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JAMB CBT 2013: "Do Not Panic!" - Myschool Tells JAMBites

Posted: 02-Dec-2012 [14:56:04] into Jamb by for school | 51 Comments

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More than 80% of intending JAMBites in Nigeria have been thrown into deep fears of the unknown since the Official statement by JAMB to introduce Computer Based Test (CBT) for 2013 UTME. But come to think of it, do you have to be afraid?

Computer Based Test are simple and questions asked are often simpler than the usual Pen and Paper Test (PPT). The only problem with CBT is that our students are not used to the computer environment and interface.

Now imagine having a simulated CBT software installed in your home computer or personal laptop, and have the children (all JAMBites in the house) use it and play around with questions. That is what Nigeria needs. Such children that have this opportunity will score wonderfully in JAMB.

How does it work?

1. The CBT practice software is simpler than a video game, but very addictive to use.
2. It installs on any computer window (desktop or laptop).
3. Upon login, users will be prompted to choose subjects.
4. Users can also set a time limit for the particular study year (50 questions per subject, 100 for English).
6. The program contain well solved JAMB past question from 1978 to 2012 inside.
7. Students can play around with the questions and the system will provide their scores at the end of a section.
8. The program gives you a detailed analysis of your answers, and advices you on the next one.
9. When you are tired on a particular time, you close the window and continue next time.
10. etc.

Myschool is a blessing to Nigerian students! Imagine knowing the answers to all JAMB questions stored in your head like a game. Now tell us why you cannot score 300 in JAMB CBT this year!

All you need is request for the software. Available in soft-copies (downloadable from this website) and hard copies (in CDs). To get a copy of this incredible package, simply click here and follow instructions. Meanwhile share the good news with your friends, family and even your enemies!

Myschool Rocks!

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Comments (51)
cute girl says;
C as una dey ring una bell! Lol. I'm a lover of this website though. Thumbs up. Oh by the way, YEAH, pls I need this software.
03-Nov-2012 08:20:01 ·
; Well who does like what he does? Myschool is proud of the solution we 've become to Nigeria.

The software will be available here soon, both in soft-copy and CDs.
03-Nov-2012 09:35:00 ·
wandeay says;
myschool rocks, others sucks, thumbs up!
03-Nov-2012 08:31:09 ·
Sommy247 says;
Does it mean dat each candidate wil b provided wit a computer?wil any training b giving b4 d exam?
03-Nov-2012 08:52:11 ·
; Actually there will be no prior training! And that is why we are bringing this software as a training sponsored by Myschool.

Simply install it on your system, practice it well and see yourself surprise JAMB on exam date. You will so much love this:)
03-Nov-2012 09:36:58 ·
johngentle says;
Me no even get better phone much more how d bleep on earth am i supposed 2 use it
03-Nov-2012 08:54:42 ·
; You don't necessarily need to own a computer, you can use your friend's own, or family members to study.

The man who invented a computer never used one before invention.
03-Nov-2012 09:41:03 ·
Andrew3es says;
@myschool, after the installation of the software, does it require network to run? That is, must one have access to internet before one uses it?
03-Nov-2012 09:49:28 ·
; The software is INDEPENDENT of network/internet.

It works offline just like your computer games!
03-Nov-2012 11:25:01 ·
charlie3 says;
Nofin do you myschool. Nice thread wish i can write jamb again.GOD bless naija,God bless all d institutions,God bless myschoolcomm admins and God bless we naija students
03-Nov-2012 10:50:56 ·
; You are welcome, Charlie7. God bless us all. Nigeria is ours!
03-Nov-2012 11:25:42 ·
horpeyemy says;
Is it when u fill the form that u'll choose either cbt or ppt?
03-Nov-2012 11:31:34 ·
Ezimadu says;
Pls will d questions come wit answers in d software n can we download it wit phone?
03-Nov-2012 13:34:39 ·
Myschool; Yes, the questions come with answers and full explanation to the answers. However, you can only use it on a computer because it will be similar to JAMB's CBT experience.
03-Nov-2012 13:54:35 ·
ajaidavid says;
ar we 2 choose either cbt or ppt,or unly cbt.myschool god blez u,u ar 2 much.
03-Nov-2012 14:53:09 ·
Vinnozaro says;
Please this is to "Myschoolcomm and every jambites" jamb also said the computer base test will be fully commence on 2015 and not 2013.
So jambites please do not be afraid because you still have the right of chosing paper and pen test for 2013 jamb exams
03-Nov-2012 15:37:22 ·
; And what guarantees success to everyone who sit for JAMB between now and 2015? Practice makes perfect, Vinnozaro!
04-Nov-2012 09:06:58 ·
Chris Sunny says;
Can all candidates who chooses the CBT write their exams the day?
03-Nov-2012 17:29:36 ·
ajaidavid; yez of curse,de will all du it dat day.
03-Nov-2012 20:47:42 ·
Omasoro says;
I luv dis site.... Myschool 4 life
03-Nov-2012 23:20:20 ·
Markable says;
D software dat we r talkin abt contains past questions n answer as mentioned.dos it mean dat dis is d same software containin d same questns n ansaz dat jamb wil get 2 selcet questns 4rm 4 students?
Cos i saw d statement sayin u can possibly score 300+ cos u r used 2 d questns in d software
04-Nov-2012 06:43:19 ·
Myschool; We really doubt if there's any question that will be asked on the exam day that has not already been asked before. Like we said, practice makes perfect. Even if you don't see an exact question on that day, they will only change the values. Just apply your knowledge and you're on your way to 300+
04-Nov-2012 09:48:02 ·
deseed377 says;
Are we going to come with our computer or will jamb provide us with the computer for the CBT exam.
thanks for the Good work you been doing for all great nigerian students.
04-Nov-2012 09:00:38 ·
; No! JAMB will provide computers. What we are talking about is getting ready ahead of time. Good luck and thanks for the compliments.
04-Nov-2012 09:16:29 ·
chris mario; jamb gonna provide computers? wow...that's like...hmm...alot!!!
21-Nov-2012 09:48:40 ·
Snilpall says;
Kudos to myschool...pls myschool afta writing d exam using CBT can u scroL up to recheck ur answers be4 submiting it? Thanks nd more power to ur elbow
04-Nov-2012 10:39:42 ·
; Thanks for the "kudos". Myschool CBT Software has all JAMB past questions and solved answers from 1978 till 2011. And the program is done in a way that you can check the answers (for study purposes though). As for JAMB, there will not be such option. That is why we advice that you get our program and get used to the system. Good luck.
04-Nov-2012 20:27:39 ·

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