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Crack Your Brains!!! Let's See Who Gets The Answer

Written By: Olachi Njoku on 17-Mar-2017 14:19:42 296 views

The time to know the intelligent ones is here again..oya oh!! what is the answer??
About The Writer
Olachi Njoku - Myschool Joy
A Graduate of Federal polytechnic, Nekede

About Me: Am Cool And I Stay Out She is currently interested in Being Study Pals.

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Comments (19)
freshiezzy01 says;
Six (6) fish left.
17-Mar-2017 20:05:38 ·
bliezzy says;
Lol6 fishes jooh
17-Mar-2017 21:21:21 ·
nathan193 says;
It remains one fish
17-Mar-2017 22:17:32 ·
Illstyledsteve says;
There are nine fishes left in the water. The answer is 9.
17-Mar-2017 23:09:55 ·
Timgosh says;
There are 6 left
17-Mar-2017 23:14:54 ·
johnshegz says;
18-Mar-2017 00:52:29 ·
Johnpaul1616 says;
18-Mar-2017 06:14:38 ·
Christopheranisiobi says;
10 because fish can't drown or die in water or swim away because it is their habitat
18-Mar-2017 22:00:46 ·
Quoting: nathan193;
"It remains one fish"
17-Mar-2017 22:17:32
Christopheranisiobi says;
10 because fish can't drown or die or leave the water because it is their habitat
18-Mar-2017 22:01:17 ·
caleb.nd says;
10 fishes
19-Mar-2017 16:57:14 ·
Favoris says;
3 fishes
19-Mar-2017 17:58:30 ·
clemzyC3 says;
6 of cus
20-Mar-2017 08:26:57 ·
Extivq says;
how can fish drown when its has opaculum to expell water through the gill.
20-Mar-2017 08:44:00 ·
Extivq says;
the answer is 3 fish
20-Mar-2017 08:53:56 ·
Elbrain says;
20-Mar-2017 09:41:43 ·

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