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The questions below are those that students are interested in discussing on, at this time. Please feel free to join in the discussion and also contribute, while learning something new today.

Physics: A body starts from rest and moves with uniform acceleration of 6ms-2. What distance does it cover in the third seconds

A. 15m
B. 18m
C. 27m
D. 30m

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Chemistry: From the above diagram; The caustic soda in the conical flask serves to

A. dry ethene gas
B. remove carbon (iv) oxides from ethene
C. remove carbon (ii) oxide from ethene
D. remove sulphur (iv) oxide from ethene

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Biology: The loss of soil through erosion can be reduced by

A. watering
B. crop rotation
C. manuring
D. irrigation

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English Language: Choose the option that has a different vowel sound from the others?

A. does
B. flood
C. world
D. son

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Economics: The terms of trade of a country is defined as

A. \(\frac{\text{Index of import prices}}{\text{Index of export prices}}\) x 100
B. \(\frac{\text{Index of exportable}}{\text{Index of importable}}\) x 100
C. \(\frac{\text{Index of visible imports}}{\text{Index of visible exports}}\) x 100
D. \(\frac{\text{Index of export prices}}{\text{Index of import prices}}\) x 100

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English Language: From the words or groups of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes the sentence.
For our Sunday lunch. Mother always cooked a .......

A. large pot of thick,spicy groundnut soup
B. large, thick,spicy pot of groundnut soup
C. large, spicy, thick groundnut pot of soup
D. large,spicy groundnut soup

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Physics: Induced emfs are best explained using

A. Ohm's law
B. Faraday's law
C. Colomb's law
D. Lenz's law

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Government: A member of the Commonwealth that was not colonized by Britain is

A. Malaysia
B. Uganda
C. Mozambique
D. Jamaica

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Chemistry: The functional group represented in the compound above is

A. alkanol
B. alanal
C. alkanone
D. alanoate

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Biology: I. Adoption of appropriate nocturnal habits ll. Burrowing lll. Adjusting their internal body temperature. IV Possession of many sweat pores.
Which of the above are ways in which desert animals adapt to extreme heat of the environment?

A. I and IV only
B. ll and lll only
C. l and ll only
D. l, ll and lll only

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