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Accounts - Principles of Accounts
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The term "accounting period" is used to refer to the

A. time span during which taxes are paid to the inland revenue board
B. budget period, usually one year, relied on by the accountant
C. time span, usually one year, covered by financial statement
D. period within which debtors are expected to settle accounts

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Assigning revenues to the accounting period in which goods were sold or services rendered and expenses incurred is known as

A. passing of entries
B. consistency convention
C. matching concept
D. adjusting for revenue

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The accounting convention which states that profit must not be recognized until realized while all losses should be adequately provided for it termed

A. materiality
B. objectivity
C. consistency
D. conservatism

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Accounting information is used by investors and creditors of a company to predict

A. future cash flows of the company
B. future tax payments of the company
C. potential merger candidates for the company
D. appropriate remunerations for the company's staff

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Antics Electronic Company recently bought six generators. Which of the following is the correct method of recording this transaction?

A. Debit generator account and credit cash account
B. Debit purchases account and credit cash account
C. Debit cash accounts and credit purchases account
D. Debit cash account and credit generator account

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