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LASU 2012/2013 Cut-Off Marks for Admission

Posted: 05-Jul-2012 [15:21:51] into Admission by for lasu | 29 Comments

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Now that the prospective students of the Lagos State University (LASU) have all checked their 2012/2013 post UTME results, they are faced with the next worry of the university's minimum cut-off marks for admissions.

For the time being, LASU is yet to officially announce the cut-off score for admission into the various courses offered by the university, but students are eager to know in advance. We all know that having the ideas of the cut-off marks helps the candidates know their fates ahead of time.

This thread has been opened for all students who sat for the LASU post UTME exam this year. Discuss your scores here, let's fix the cut-off marks right here. The school management does come here to read, as we all know.

We will communicate reactions and comments on this thread to the relevant place for proper public view and will update it as soon as the management fixes the official cut-offs.

Share your opinion about LASU cut-off marks now.

The Myschoolcomm Team.

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Comments (29)
Somaco99 says;
God help us all
05-Jul-2012 16:45:28 ·
monachy says; school dis post is lyk (apriel f**l) stuff.
I taught u r givin d detail.
05-Jul-2012 17:00:55 ·
Fato22 says;
Pray 4 gud won
05-Jul-2012 18:15:33 ·
fresher says;
scored 61 @ lasu. pub admin. so sure of admission
05-Jul-2012 21:39:10 ·
Topairtv; Guy better pray and don't be overconfident
27-Jul-2012 16:21:08 ·
s olayinka says;
LASU must not compromise standard particularly medicine. The cut-off should be put at 60 for medicine. The fewer the number of students in the class the better. We need good and sound doctors in our hospitals. Headache must be headache and stomach must not be mistaken for ulcer. There should be fees discrimination between indigenes and non-indigenes. The state canno afford to waste her scarce resourceces on those who not wait to servs the state..
06-Jul-2012 03:32:26 ·
fresher; datz tribalizm.& datz 1 f d reasons y nigeria is stagnant. we are all nigerians aftall all d source f lag state govt fundz are provided by non indigens. 1 nigeria wothout seggregation
06-Jul-2012 17:14:44 ·
Topairtv; There should not b discrimination
27-Jul-2012 16:23:09 ·
hibee says;
i scored 44 percent...... Masscomm, God, over to u
06-Jul-2012 07:59:54 ·
Ayishat says;
I scored 44 for insurance. is there any hope for me?
06-Jul-2012 10:35:24 ·
bettybig says;
i scored 50 for public Admin. i took lasu as second choice............
06-Jul-2012 15:01:20 ·
lukfame says;
..non-indigene,chose lasu as my first choice...and i scored 63 as my aggregate for medicine..wat are my chances?
06-Jul-2012 19:44:00 ·
Fato22 says;
I score 52 for internal relation n personal management i chose dem as second choice n am an indigine
06-Jul-2012 20:29:13 ·
Leksy says;
I scored 56 and i chose economics but 2nd choice and nt indigene wat is my chance of gaining admission
07-Jul-2012 11:29:24 ·
no name says;
I score 42 medicine but am thinking of buying change of course form to geophysics.God my school is in ur hands
08-Jul-2012 11:01:25 ·
Rita lanky says;
I am non indigne and i choose lasu as ma first choice i scored 57 in public admin do i av any hope..??
09-Jul-2012 10:16:04 ·
Ajibabs; Pray and you will be chosen
13-Sep-2012 11:00:56 ·
Dehees1 says;
I score 63% as my aggregate and my course is masscum,i choose lasu for 2nd choice and am non indegine...any hope for me i need fast reply pls
13-Jul-2012 07:35:58 ·
Ajibabs; Pray and u will be chosen, dont rest on ur result alone... The school fees is another thing
13-Sep-2012 10:56:06 ·
adekunle ayilara says;
I scored 65% for indusrial relations and personnel management as an indigene(1st and 2nd choice)....i''m currently sleeping and waiting for my rsumption date to be announced...shikeena
13-Jul-2012 11:54:30 ·
Ajibabs; Lol very confident you.... Pray with it... Hope ur credentials are complete, lasu can upset or frustrate at times.... Have you consider d school fees
13-Sep-2012 10:59:00 ·

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