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CBT Candidates - JAMB Postpones Exam Dates - Confirm yours today!

Posted: 06-Apr-2013 [17:02:14] into Jamb by Myschool for school | 19 Comments

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Information gathered from Fans of Myschool Facebook page has confirmed that the Computer Based Examination for most CBT candidates have been moved further down the month.

All candidates who fall into the CBT category are advised to recheck their exam dates and re-print their photo-cards from their registration point or the official JAMB website.

Though there are slight changes to date for CBT, the Pen and Paper Test (PPT) version is left unchanged and will hold on 27th April, 2013.

How To Recheck or Reprint your Photocard (UTME 2013 Candidates only)

1. Visit the official portal by clicking here.
2. On the page that loads up, scroll to the section that is labelled "Re-Print Slip"
3. Enter your JAMB registration number in the space provided and click "Re-Print".
4. Your photocard and exam date will be made available to you.
5. If your exam date or any detail is different from the previous photocard you had, then you will need to reprint it using your printer or at a business centre or cyber cafe.

If you are a CBT candidate, recheck, confirm and print your photocard, it does not cost you anything, then use the comment box provided below this page to let us know your previous exam date and the new exam date, if it has changed. Share your worries too.

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Comments (19)
davidmuch says;
Nufin wz observed n mine jawey
06-Apr-2013 17:03:12 ·
Rick9 says;
Wetin concern me
06-Apr-2013 17:50:33 ·
joecastro; Since it doesn't concern u,y ur comment!!
07-Apr-2013 19:49:01 ·
Richqid says;
nope!! No change in mine, m stil writing on 17th april
06-Apr-2013 22:17:16 ·
Benjamin Singdep says;
Mine has change from 8 to 25th
07-Apr-2013 10:41:30 ·
Isaac Kum says;
mine is still 20th april(cbt). Thank God
07-Apr-2013 18:51:34 ·
joecastro; CBt starts on 22nd nd u thanking GOD no change was made on ur's!!!
07-Apr-2013 19:40:20 ·
joecastro says;
No change was made on my own oooo still on 18th April::::::jamb u pple should do this fast b4 it's late!!!
07-Apr-2013 19:49:13 ·
Julu says;
i tink our policy makers are confuse, wat can we achiv wit a whimsical policy,is high tym we got out of dis paradox of inconsistentency else sori wil b d donouement.
07-Apr-2013 21:25:02 ·
alli fatimoh; am also confused can anybody jst tell me when d cbt exam is cumn up
22-Apr-2013 17:02:57 ·
Ague2000 says;
I think d change wz just 4 pple dat their former date fell in 8th-15th
08-Apr-2013 07:04:44 ·
joecastro; Are u telling me there would be exam on 17th-20th while they announced it starts 22nd?
08-Apr-2013 20:38:57 ·
ogini says;
wat hapn to the people that are writin pencil and paper test is there any in their exam date too ?
09-Apr-2013 11:53:32 ·
kenny 4 cul says;
Pls,I had checked mine. nothing ws changed still hold on 20th,bt I heard u say d cbt goin 2 start on 22nd.pls i wnt u to enlight m.thanks
10-Apr-2013 08:33:19 ·
thankgod4rule says;
y is Nigerian's confused, u people are not organized! (WAEC,NECO AND JAMB)
10-Apr-2013 16:04:17 ·
davies1704 says;
10-Apr-2013 21:13:41 ·
akudinanwa says;
you all should go back and check your photo card as the instruction to reprint on the 18th is there now.
12-Apr-2013 23:56:55 ·
emmaebenogwu says;
I am a CBT candidate and my exam date has being change from April 23 to May 20
22-Apr-2013 14:09:16 ·
Akinlolu Oni says;
My CBT examination moved from April 23 to May 22. I hope this will not changed again.
I plead that JAMB should not release 2013 UTME result both paper and CBT until after last day for CBT exam which is June 1, otherwise there will be apprehension.
22-Apr-2013 18:01:14 ·

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