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Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK)
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‘By Him who dominates my soul I swear
that you are the Prophet of this nation …
you will be abused and you will be
persecuted. If I should ever live to see that
day, I shall surely help the cause of Allāh’.

Who made the statement above?

A. Muhammaed Husayn Haikai
B. Waraqah b. Nawfal
C. ‘Abdul Muttalib
D. Abbās b. Mirdas

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The verse above means that divorce may be pronounced twice and then the woman must

A. go after the third time
B. be retained in honour or allowed to go with kindness
C. forfeit her wealth and go with kindness
D. be retained in honour unless she has no children

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The ninth year of hijrah is known as the
year of

A. Deputation
B. Elephant
C. Peace
D. Aqabah

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After the Prophet (S.A.W) had migrated to al-madīnah, the first two major wars he fought against the Makkans were

A. Badr and Hudabiyyah
B. Uhud and Khaybar
C. Khandaq and Mu’tah
D. Badr and Uhud.

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The Prophet’s uncle who lost his life in the
battle of Badr was

A. Hamzah
B. Abbās
C. Abū Tālib
D. Abū Jahl

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