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20-Jun-2017 15:04:48, Myschool Joy writes for School;
Game Time!! Mention That One Movie That Made You Cry
Title 1

Lets play a little game to ease the day's stress, mention that one movie that made me cry.

Let the game begin.

20-Jun-2017 14:49:43, Myschool Joy writes for School;
Who Knows The Answer To This Riddle??
Title 1

Let me see the intelligent ones in the house..

20-Jun-2017 14:40:37, Myschool Joy writes for School;
See What Futo Exam Hall Looks Like
Title 1

This is the present state of Futo Exam hall, this hall comprises of only 36 students.

What can you say about this??

20-Jun-2017 11:37:53, myschool paul writes for Oau;
OAU 300 Level Student Drowns In A Swimming Pool
Title 1

A 300 level student of the department of pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University identified as Fatile Emmanuel has been reported dead after drowning in a swimming pool at a hotel.

A source ... Read More

20-Jun-2017 11:01:53, myschool paul writes for Oau;
OAU SUG President Said He Bought This Bus For 3M Naira, Is it Worth the Price?
Title 1

He alleged that this bus was worth 3 million Naira, But many on social media have attacked the SUG president. Some said the ever dynamic OAU Students' union will reject this bus as a gift not to talk ... Read More

07-Jun-2017 16:18:43, Myschool Kelly writes for School;
Check This Out!!! Which Subject Would You Remove???
Title 1

Most students are obviously bad in subjects that they would wish that particular subject never existed.

Now if you have been given the authority to do this, which subject would you ... Read More

06-Jun-2017 11:11:22, myschool paul writes for School;
What's the Missing Number?
Title 1

Can you tell what the missing number is?

05-Jun-2017 14:56:01, myschool paul writes for Oau;
OAU Suspends All Religious Activities In Halls Of Residence
Title 1

The Obafemi Awolowo University Department of Student Affairs (OAU DSA) on 4th of June 2017 made a special release stating that all religious activities should be suspended in the halls of residence. ... Read More

03-Jun-2017 14:19:19, Myschool Joy writes for School;
It's A Riddle Who Knows The Answer?
Title 1

If you have brain then think... It is simple

02-Jun-2017 12:08:30, myschool paul writes for School;
Candidate's 2017 JAMB Score Suddenly "Changed" - See Photos
Title 1

A candidate has claimed that he rechecked his 2017 JAMB result and discovered that his score has changed from 224 to 184.

We don't know how true is this. Comment if you have you rechecked ... Read More

31-May-2017 18:43:01, masterkelly writes for School;
UTME Candidates Protest In Kaduna
Title 1

Prospective candidates of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Kaduna state on Friday protested over their inability to locate examination centres, six days after the exam ... Read More

01-Jun-2017 11:38:09, myschool paul writes for School;
JAMB Candidates Struggle To Do Data Correction At Lagos JAMB Office, Ikoyi
Title 1

The picture shows JAMB candidates struggling to effect correction of their JAMB data and details at the Ikoyi office of JAMB.

You can imagine the pushing, shoving etc

It was ... Read More

31-May-2017 12:28:05, Myschool Kelly writes for School;
Let's Exercise Our Brains A Bit - Prove Your Intelligence!!!
Title 1

Let's see who gets it right. Kindly show workings too.

31-May-2017 11:51:45, myschool paul writes for Futa;
FUTA Launches Satellite "NigeriaEdusat-1" Into Space
Title 1

The Federal University of Technology, Akure, announced on Tuesday that it would on Thursday launch a satellite into space in partnership with other local and international organisations and ... Read More

30-May-2017 11:05:10, myschool paul writes for School;
Can you spot the mistake in the sentence?
Title 1

A Youth Corp member posted this on Facebook. People are already tongue-lashing him. Can you spot the mistake?

29-May-2017 18:10:17, myschool paul writes for Cu;
UI Students Stage Protest
Title 1

Report has it that students of the University of Ibadan earlier today took to the streets to protest what they describe as insensitivity of the management.

22-May-2017 16:07:59, Myschool Joy writes for School;
Jamb Candidate Scores 300 In Exam - See Result
Title 1

Wonderful right???

22-May-2017 16:00:20, Myschool Joy writes for School;
What!!! Jamb Candidate Scores 32/400 In Exams
Title 1

This is the result of a jamb candidate.

Funny right??

19-May-2017 11:55:02, Myschool Joy writes for School;
See What Happened To An Armed Robber Caught At U I
Title 1

A young man who decided to rob students of the University of Ibadan got more than he bargained for after he was descended on by an angry crowd.

According to reports, the man who was caught ... Read More

19-May-2017 11:21:28, Myschool Joy writes for Unilorin;
2017 UTME - See The Highest Jamb Score In The Country So Far
Title 1

He is Fadayomi Bamidele a student of Hallmark Secondary School Ondo.

This is an excellence performance isn't it?

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