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Which of the following statements is NOT correct?

A. The average kinetic energy of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature
B. At constant tempearture, the volume of a gas increases as the pressure increases
C. The pressure of a gas is inversely proportional to its volume
D. The temperature of a gas is directly proportional to its volume
E. The collisions of molecules with each other are inelastic

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Zinc Oxide is a

A. Basic Oxide
B. Acidic Oxide
C. Amphoteric Oxide
D. Neutral Oxide
E. Reactive Oxide

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When sodium chloride and metallic sodium are each dissolved in water

A. both processes are exothermic
B. both processes are endothermic
C. the dissolution of metallic sodium is endothermic
D. the dissolution of metallic sodium is exothermic
E. the dissolution of sodium chloride is explosive

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The periodic classification of elements is an arrangement of the elements in order of their

A. Atomic Weights
B. Isotopic Weights
C. Molecular Weights
D. Atomic Numbers
E. Atomic Masses

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In the reaction between sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid solutions, what volume of 0.5 molar sodium hydroxide would exactly neutralise 10cm3 of 1.25 molar sulphuric acid?

A. 5cm3
B. 10cm3
C. 20cm3
D. 25cm3
E. 50cm3

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