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The questions below are those that students are interested in discussing on, at this time. Please feel free to join in the discussion and also contribute, while learning something new today.

English Language: Choose the appropriate stress pattern from the options. The syllables are written in capital letters.


A. jUsprudence
B. juRIsprudence
C. jurisPRUdence
D. jurispruDENCE

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Biology: The region that control most of the unconscious processes of a mammalian body is the

A. cerebellum
B. cerebrum
C. spinal cord
D. medulla oblongata

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Chemistry: The colour of phenolphthalein indicator in alkaline solution at the end-point of an acid-base titration is

A. colourless
B. orange
C. pink
D. yellow

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Physics: Two closed vessels contain equal volumes of boiling water and are identical except that one is blackened on the outside while the other is polished. Which of the following is correct?

A. the polished vessel will cool faster because a polished surface is a good radiator
B. the polished vessel will cool faster because it will absorbe less heat from the room
C. the black vessel will cool faster because it is a better conductor of heat
D. the polished vesselwill cool faster because it reflects heat better
E. the black vessel will cool faster because a black surface radiates heat faster than a polished one

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Physics: a body moving at a constant speed accelerates when it is in

A. rectilinear motion
B. translational motion
C. circular motion
D. vibrational motion

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English Language: From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.
The man said that he would no longer...........his stepson because of his bad behaviour

A. condone
B. accommodate
C. concede
D. bear

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Economics: If the quantity of men's hat demanded per week is represented by the function Qd=20-\(\frac{1}{3}\)P, where P is price, how many hats are demanded when the price is $9.00?

A. 11
B. 17
C. 23
D. 47

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Geography: If a map at a scale of 1:50,000 is reduced by half, what is the new scale of the map?

A. 1:250,000
B. 1:25,000
C. 1:200,000
D. 1:100,000
E. 1:125,000

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Economics: Which is NOT a direct effort to increase Agricultural production in Nigeria?

A. Operation feed the Nation
B. Nigerian Youth Service Corps
C. Increased loans to farmers and cooperatives
D. Research in Agric & Extension services
E. Mechanization of Agriculture

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Literature in English: In 'Fulani Cattle' J.P Clark expresses

A. the anger and sympathy he feels at seeing cattle driven all the way from the North to the South of Nigeria to be slaughtered
B. admiration for the beauty of Fulani cattle
C. grief at the gradual destruction of this fine breed of cattle
D. the joy of the cattle at being driven over pleasant fields
E. the idea that more cattle should be taken to the South to be slaughtered

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