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MOUAU Post-UTME Screening Result 2017/2017 Released

Posted: 11-Sep-2017 10:47:47 into Post-UTME by myschool paul for moua | 43 Comments

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Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike releases the 2017/2018 Admission screening results after 96hours from the time a candidate applies for the Admission Screening.

However it has been observed that some candidates presented incomplete O level results for the course they sat for in JAMB and as such have incomplete result for the Admission Screening.

To check your result, visit

-Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space provided

-Click on the search icon by the site to access your Post-UTME score

To check if your name is on the incomplete result list, visit:
-Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space provided.

-Click on "Check" to confirm if your name is among.

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Comments (43)
Bakayoko says;
Nice one..
11-Sep-2017 10:56:17 ·
southvigo; when did u register for your screening and what's your jamb score pls am also a microbiology aspirants
15-Sep-2017 07:55:39 ·
Bakayoko says;
I scored 81, Microbiology.
11-Sep-2017 10:57:38 ·
swiz123; 81 is your final average score?
11-Sep-2017 11:08:46 ·
xesus; pls wen did mouau start offering microbiology
11-Sep-2017 13:29:59 ·
Bakayoko; Check de school and confirm urself. Tanx
11-Sep-2017 15:17:57 ·
Gee Gee; Xesus, did you say when will MOUAU start offering microbiology ? My elder sister is presently studying microbiology in MOUAU:)
11-Sep-2017 19:33:41 ·
Gee Gee; When did*
11-Sep-2017 19:34:32 ·
xesus; dnt b angry pls,is just dat am nt sure its accredited, bcus Simone wu graduated wit accounting was given a cert of agric business
12-Sep-2017 17:23:44 ·
Daniel nonso; that's because in mouau accounting, business administration and some other management courses are studied under agric business
13-Sep-2017 19:02:37 ·
Scholarcruz says;
Scored [email protected] engineering
11-Sep-2017 11:09:53 ·
Ohajossy; Same course, score 54.
Hope it's OK
11-Sep-2017 16:16:26 ·
Scholarcruz; Yp it is
We pray for merit list
#[email protected]
11-Sep-2017 16:22:50 ·
Ohajossy; Call me with this number so that we can be in touch
12-Sep-2017 08:58:55 ·
Olasochi says;
How is the grading done?
I mean for the combination of jamb score & O’level results.
11-Sep-2017 11:13:04 ·
IG jonsinoficial says;
62 Bus Admin
11-Sep-2017 11:16:44 ·
duncado; When did u register? checked MY but theyvswid notbyet declared
11-Sep-2017 11:22:58 ·
IG jonsinoficial; Check after 4days...i registered on Wednesday...saw mine on sunday
11-Sep-2017 23:16:27 ·
Daniel nonso; please what college did you apply for when filling the form
14-Sep-2017 22:11:20 ·
15-Sep-2017 20:54:46 ·
Daniel nonso; during my registration, I didn't see bus admin, I opened all the colleges, even COLMAS was empty, I had to put agri business and management.
18-Sep-2017 09:40:50 ·
xesus says;
check it 4days after
11-Sep-2017 13:27:59 ·
mary innocent says;
mine too is not yet declared....
and I registered on Thursday last week
11-Sep-2017 14:27:58 ·
itz suspect says;
mine is 78 .. computer science...

certified MOUAU PIKIN
11-Sep-2017 17:50:29 ·
Salvation_Ikeh; abi o see u there bro. first list things
11-Sep-2017 21:32:11 ·
Adigwe Emmanuel onyeisi says;
congratulations to those who made it.. . I rep fupre and funai
11-Sep-2017 22:38:07 ·
Zizu Official says;
mouau aspirants....did u guys write post ume or any sort of written exam..??
12-Sep-2017 05:51:54 ·
ubongbesty says;
Mine is 88
12-Sep-2017 07:33:49 ·
swiz123; if your final average score is 88 then you must be a chronic lair.Scoring 300 in utme and 100 as screening score still won't give you 88 as final have a psychological problem bro. lairs don't go far in life
12-Sep-2017 12:26:02 ·
Gogot98; Lwkmd, I knew he lied immediately I saw his post.Pls, stop misleading peeps.
12-Sep-2017 13:59:24 ·
Scholarcruz; I laugh in china
12-Sep-2017 16:49:07 ·
Bakayoko; You for kukuma score 100 na, who are u leaving de remaining 12marks for??
12-Sep-2017 22:32:50 ·
Daniel nonso; hmmmm 88, lion...
13-Sep-2017 19:05:48 ·
Bloma; rotfl .abeg Who is going for accountancy here?
14-Sep-2017 10:48:31 ·
Bloma says;
he's not even an aspirant of MOUAU..LOL
14-Sep-2017 10:50:24 ·
southvigo says;
no result yet
15-Sep-2017 08:01:57 ·
Daniel nonso says;
looks like management students are much 😟
15-Sep-2017 12:50:16 ·
Hilary Eze says;
I registered since on the 9th of September and up till nw mine still shows "result not declared yet"... Pls what could be the problem.???
18-Sep-2017 08:12:14 ·
Bakayoko; Incomplete O' Level result.
18-Sep-2017 20:53:07 ·
Noniwa; Same here what could cause it
25-Sep-2017 22:09:44 ·
Neche26; @Bakayoko I don't think it is. I have a friend who is also an aspirant and she has the same issue, her name is not on the list of those with incomplete o'level result.
27-Sep-2017 16:53:58 ·

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