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Agricultural Science
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A piece of land is said to be on lease to a farmer when the land is

A. inherited from the father
B. given to him as a gift
C. given as compensation
D. purchased on credit
E. given for a specified period on rental basis

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The problems associated with land tenure through inheritance include the following except

A. small land holdings for family members
B. hatred among family members arising from land sharing
C. right of individuals to free use and control of inherited land
D. individuals being restricted to their plots
E. difficulty to sell part of the inherited land

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soil texture is described as the

A. distribution of the different sizes of soil particles
B. arrangement of soil particles in a soil sample
C. rate at which water moves through the soil
D. degree to which air spaces aerate the soil
E. distribution of soil particles in a sample

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The alternate heating and cooling of rocks result in

A. sublimation
B. volatilization
C. fragmentation
D. solidification
E. sedimentation

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Which of the following factors influence agricultural production is biotic factor?

A. parasite
B. soil PH
C. topography
D. soil texture
E. temperature

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