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LASU 1st Batch Admission List 2017/2018 Released

Posted: 12-Oct-2017 [15:56:19] into Admission by 6ixcuzy for lasu | 158 Comments

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The Management of Lagos state University has released its 2017/2018 1st batch admission list of candidates admitted into various undergraduate programme of the university.

Candidates can proceed to check their admission status.

How To Check Your Admission Status

-Enter your Jamb registration number

-Click on "Download Result"

Your admission status will be seen at the bottom of the downloaded document.

Indigenes that choose the university as first choice and not admitted are to CLICK HERE for instructions.

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See official list of courses offered in LASU


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Comments (158)
Greaterheightdoncom says;
Congratulation to all the admitted ones
12-Oct-2017 16:31:37 ·
jesukorededhavid; Yoo a lasu student right?
16-Oct-2017 17:21:51 ·
Horlahmide.q says;
thank God, i have been admitted
12-Oct-2017 16:36:36 ·
CornelG; what course
12-Oct-2017 16:44:53 ·
emmazydon; Dear have u accepted it on CAPS website or have u receive any message from jamb
12-Oct-2017 16:53:14 ·
Horlahmide.q; I did not register 4 d caps
12-Oct-2017 19:08:44 ·
emmazydon; But u must have to accept ur admission on there site weather u registered it or not.. Better ask around before u loose ur admission.. Remember u have only three days to go
12-Oct-2017 19:21:19 ·
DNaijaguy; Mtcheww... Caps website is nuh going through.
12-Oct-2017 19:50:21 ·
CornelG; @Emma all that are trash bcos even Jamb itself are not serious about that infact for about three weeks now the caps website has being totally down and jamb with their incompetence haven't say anything about it. So pls stop worrying yourself over this caricature that jamb are doing
12-Oct-2017 19:53:25 ·
emmazydon; Cornel
Seriously the jamb boss and that nonsense caps stuff Is sick. I actually throught am the only one that noticed that the site is not even working
12-Oct-2017 21:25:16 ·
CornelG; Toh that is it ooo @Emma Jamb are just toying with our brains that is it. We have now become their play toys that they can play with us anyhow they like not giving a demn of what ever may happens to us. Bunch of unserious human beings!!!
13-Oct-2017 07:37:47 ·
emmazydon; GOD will see us through cos we will never write jamb again
13-Oct-2017 08:57:29 ·
CornelG; amen my brother
13-Oct-2017 10:24:07 ·
Donmike5094 says;
Any Mouau student just checking in?
12-Oct-2017 16:38:32 ·
Salvation_Ikeh; Yes oo our own na Saturday na
12-Oct-2017 18:28:51 ·
promiseisaac; Yh Yh
12-Oct-2017 18:30:27 ·
promiseisaac; But Salvation Who Told U Its Saturday?
12-Oct-2017 18:32:23 ·
Scholarcruz; Me too

Is it dx week Saturday or next
12-Oct-2017 19:26:32 ·
Gogot98; I jus dey wait for dem..
12-Oct-2017 19:49:55 ·
IG jonsinoficial; Nawa o....i Dunno what MOUAU is waiting for....bro is it saturday next tomao ????
12-Oct-2017 20:24:23 ·
promiseisaac; make we see naa, me be dey think say na today wen be friday but today don already go.
13-Oct-2017 17:51:24 ·
Donmike5094; Its either today or Saturday
14-Oct-2017 10:44:31 ·
Bajoagbo says;
LASU to admit 3,500 of 36,500 candidates
Published October 12, 2017
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LASU gate
The Lagos State University is to admit 3 ,500 students for the 2017 / 2018 academic session.
The university ’ s Head of Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations , Mr Adekoya Martins, in a statement on Thursday , said that 36 ,500 candidates applied for admission in LASU for the academic session .
He described as false, purported information on some social media platforms that LASU was set to admit 5, 500 out of 36 ,500 candidates .
“ The university management wishes to state unequivocally that such information is false, baseless and unfounded.
“ Consequently , members of the university community and the general public are advised to disregard such information , ” he said .
In a bid to ensure transparency and merit-driven admission process , LASU recently launched an application to automate subsequent admissions in line with a directive from the National Universities Commission .
The application will cut out undue interference from individuals in the admission process .
( NAN )
12-Oct-2017 16:47:07 ·
CornelG says;
Toh noted waiting for testimonies to start flowing in so as i may tap the blessings of those who have being privilege to be admitted while waiting for my school to release their's
12-Oct-2017 16:49:04 ·
fodlulah says;
pls help my broda 2 check his own
jamb number 77064545EF
12-Oct-2017 16:51:33 ·
emelda106; Sorry No admission yet.
12-Oct-2017 17:06:20 ·
tunbosoon222; admission offered yet
12-Oct-2017 17:07:17 ·
Quoting: Horlahmide.q;
"thank God, i have been admitted"
12-Oct-2017 16:36:36
Horlahmide.q says;
biz admin
12-Oct-2017 17:29:09 ·
emmazydon; have U received any message from jamb or have u accepted the admission on CAPS website
12-Oct-2017 17:32:06 ·
midasclub; Are u a indigene
12-Oct-2017 17:52:34 ·
Driod23; How can we register for the caps I haven't done my
13-Oct-2017 16:33:25 ·
princepraiz says;
old news. Since morning and myschool z jusst posting
12-Oct-2017 17:34:12 ·
Quoting: Horlahmide.q;
"biz admin"
12-Oct-2017 17:29:09
Horlahmide.q says;
m an indigene
12-Oct-2017 18:08:06 ·
iyke3436 says;
myschool is posting news late
12-Oct-2017 18:15:20 ·
Tunechii says;
So any chance for second choice?!
12-Oct-2017 18:54:15 ·
Kingshegz says;
Congrats 2 d admitted ones! God bless u all....
12-Oct-2017 19:10:42 ·
Xclusive_Chizzy1 says;
congrat to d admitted ones
12-Oct-2017 19:40:58 ·
Olamiwepo says;
What abt second choice people
12-Oct-2017 20:12:51 ·
Adewunmi18 says;
12-Oct-2017 20:33:24 ·
Danzymatics; no admission yet
12-Oct-2017 20:39:32 ·
Adewunmi18; Thanks
12-Oct-2017 21:43:53 ·

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