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IMSU goes on indefinite internal strike!

Posted: 03-Feb-2012 [18:55:24] into Events by for imsu | 6 Comments

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As if not tired of the whole strike saga in the country, the staff of Imo State University (IMSU) yesterday embarked on an indefinite strike two days after the Academic Staff Union called off her two months old strike.

Announcing the strike, the spokesmen to the striking lecturers announced that students should not come back to school as they (the lecturers) are not ready to teach until the state government respond to their requests.

Although the reason behind this strike is not clear yet as at the time of this report, Myschoolcomm gathered from a radio broadcast on a private radio station in Owerri (Hot 99.5fm) that the lecturers are angry over government's non response to problems earlier tabled to it on Governor Okorocha's first visit to the school after he assumed office.

Meanwhile Myschoolcomm promise to give you updates as the story unfolds.

The Myschoolcomm Team.

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Comments (6)
Grammarian2 says;
Nawa, am tired of dis non sense
04-Feb-2012 03:00:07 ·
omeonu says;
nawa o imsu and strike. I dont just know why imsu lyk strike as if it is their food
04-Feb-2012 05:01:36 ·
okwaranelson says;
imsu lecturers are criminals! They dont teach in class! The state govt should sack all those criminal lecturers
04-Feb-2012 06:35:07 ·
henrydon says;
am asolutely fadup on dis imsu strike, its seem as imsu is one of d lowest rank in Nigeria institutions.wen roachase came to power he vows to imo star's that their school fees will be reduce,now we are experiencing strike in his administration, our lecturers are now complaining that Roachase have not honour his vows to the institution.
04-Feb-2012 07:01:20 ·
okekeeze says;
IMSU is in the hands of God, the university is filled with politicians so they are using the students to politic,Rochas is no saint but I'm much sure he is better than any,can't still understand why Owelle will be in the Office and imsu will be on strike even when the lecturers voiced out on August 2011,We were told that govt. Can't own salaries again. Lecturers are on strike because of non payment of Dec./Jan. Salaries. During Ohakim time the same lecturers stayed 3months without salaries, God help Imo stars.
07-Feb-2012 11:11:19 ·
ugol'amor says;
Atleast dis wuld let d whole world know dat Gov Rochas makes only politicalized promises which dnt intend 2 accomplish any1 of them dat wuld nt publicize him for his future presidential aspiration. We are tired of his empty promises. Dat was how he promised a reduction in d school fees dat was just 50000 plus biometrics worth 3750 which givs d total of 53750. He came out n informed d world dat we were once paying 100000, an amount which was just a political figure 2 win his election. He later announce 2 d world dat he has reduced our fees 4rm 100000 to 50000 while in reality we are paying 53750. He shuld pls find a lasting solution 2 d constant strike in IMSU.
15-Feb-2012 01:50:00 ·

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