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See The Reaction Of A Primary School Girl As She Saw A Laptop For The First

Written By: Blinkgs Blessing on 17-Aug-2017 07:20:59 481 views

Here is a little girl who is seeing a laptop for the first time and is terrified. The little girl crying as her teacher and one of her classmates try to drag her closer to the laptop while her other classmates laughed at her. What a funny event.
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A Graduate of Auchi polytechnic

About Me: I'm Cool Headed,easy Going And Practical She is currently interested in Friendship.

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Comments (2)
Klasique EmJay says;
She neva see am b4 so she go dey worship am lyk say d thin na God
18-Aug-2017 16:34:58 ·
Valsome says;
ahahahahah i cant just laugh
15-Sep-2017 08:06:55 ·

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22-Sep-2017 13:08:20,
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Do you fall in this category?
21-Sep-2017 10:31:51,
Meet Dad Who obtained His First Degree At 54....
Its never too late dear. Dont give up.
21-Sep-2017 10:19:19,
What's the Title Of This Book? Whats The Title Of This Passage? Fill In The Missing Words...
Not for indomie generation... I bet some person's don't even have an idea of what we are talking about. If you fall in this category raise up your hand. Lol
20-Sep-2017 11:52:06,
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