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OAU: I'm a 400L Chemical engineering student in one Uni.. but OAU has been my dream school from birth. After my first JAMB, my score was low and friends advised me to go for change of institution because OAU normally cut high. Reluctantly I did and I was given admission, but things has not been easy for me since I enter the school, both financially and academically otherwise. My mind is always in OAU, my thinking is always about OAU, I wasn't concentrating each time I'm studying, to a point it started reflecting in my CGP, it seems like my dream is shattered. I decided to take another JAMB, luckily I made a high score, now OAU has given me admission. Friends, I need your advise. Should I continue with the school I am now or go and do my clearance in my dream school (OAU)?

Posted: 20-Mar-2017 21:26:49 by John Bird

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Please I also need the answer to the above question. Anybody with the correct answer should please help with a solution. Thanks.
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30-Apr-2017 [22:54:34] ·

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