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Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)
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Abraham is portrayed in the bible as

A. The miracle worker
B. The lion of Judah
C. The giver of the laws
D. The father of the faithful
E. The almighty prophet of Jehova

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Moses led the children of Israel through the

A. Sahara desert
B. Lion's Den
C. Dead sea
D. valley of the shadow of death
E. Red sea

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Which of the following people was one of the outstanding kings of Israel after the falling of the Kingdom?

A. King herold
B. Pharoah
C. Sennacherib
D. Jeroboam
E. Tiglath-Pileser

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Who among the following was sold to the Ishaemlites for twenty shekels because of his dreams?

A. Moses
B. Joseph
C. Jacob
D. Ishmael
E. Minahem of Israel

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The ten commandments were delivered to the Israelites through Moses while they were

A. In Egypt
B. In the Land of Midian
C. At Mount Sinai
D. In the promised land
E. Near Jericho

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