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The questions below are those that students are interested in discussing on, at this time. Please feel free to join in the discussion and also contribute, while learning something new today.

English Language: For these questions, choose the most appropriate stress pattern from the options. The Stressed syllable are written in capital letter (s)


A. disAgreement
B. disaGREEment
C. DISagreement
D. disagreeMENT

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Biology: The process of deamination is essential for the

A. digestion of protein
B. secretion of bile
C. formation of urea
D. formation of antibody

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English Language: Choose the appropriate option to fill the gap in the following sentences:
Now that i realize the full extent of your ... i am afraid it will be impossible for me to ever trust you again

A. dubiousness
B. corruption
C. deceptiveness
D. duplicity
E. inconsistency

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Chemistry: Which of the following is a neutral oxide?

A. Nitrogen (IV0 oxide
B. Carbon (IV) oxide
C. Sulphur (IV) oxide
D. Phodphoorus (IV) oxide
E. Nitrogen oxide

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Biology: Which of the following diseases is not hereditary?

A. Albinism
B. Scabies
C. Haemophilia
D. Colour blindness

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Physics: The main reason for making the cover of a vacuum flask airtight is to prevent heat loss by

A. convection
B. conduction
C. radiation
D. evaporation

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Physics: Which of the following are transverse waves? I. Ripples on water II. Sound waves in air III. Light waves from the sun

A. II only
B. I and II only
C. II and III only
D. I and II only
E. I, II and III

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English Language: From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same consonant sound(s) as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined below.


A. chimera
B. chic
C. soldier
D. batch

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English Language: Instruction: Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined word.
In many ways my parents are very conservative but there are times when they surprise me with their......ideas on family planning.

A. orthodox
B. critical
C. modern
D. new
E. liberal

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Physics: Which of the following instruments can be used to measure current in an a.c circuit?

A. Hot wire ammeter
B. Moving coil ammeter
C. Tangent galvanometer
D. Moving coil galvanometer

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