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Replies (47)
midashenry says;
Bros pls are u sure of wat u wrote? Pls i need 2 kno.
18-Aug-2012 22:10:44 ·
midashenry says;
Bros abeg u d sure of wetin u write? Abeg ansa me i need to kno pls!
18-Aug-2012 22:14:24 ·
Aguzie michael says;
Time 4 every think e.i dont joke wit admissn bcos if by monday it not out, i wil ...... U
18-Aug-2012 22:29:27 ·
emenite says;
fat lie
19-Aug-2012 08:12:55 ·
cannydamendra; so its nt yet out?..den wen will it b out?
07-Oct-2012 23:36:24 ·
Jazeffa says;
Lolz......u wuld [email protected]
19-Aug-2012 11:05:45 ·
Ejikechinedu says;
It may be true.cos i'm nt sure there wil be anytin 4 suplementary dis year 4 d 2nd list.but i dont think 2nd batch is should be out by august ending.
19-Aug-2012 12:57:18 ·
Freetolove says;
@ejike hw do u mean? No supplementary dis year?
19-Aug-2012 13:45:15 ·
Ejikechinedu; I meant due 2 d high pume scores dis year.there is likely 2 be no suplementary form 4 d 2nd list.nd d 2nd list should be out by august endin or 1st week of septemba.
19-Aug-2012 15:07:16 ·
yzchief says;
19-Aug-2012 14:56:13 ·
Gentle sally says;
@ejike,pls don't scare sumone here,do u mean that futo won't give out supplementary form dis yr?
19-Aug-2012 15:07:02 ·
Ejikechinedu; Dont be scared.i'm just predicting based on my little analysis nd theology.lets pray that there would be supplementary,but why is it talking FUTO so long 2 commence d sales of supplementary forms.stay cool *peace*
19-Aug-2012 17:18:33 ·
uchexxy says;
whether dr is sup form or not, dnt just relax cos sm1 said so. Make sure u try n stay updated. God will see us tru. Long live futo
19-Aug-2012 16:45:16 ·
brownsamuel says;
Futo's second list is nt out yet nd d supplementary form wud soon be on sale at d price of 10k
19-Aug-2012 21:04:15 ·
Bestbabe; Fat lie, d suplimentary form free bt if u gain admision 2ru d suplimentary u wil nw pay d sum of #5,000 only
20-Aug-2012 05:53:26 ·
Gentle sally says;
@brown,do u mean d sup form will be at d sale of 10,000 naira? Pls ooh my average is 200,so my name appear on biochem's second list,or shld i wait 4 sup form?
19-Aug-2012 23:52:55 ·
Codeddmayor; @gentle sally,†he sup form Ȋ̝̊̅§ free and †he 2nd batch Ȋ̝̊̅§ nt yet out
05-Sep-2012 16:35:29 ·
Emmanus says;
Comedians sef,thanks 4 ur little joke,u made me laugh at something serious.i.e my admission,with ur joke,supplementary form 10k see u ,karikature,thanks 4 d joke,sometimes its good to smile at least in d midst of something serious. Supplementary form is free,bt if u get admitted through it,u'll pay additional 5k.
20-Aug-2012 12:49:47 ·
brownsamuel says;
U guys wil see it wen d form is on sale.jst remenba i told u.It isnt a joke nor a lie.
20-Aug-2012 16:28:29 ·
FrankEdward says;
Pls my man.stop posting what u re nt sure of. futo second batch admision list is nt yet out.pls pals pay no mind to this info.
20-Aug-2012 18:25:00 ·

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