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Fed Poly Nekede Post-UTME Screening: Cut-off Mark And Registration details

Posted: 25-Aug-2017 14:53:21 into Post-UTME by myschool paul for nekedepoly | 113 Comments

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All 2017/2018 UTME candidates who applied to Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri as Institution of First or Second choice with a UTME Score of 180 and above are requested to forward online to the following particulars:

-O’level Result (WASSCE, NECO and NABTEB).
-UTME Score
-JAMB Subject combination or the course applied.

In addition, a Screening fee of N2000 (Two thousand Naira) only should be paid into Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Treasury Single Account (TSA) 0140468461017 nationwide.

Duration: All submission and payments must be completed on or before 10th September, 2017.
Note: Any wrong information given disqualifies the candidate.

I.M Aligbe

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Comments (113)
empire22 says;
Does it mean that the screaning will be online nd no post umte test??
25-Aug-2017 14:59:20 ·
skythelimit; Gbam! After the verification of the online results, successful candidates would be admitted and the final screening of results would be done at the school . Thereafter, the screened candidates would be considered as bonafide students of the institution.
25-Aug-2017 20:12:32 ·
kellyBalsam says;
Ion undastand pls
25-Aug-2017 15:02:46 ·
Scholarcruz says;
D site to upload doze stuff asked of
Ain't opening oo
WATS d problem?
25-Aug-2017 15:14:25 ·
CornelG; Is an email my dear not a website, so which means you have to scan all the needed documents and send it to the email address
25-Aug-2017 15:52:56 ·
Scholarcruz; Hw do we go at it den
25-Aug-2017 17:55:04 ·
operaminic; go to a cafe you'll be guided
25-Aug-2017 19:14:44 ·
Scholarcruz; OK tnx
25-Aug-2017 19:29:34 ·
angelmmeso; In which bank and the account ???:how
30-Aug-2017 09:11:01 ·
chiozy; Any commercial bank nationwide, acct name: fedpoly nekede, d acct num is dia
30-Aug-2017 11:39:59 ·
angelmmeso; Where ?
31-Aug-2017 06:02:42 ·
Scholarcruz; Has anyone registered?
31-Aug-2017 08:07:02 ·
01-Sep-2017 20:07:00 ·
osley; Noble please how did you go about it, starting from the email to the bank payment
02-Sep-2017 18:30:49 ·
Princedoncylex says;
Please someone should call me on dis 08068759472.. If yu av done urs.. I dont know how to go about it.
25-Aug-2017 15:36:37 ·
olahamod; i av done mine
30-Aug-2017 12:51:50 ·
Princedoncylex; Have also done it
12-Sep-2017 09:59:19 ·
Vickyylord says;
pls are these documents to be scanned or we should jst type the subjects&odas?
25-Aug-2017 15:47:53 ·
CornelG; Definitely should be scan of course
25-Aug-2017 15:54:03 ·
khaveek; Not scanning!! What scanning is that.
Your examination numbers, and registration numbers will be uploaded, who's gonna view your scanned document?? You're not scanning anything, you gonna forward your registration numbers, and pls seek an expert don't just do it yourself
25-Aug-2017 17:29:59 ·
angelmmeso; In which bank are we going to pay..
And help me to know exactly what is going on in nekede
30-Aug-2017 09:04:50 ·
Noble Nneky; U can pay in at zenith,fidelity or any other commercial bank nationwide that accepts remita payments.paid mine @ zenith.
01-Sep-2017 20:15:35 ·
Hasexylency; Please noble how did u scan ur own...
In d cyber cafe did dy give u anything or paper as an evidence of payment
05-Sep-2017 15:37:34 ·
Noble Nneky; I didn't scan, I filled form.once their portal opens,u click on fill form n follow d instructions. Cyber wil giv u a copied Remita Number wit which u will use n pay into d sch's Acc n immediately after payment,bank wil giv u a printed Receipt as ur evidence of payment.
07-Sep-2017 01:38:44 ·
lincoln268 says;
25-Aug-2017 16:28:44 ·
janelugard; Same here. The site is not working
25-Aug-2017 16:59:29 ·
janelugard; Same here. The email is not working
25-Aug-2017 17:00:22 ·
mickey08 says;
poly saying first or second
25-Aug-2017 17:42:23 ·
Scholarcruz says;
Wat do we do den?
25-Aug-2017 17:53:19 ·
Nevis12 says;
I dont understand the first and second choice
25-Aug-2017 19:43:24 ·
Noble Nneky; Simply means if u put them(fpno) as ur first choice poly or second choice poly.
01-Sep-2017 20:20:15 ·
Agbo Anselem says;
Is it only first or second choice candidates dat can apply? Wht of smone like i myself who put it as my third institution choice won't i apply too or should i go about to change it again? I don't really understand dis year's admission English at all.
25-Aug-2017 20:09:16 ·
skythelimit says;
Did you see that? 180 and above! This is poly not univ. I really love this. Candidates should note that going to higher institution is meant for hard-working students. The senseless 120 or 100 cut-off mark should not dream of this respected poly.
25-Aug-2017 20:24:41 ·
Noble Nneky; Hello dear,I think it's wise we wish others wel so that good tidings would also com our ways.Remember;one gud turn deserves another.
01-Sep-2017 20:32:28 ·
chiflex5 says;
Pls i dont undrstnd anythn. Sm1 should help me.. Wher should i do all d filling of info nd which bank should i pay the 2k to.
25-Aug-2017 20:59:16 ·
Sanity005; just reach me through 07030824581
04-Sep-2017 09:17:24 ·
promisenwankwo says;
I think that information is not complete. They have even removed it few hours ago from the school's official website. I pray to publish a well explained admission procedure as soon as possible.
25-Aug-2017 21:45:04 ·
promisenwankwo; I pray they publish a well explained admission procedure as soon as possible.
25-Aug-2017 21:46:41 ·
Dondollar says;
please I choose nekede as my third choice and score 231 in jamb does it mean that I m not eligible to apply. please my school wanted will I do.
25-Aug-2017 22:01:01 ·
Dondollar says;
please I choose nekede as my third choice and score 231 in jamb does it mean that I m not eligible to apply. please my school what will I do.
25-Aug-2017 22:01:50 ·
Noble Nneky; Buy change of course,in dat u can effect d changes u want by choosing d sch either as ur first or second choice bcos there's no option for third choice in their portal.
01-Sep-2017 20:47:53 ·
Hasexylency; Wen u say third choice does it mean dat after putting Federal uni as first choice den state uni as second choice den Nekede as third choice,I can't apply?
05-Sep-2017 15:44:59 ·
Noble Nneky; Sure u cn apply.wat I meant was dis; y u were filling d poly u want 2 go,which of d poly did u choose 1st? E.g Nekede 1st...Oko poly 2nd.xo,if u chose Nekede as ur 1st or 2nd,u cn go ahead n buy d form but if u chose Nekede as ur 3rd choice poly,u cnt buy d form.
07-Sep-2017 01:22:43 ·
eduniger1997; there is problem oo I registered yesterday and I chose second choice, while according to ur explanation it's supposed to b first choice I shud hv picked I pray God touch there heart nt to disqualify me oooo
07-Sep-2017 08:14:47 ·
I Zander; they are also taking second choice, all you have to do is pray you are selected though it might almost impossible
18-Sep-2017 17:37:53 ·

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