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Replies (97)
eddykute says;
Civil eng
20-Nov-2014 09:43:25 ·
fun seeker says;
20-Nov-2014 10:10:58 ·
eddykute; Do u knw d cutoff mark 4 civil engineering
06-Dec-2014 19:53:41 ·
Olaex; Oh! Art & Design... Here are mines... Please, what are the UTME subjects and which Institutions are your choices? Mine is Yabatech all the way! Kindly, reply As soon as Possible... I want to register tomorrow....
27-Dec-2014 17:19:31 ·
fun seeker; the subjects are english, maths, fine art, and any 2 from biology, agric, govmnt, economics. Etc
30-Dec-2014 19:20:24 ·
Olaex; Thanks dude :) I just wanted to share when I got your notification!

==================== Discipline/ Department * Creative Arts * Fine Art => JAMB SUBJECT COMBINATION/CORE SUBJECTS: English, Maths, Fine Arts, Govt. History, makes up can be Economics, Commerce, Geography. ====================
30-Dec-2014 23:37:52 ·
Olaex; How about the UTME? English and Fine Arts is compulsory! so, what other subjects can make the 4?
30-Dec-2014 23:40:43 ·
fun seeker; Literature in eng, biology or maths
31-Dec-2014 22:59:15 ·
fun seeker; But y do u love this course..i mean Art and Design..?
31-Dec-2014 23:01:18 ·
danlinton says;
20-Nov-2014 14:58:16 ·
Miss Linda; Thesame with me
13-Dec-2014 21:51:23 ·
danlinton; watspp me on this number...09051335596
27-Dec-2014 00:07:09 ·
Elvis youngboss says;
Chemical eng
22-Nov-2014 00:03:04 ·
joshua220 says;
civil engineering 08164235533 is my no
30-Nov-2014 17:09:23 ·
fun seeker; Joshua hav ụ checked ur admissịoñ status and wat does it say?
30-Nov-2014 21:17:51 ·
adimorah12; computer science
01-Dec-2014 05:13:10 ·
joshua220; no admission given yet
02-Dec-2014 14:04:53 ·
Official Lieutenant Scope says;
LAW. 2go @murharmedula
01-Dec-2014 07:55:52 ·
nancy201 says;
medicine ad in unn 2go username @ nancyluv201
06-Dec-2014 22:06:42 ·
Josephnwachi; Still an aspirant... What do you think?
14-Dec-2014 13:20:43 ·
nancy201; no problem
10-Jan-2015 09:15:33 ·
10-Jan-2015 20:27:46 ·
anita uzor; Pls I don't 2go and am an aspirant medicine unn can't u add me on bbm 2BC36209
16-May-2015 20:02:11 ·
benlicius says;
E E or hospitality management Nekede add up whatsApp 08166778858 ,facebook LILLY Licius
12-Dec-2014 11:20:53 ·
IMSU/PU/52339 says;
Bam. wht is there cutoff mark.
13-Dec-2014 21:13:52 ·
stanoge says;
computer engineering, ND morning. whatsapp me 08167684844.
14-Dec-2014 16:48:30 ·
iwumune; Computer Engineering ND Morning too. Whatsapp; 07036615494
16-May-2016 17:08:41 ·
sammynology says;
Public Admin add up 08063089608
14-Dec-2014 20:18:14 ·
Wendy15 says;
Computer Science
15-Dec-2014 22:04:20 ·
danz; am 4 cs too.hv u been admited..d u reside in owerri' ur no so we can chart
27-Dec-2014 10:35:32 ·
Wendy15; @dan'z, wow.. Happy 2 hv met my course mate! But I dnt reside in owerri.
30-Dec-2014 21:38:28 ·
Gfour500; Am here also to meet my course mate ooo....Nice meetin u pals...Me also Offerin CS in Fulokoja Kogi state.....Ish Ur Guy G4
08-Jan-2015 11:50:07 ·
Dontutu says;
E E here is my no. 08162157970
Pls what's their cut off
17-Dec-2014 13:39:28 ·
alete says;
embassy, kwn as ambassador
17-Dec-2014 15:28:34 ·
[email protected] says;
Business administration
17-Dec-2014 16:23:56 ·
aalex; is Commerce a comPulsory coourse In studynq Bus.admin???
13-Jan-2015 02:41:01 ·
Holymarvis; Yes it is
06-Aug-2015 17:39:49 ·
Davila; please add me 08098449727
07-Jan-2016 21:40:00 ·
Adewaves; 08174332112 bell me
06-Jul-2016 00:24:53 ·

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