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The inner diameter of a test tube can be measured accurately using a

A. micrometer screw guage
B. pair of dividers
C. metre rule
D. pair of vernier calipers

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Two bodies have masses in the ratio 3:1. They experience forces which impart to them acceleration in the ratio 2:9 respectively. Find the ratio of forces the masses experienced.

A. 1 : 4
B. 2 : 1
C. 2 : 3
D. 2 : 5

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Particles of mass 10-2kg is fixed to the tip of a fan blade which rotates with angular velocity of 100rad-1. If the radius of the blade is 0.2m, the centripetal force is

A. 2 N
B. 20 N
C. 200 N
D. 400 N

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a lead bullet of mass 0.05kg is fired with a velocity of 200ms-1 into a lead block of mass 0.95kg. Given that the lead block can move freely, the final kinetic energy after impact is

A. 50 J
B. 100 J
C. 150 J
D. 200 J

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A ball of mass 0.1kg is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 10ms-1 from the top of a tower 10m high. Neglecting air resistance, its total energy just before hitting the ground is

(take g = 10ms-2)

A. 5 J
B. 10 J
C. 15 J
D. 20 J

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