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IMSU Merit List Admission Status Now Released for 2012/2013

Posted: 05-Sep-2012 [17:20:00] into Admission by Henrya1 for imsu | 207 Comments

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Shortly after the release of the post UTME cut-off marks of the Imo State University IMSU, the university has released the list of students admitted into the school this year.

The admission list, which can be accessed using the same pin number used for registration/result-checking is available at the university portal at

This list, however is not the final admission batch for this year, as the university will release more names as time goes on. We will inform you when that comes effective.

Meanwhile all IMSU applicants should check their admission status and share their testimonies or problems below in the comment box.

Good luck.
The Myschool team.

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Comments (207)
BlushingBeauty says;
i dnt undastnd o! I tot d cut off for estate mngt is 180. Hw come dey are telling me no admission? I scored 226 in jamb nd 170 in post ume. Which means my average is 198. hw come derz no admission for me on the merit list? or iz it only putme score dey are using?
05-Sep-2012 18:19:00 ·
Homiebishop; Which website did u check.
05-Sep-2012 18:34:50 ·
chikayze; Just bkus U used 18 marks to pass ur course dosnt warrant ur quick admssn into imsu *no offence*
05-Sep-2012 19:38:31 ·
Kellsman; The merit list is calculated only with ur postutme score alone...While other lists like 2nd,3rd/supplementary is calculated with ur average,ur jamb+postutme/2...Don't panic,ok?u'll get ur admission!!!
05-Sep-2012 21:38:52 ·
djscolyz; I scored 200 post ume..238 jamb...i have been hapi..(estate management)
06-Sep-2012 02:57:16 ·
pwettynora; Kellsman! If its ℓук dat,de supose 2 offer me admission! Nursing's cutoff is 260! And I scored 260 in my pume,249 in my jamb den my average is 254.5! So y am I not admitted?
I dnt just understand dx imsu pple!
06-Sep-2012 07:46:48 ·
eyebulb; please how did u check urs
06-Sep-2012 11:52:44 ·
ebukaibekwe; did u chek urs wit phone or u went to d cyber?
06-Sep-2012 13:07:44 ·
ebukaibekwe; pls, hw did u chek urs? Wit phone or u went 2d cyber café
06-Sep-2012 13:13:20 ·
Chinonye; Most imsu cut off marks are no more 180,so check the new cut off mark for your course!
06-Sep-2012 17:27:01 ·
ymcmb207; i want to tel those pple dat did nt c dere name in imsu or jamb website dat imsu hav nt post it in dere website or jamb website bkos i am tellin u frm an authentic source,bkos my big sister is skoolin dere she is studying medcine and surgery and i also want to studey d same course,dont panic,imsu are doing dis to get money,so u hav to hav an inside person dat will b feedin u in,u can only check it in d skool admission office but nt in dere website,dey hav nt posted it in dere website,so dont get angry or feel disappointed,so i suggest u call smebdy dere in d skool,i feel u gys pain so i wish u d best
09-Sep-2012 17:20:30 ·
Ucbest; Girl..u didn't get upto de general skul cut-off which is 180...and u expectin some tin to showup...if it, finally showup...hmmmm call it a miracle..
12-Sep-2012 05:12:13 ·
physics101 says;
I scored 259 in jamb and 230 in post utme....industrial course cut off na 180.....and i scored agg of 2nd choice i choose imsu it was telin me no admission yet...wats wrng oo????
05-Sep-2012 18:29:28 ·
babyloconso; Dy dnt add second choice....on dr first list...even futo....ah got imsu pume 230, jamb 247..ave 236...nd waz admittd on microbiology....fankz 2 God
06-Sep-2012 10:13:18 ·
kingsley31; u said it al 2nd choice.expect 2nd list
09-Oct-2012 22:54:56 ·
dzanielzz says;
Same wif me. . Had an avrg 224 in comp. sci. . .
05-Sep-2012 18:37:47 ·
akudinanwa; Guy relax ur self.dis list are those dat has 250 and above in jamb and merit d ept cut off.we sha be in skul also comp science.
05-Sep-2012 23:32:13 ·
labrinthz; D cut off marks releasd clearly stated 180. .ah dnt knw where u gettin dis kynda info 4rm
06-Sep-2012 12:48:04 ·
Kayceeslim; Yea,me2. I was given computer science too
09-Sep-2012 08:08:04 ·
udorr says;
Hw did U̶̲̥̅̊ guys see N̶̲̥̅̊Ơ̴̴͡ admission yet, cos I chekd nd onli saw ma details, bt I ddnt see aniwhere they put U̶̲̥̅̊ hav been admitted or not
05-Sep-2012 18:47:41 ·
lovelybenjamin says;
D space 4 d jamb no and pin no is not clicking oh. Oh lord help me that my name be out in d merit list when the space is clicking. Amen
05-Sep-2012 18:55:46 ·
Shedointl says;
I jst checked mine and i have been offered admission 4 real.i praise God n i thank so happy right now.scholarship tins.pls b patience n prayaful if u havnt been admitted.
05-Sep-2012 19:02:33 ·
lovelybenjamin; @shedon what ur jamb and ur post ume score? And what course did u apply 4?
05-Sep-2012 19:20:44 ·
olachi; how did u check urs,is it tru fone or u went 2 d cyber cafe...?
05-Sep-2012 19:35:02 ·
p.sophia; Shed hw did u chek it pls? Nd pls share ur pume nd jamb scre wit us..likewise ur course tankx
05-Sep-2012 19:38:38 ·
Shedointl; i had 219 in jamb and 230 in post courseis insurance..i checked mine with jamb website
06-Sep-2012 08:28:07 ·
Shedointl; yea
06-Sep-2012 08:30:13 ·
physics101; Na first choice u choose imsu???? Bkus me na 2nd choice candidate...i beat ma cut off by far...yet no admisn
06-Sep-2012 10:57:43 ·
eyebulb; how did u check pls
06-Sep-2012 12:20:32 ·
Kenpet; send ur reg..number
06-Sep-2012 14:23:29 ·
akudinanwa; drop ur reg number brother and let confirm b4 we go to skull for complain.
06-Sep-2012 17:07:39 ·
Shedointl; I checked mine using jamb click check admission status and input ur reg no.i choose them as 1st choice.
07-Sep-2012 07:23:05 ·
De supremo lei says;
The admission link is blocked
05-Sep-2012 19:18:43 ·
Homiebishop says;
I scored jamb 220 pume 300 aplied 4 sociology imsu my 1st choice also an indegene but no admission yet is what am seein... Whats hapenin i tot dz is d merit list? Myschool help me plz. GOD I NID UR INTERVENTION.
05-Sep-2012 19:18:29 ·
marypeace ama; same with me. i got 259 in my jamb nd 200 in the post ume nd it is showing me no admission.accounting
07-Sep-2012 14:35:06 ·
chikayze says;
Tnk G0d! IMSU,here ah c0me..
05-Sep-2012 19:38:32 ·
Johnsilver; Guy i am for 2nd choice applied physics which cuttoff is 180 my jamb is 197 my post utme is 180 and my average is 188.5 as an indigine bt no admission yet while it was only 32 candidate applied 4or physics, Wats wrong?
07-Sep-2012 14:53:15 ·
Assy says;
Shedointl plz wats ur aggregate n course.Congrats bro.
05-Sep-2012 19:46:35 ·
physics101 says;
Na only ist choice candidate dm d admit???????pls i need answer ooo.........i beat d cut off for ma course ooo bt no admin given reg no is 26034102fh
05-Sep-2012 19:58:33 ·
Ihezue; its only 1st choice candidates...i also beat d cutoff mark,my average is 252 nd my cutoff is 180...we jst hav 2 wait 4 supplimentary form,dats d way 4ward 4 2nd choice candidates...gudluck 2 us
06-Sep-2012 10:01:23 ·
babyloconso; Yap...first choice r 4 d frst list ...ah got microbiology wt 239 aggr.
01-Oct-2012 01:53:57 ·
Hottie says;
How do i kw if am admitted or nt plz?
05-Sep-2012 20:19:43 ·
p.sophia says;
Wata hapening now
05-Sep-2012 20:30:13 ·
chiwizzy88 says;
I've chekd mine...and imsu has offerd me so happy.......i tank God almigthy g his great wrkz.
05-Sep-2012 20:32:13 ·
Kenpet; which site did u check cox the pin and reg bar in not did u check plz wot time
05-Sep-2012 20:56:14 ·
da gruve; where did u check urz d pin and d reg box is nt openin
06-Sep-2012 11:13:56 ·
Kenpet says;
Hmmmmm whats up with IMSU self...every time problem.....same initial problem wen the post ume was realised.Nevertheless all hope is not lost.Got pume 280 jamb 257.average 268.cut off 260.applied for economics although 2nd choice.hope my name gona be there...hook me on via kenpet...2go username
05-Sep-2012 20:45:33 ·
Sommy247; Can it b assesed tru jamb website?afta checking my result wit my pin.wen i checked leta it showd anoda pesin's can it b assesed tru jamb website?myschool,pls reply.10x
05-Sep-2012 23:34:02 ·
chizzymod; wats up dude na chizzy
06-Sep-2012 00:17:29 ·
chizzymod; guy wats up. na chizzy plz try come my office dis morning we gat to talk somefin very important.imsu too dey jonz
06-Sep-2012 08:15:04 ·
Kenpet; hey!!! Manest man!whats up,how ur end.have u been admitted?
06-Sep-2012 08:31:40 ·

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