.

How to check your WAEC result using SMS
YES! You can check your WAEC result via SMS. To check your WAEC 2013 result with a mobile phone, you will need to buy the WAEC Direct Scratch card and simply send a short code in this format:

WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to 32327. For example, if your WAEC Examination number is 42966731, your PIN is 123456, and you sat for WAEC 2013 May/June, send WAEC*42966731*123456*2013 to 32327. The WAEC SMS result checking service costs N30 per SMS and is available only on Glo, Airtel, and MTN networks.

Sending your WAEC result to your email
With the result checker function at the WAEC Direct website, you can send a copy of your WAEC result to your email address. This will make it easily accessible when ever you need it. My advise is that you send a copy to your email address when checking your WAEC SSCE result at the WAEC result checker portal. This is because you have only 5 access to your WAEC result per scratch card. Sending a copy to your email means you can access it as many times as you want via your email.

To send your WAEC result to your email, select the Send results to Email option on WAEC result checker, after you have logged in and enter your email address and click submit. A copy of your WAEC result will be sent to your email address.

See website for checking:

This special guideline was written by Wilfred,
First Student Consultant, Nigeria at Ask Wilfred.

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Comments (30)
Naniodo says;
RESULT NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS CANDIDATE IN THE SPECIFIED YEAR.....dis is wot i got...wen i sent d sms...wot doz it mean?
08-Aug-2013 20:08:41 ·
y2k62; Check in the next 48hrs. Uploading will take quiet some time.
08-Aug-2013 21:00:41 ·
princekelechi; It means that result is not yet out
08-Aug-2013 22:43:54 ·
Galaxy4lyf says;
i made it
08-Aug-2013 22:13:56 ·
honeygal says;
Fill the examination year correctly specify if its may/june or Gce and try again
08-Aug-2013 23:01:08 ·
Nnamdi Benedict says;
Baba God thank u so much, i made it oo. Rejoice wit me pals
08-Aug-2013 23:03:50 ·
Joyamadi; What ar ur grades
23-Sep-2013 02:27:51 ·
Egesie says;
C.r.k A1,Econs B2,Govt A1,Lit C6,Eng B3,Yoruba E8,Maths C5,Agric A1,Bio C5 thank God!
09-Aug-2013 01:31:38 ·
Sadarebab; i thank God 4 u, all my result..held
09-Aug-2013 11:17:05 ·
ade2291 says;
Yessss i made mine, thnk God oo, please can i collect d original certificate 4rm waec now, cos i need it 4 my clearance
09-Aug-2013 06:07:09 ·
Youngcash; U get ur original result frm d skul u wrote ur exam wich is ur statement of result....... It is gce dat u go to waec office to collect
09-Aug-2013 11:12:21 ·
GIGATT says;
No.....till 2years time
09-Aug-2013 09:01:31 ·
Femmany ENER'G says;
Pls can one check it online wit a fone? I checked mine wit ma fone and it said "result nt available for ds candidate in d specified year, pls wat cld be d problem and solution? Answers pls
09-Aug-2013 09:28:00 ·
Ejikechinedu; Yes it can be checked wit a fone...try checkin it in 2moro then ur result should be displayed 4 u..gud luck
09-Aug-2013 10:55:28 ·
Yusifjoker says;
Please where can i get the waec result scratch card and how much is it?
09-Aug-2013 10:36:49 ·
Sadarebab says;
all my result...held
09-Aug-2013 11:17:06 ·
henryoramu says;
all my result is held...pls is there still hope 4 me..?
09-Aug-2013 12:32:05 ·
Oluwayemi11; There is hope if u trust in GOD
11-Aug-2013 17:06:55 ·
EBONE2013; Dia z still hpe,cos it happened 2 me lst yr but it was later released,it might b l8 anyway.
02-Sep-2013 19:10:16 ·
Sadarebab says;
all my results..held,pls wat can i do?
09-Aug-2013 12:41:20 ·
Johnson oluwatosin says;
I made it thank God
09-Aug-2013 13:14:28 ·
pod says;
ma cousine result ws sayinqq no result available for dis specified candidate in this year wat wrong??
09-Aug-2013 15:55:25 ·
ilesanmi342 says;
they will still release 4 you, dat wat happen to my result in year 2011 waec.the problem der is just dat you can use it to process your admission dis year again because dey can release it dis year.4 those people dat saw with HELD on dere result
09-Aug-2013 15:51:01 ·
anifik; i thank God oh
09-Aug-2013 20:45:40 ·

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