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Kwara Poly 2017/2018 ND Admission List 2017/2018 Released

Posted: 20-Oct-2017 [16:26:38] into Admission by mhizta_murtala for kwarapoly | 187 Comments

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The management of Kwara State Polytechnic has released the list of candidates that have been admitted into the National Diploma programme of the institution for the 2017/2018 academic session.

Candidates are to follow the sots below to check their admission status.

Steps required to check Admission Status and pay Acceptance fee

-Login to applicant area:

-Click on “Admission Status” on the left menu.

-Admission status is displayed along-side Student ID, Temporary Password and a link to login to student’s area.

-Login to the student area using the student id and the temporary password provided in the step above.

-On successful login, click on ‘make payment’ on the left menu then click on acceptance tab to make acceptance fee payment.

-After Acceptance fee is successfully paid, a link to print Admission Letter is displayed and the your students’ status is changed to “screening requested”.

-After screening committee has screened your credentials, an email is sent to your mail box to either proceed to payment of school fees if you passed screening or otherwise, instruction on what to do next.

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Comments (187)
superkid103 says;
1st to get admitted
20-Oct-2017 16:50:05 ·
superkid103; Waht da f***
Hw is dat one going to help my career?
23-Oct-2017 18:50:22 ·
afolabi Ayo says;
when is the second list coming out ???
20-Oct-2017 18:35:02 ·
Cutemide says;
Have gotten admission Alhamdulilah
20-Oct-2017 18:55:40 ·
Cutemide; Public administration
20-Oct-2017 19:45:19 ·
vontee; ND or hnd
20-Oct-2017 20:56:50 ·
temitope09; cutemide let hook up at FB Sho Larh Jarh
20-Oct-2017 22:45:01 ·
21-Oct-2017 09:00:35 ·
kvngadekunle; Same here... Public admin
Also waiting for unilorin
22-Oct-2017 13:27:19 ·
ability4; same here
waiting for unilorin
23-Oct-2017 23:09:02 ·
koredesky; @cutemide same wit u same course i thank Allah but still waiting 4 unilorin may Allah help us through اهدنا الصراط المستقيم
24-Oct-2017 09:50:45 ·
Haderoggba20 says;
Banking and surgery let hook up
20-Oct-2017 18:57:08 ·
NBabson; pack well jawe, which one is "banking and surgery"
21-Oct-2017 20:18:01 ·
temitope09 says;
Admitted..Pubic Admin..Any coursemate
20-Oct-2017 19:03:54 ·
vontee; ND or hnd
20-Oct-2017 20:57:19 ·
Official Lieutenant Scope; Wow, Found A Course Mate..
@Temitope, Let's Hook
Am "WF Certified Striker" On Facebook..
We Can Start From There..
20-Oct-2017 22:18:44 ·
Zeezey; Hook Mie on facebook Wf Ballowzeezey
20-Oct-2017 22:33:15 ·
temitope09; Hook Me @ Sho Larh Jarh on fb
20-Oct-2017 22:46:31 ·
BENEDICTAA; hook mine sha sha sha hahahaha. na waoh all dis ridiculous names.
21-Oct-2017 08:53:24 ·
bilaudaud; are all these names I'm seeing above for human being or pets. pls, I need clarification.
21-Oct-2017 16:39:59 ·
BENEDICTAA; help me ask them
21-Oct-2017 20:19:45 ·
NBabson; Lols (y)
21-Oct-2017 20:34:37 ·
Official Lieutenant Scope; Just A Social Nick Brov..
22-Oct-2017 20:22:05 ·
temitope09 says;
How Much na acceptance ?
20-Oct-2017 19:05:19 ·
readone6 says;
admitted acountancy how much is acceptance fees
20-Oct-2017 19:08:23 ·
Zeezey; Aer yu accounting student??
20-Oct-2017 22:33:57 ·
readone6; jamb question after i hav indicate myself
21-Oct-2017 07:08:03 ·
Alexander1500 says;
Thanks for those been admitted, may God grant you guys divine direction, inspiration and wisdom....
20-Oct-2017 19:27:22 ·
Pelz10 says;
What of hnd list
20-Oct-2017 19:47:30 ·
Segunsmile says;
Thank God also got admitted....though I got 20%
agricultural technology
but am waiting for Unilorin......
acceptance fee is 7500.........
20-Oct-2017 21:03:18 ·
superkid103; u are an indigiene ryt?
21-Oct-2017 10:04:43 ·
Segunsmile; no......
21-Oct-2017 10:42:26 ·
karrymat; Have upaid ur acceptance fees
23-Oct-2017 09:56:54 ·
Segunsmile; not yet
23-Oct-2017 10:33:29 ·
superkid103; Aiit man, me too, but wen is d deadline to make payment cuz am also waiting for admission from my 1st choice sch
23-Oct-2017 16:42:59 ·
longstar19 says;
20-Oct-2017 21:10:03 ·
longstar19 says;
But the school fee is much
20-Oct-2017 21:10:43 ·
21-Oct-2017 09:03:26 ·
longstar19; 84,000
21-Oct-2017 17:47:03 ·
Cutemide; Awwwn it's much o
21-Oct-2017 18:20:56 ·
NBabson; Too much, you cant imagine how much the hnd(s) are to pay despite being an old students
21-Oct-2017 20:24:39 ·
longstar19; May be they'll reduce it if students protest
22-Oct-2017 05:59:31 ·
NBabson; As in ~seriously! They must protest ni o
22-Oct-2017 07:15:14 ·
NBabson; If old students are to pay roughly 80k being an indegene, how much is freshers going to pay, wickedness of the highest order
22-Oct-2017 07:17:44 ·
Cutemide; Non indigene Nd fee is 84k while indigene is 62k
22-Oct-2017 09:26:44 ·
NBabson; 62, the one I checked was 87k, ND 1 indegene
22-Oct-2017 13:56:05 ·
NBabson; 62? the one I checked was 87k, ND 1 indegene
22-Oct-2017 13:56:20 ·
karrymat; Hve u paid ur acceptance fees @cutemide
23-Oct-2017 10:40:00 ·
karrymat says;
Have been admitted waiting for uniorin.. God help me
20-Oct-2017 21:16:30 ·
Zeezey; OK wus course
20-Oct-2017 22:37:35 ·
21-Oct-2017 09:07:41 ·
karrymat; Agricultural technology
21-Oct-2017 20:38:31 ·
those dat have gotten admission but they are busy waitin for where they might not get admission i pity them. there are others out there who want dis admission very badly but u got it on a platter of gold yet u are busy lookin at where there might not b road. capital SORRY
20-Oct-2017 21:30:05 ·
NBabson; Its a choice
21-Oct-2017 20:26:29 ·
maintain3388 says;
giving admission waiting for IBB
20-Oct-2017 21:47:28 ·
[email protected]; rill waiting for ibbul rite dats my sch wish u success
23-Oct-2017 12:37:16 ·
maintain3388; Are you in IBB already
23-Oct-2017 20:20:14 ·
25-Oct-2017 17:07:04 ·

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