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Replies (35)
Unn babe says;
what my chance foe admission i score 182
31-May-2014 18:42:41 ·
Pharmbarry says;
Unn babe which course??
31-May-2014 19:12:01 ·
Unn babe; law oooooooooooooo am died
31-May-2014 20:59:38 ·
Pharmbarry; Unn babe, add me up in whatsp lets talk beta
01-Jun-2014 05:33:51 ·
Unn babe; Owk dear.i have. princessdiana1a
01-Jun-2014 15:51:25 ·
Pharmbarry says;
I score 194, going for pharmacy. Pls whats my chance of gaining admision?
31-May-2014 19:13:22 ·
cruzyvic says;
Hmmm...vry slight chance,bt if in any case u make it for d post ume,I'l advice u read hard...ur course is competitive...God dey sha
01-Jun-2014 08:36:53 ·
Pharmbarry; Tanx dear for ur concern
01-Jun-2014 14:40:32 ·
obama997 says;
pls guys i got 216 in my utme going for law in unn. what is my chance of gaining admission?
01-Jun-2014 15:00:53 ·
Ezeilo livans; U hv to wk hard. i score 196 going medsurgry advice me
02-Jun-2014 08:39:30 ·
FRACE says;
Pls I got 204 in my utme going for med.&surg in unn. Wat is my chance of gaining admission?
01-Jun-2014 15:31:38 ·
ellasilky says;
Pls I scored 223 in utme,goin for medsurg in unn. Pls what chance do I have?
02-Jun-2014 07:48:15 ·
Akaamke; Hy there I'm an aspirant in UNN add me up on 2go - arthur006 or on facebook - Akaamke Onen-Egbe
02-Jun-2014 13:09:13 ·
ellasilky; Ok. My 2go I'd is emmanuela307. Tnx
04-Jun-2014 07:35:51 ·
13-Jul-2014 18:20:11 ·
Romarioemeka says;
I scored 210 applied 4 education & social science ...wts my chances
02-Jun-2014 11:06:39 ·
cruzyvic says;
I am also an aspirant,mass comm,bt I'm yet to receive my result
02-Jun-2014 11:49:08 ·
social009; i am an aspirant too, i got 247 going for law
06-Jun-2014 00:28:14 ·
Abonyi2; Am an aspirant too goin for bt hav nt also seen my result since 29th of may
09-Jun-2014 22:59:20 ·
Xxbadoo says;
I got 238, wht is my chance of gaining admission? Pls reply to me now, or u facebook me with charles chukwuemeka eziukwu.
06-Jun-2014 00:56:51 ·
Romarioemeka says;
my fellow lions and lionesses add me up on 2go ..romario92
08-Jun-2014 07:29:02 ·
Awesumboy says;
Got 210 in jamb for accting.....wat are ma chances of gainin admission
09-Jun-2014 09:05:56 ·
Chivictor; Aweum add me on watapps let hav a group discussion am also an acct aspirant 08090521450
12-Jun-2014 09:02:46 ·
cruzyvic says;
Am so happy,scored 236 going for mass comm...unn here I come!!!
09-Jun-2014 12:42:04 ·
Onyeabor tochukwu says;
Discuss chances ma foot!...i'm sure whomeva opened dis forum did it in order 2 c pipz post dia disappointing low scores...gullible mumus...[suspecting dat law aspirant who scored 247 as d culprit]
09-Jun-2014 20:33:27 ·
Chivictor; Dnt b a parasite mr man bug off ur type are always critics
12-Jun-2014 09:06:48 ·
Onyeabor tochukwu; Biko...i beg u in d name of social network...whomeva u are...just drift away....donkeys aren't meant 2 get ma golden attention please!
24-Jun-2014 21:19:07 ·
Chivictor; U knw wat dey say about f**ls dey never stop talkin wen u are don u knw ur way 2 d nearest canal
25-Jun-2014 19:15:08 ·
onyekaonwu stanislaus says;
Got 258.....MEdicine and surgery. Whatsapp 07032292806
09-Jun-2014 23:32:04 ·

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