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FUTA Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 03-Sep-2016 [12:44:30] into Admission by Engineerolummy for futa | 632 Comments

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This is to inform all candidates who participated in the admission screening exercise of the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) that the admission list for 2016/2017 has been released.

We learnt that text messages were sent to candidates notifying them of their admission status.

However, you can equally check your admission status on
the institution's website.

To check yours, visit

-Enter your UTME Reg Number in the space provided.

-Click on "Submit" to access your admission details

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Comments (632)
itz viche says;
03-Sep-2016 13:17:26 ·
senatepresdo says;
How was their screening result calculated??
03-Sep-2016 13:17:34 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; To calculate your points,for o'level result,
if I have O'level result Maths A1, phy B3, chem B2, bio B3, Eng C6
this means I have maths 6points + phy 4points + Chem 5points + bio 4points + eng 1point =20points.
30 is the maximum total points you can get in O'level,that's if the person gets all subjects As.
for my jamb score, I scored 190,
we have (190/4)=47.5
total points is (66.67%+47.5)/2=57.09%..calculate yours and post here,let's see the minimum point futa allowed for admission, as for my friend with the above waec n jamb score,he has been admitted to study mechanical engineering.
04-Sep-2016 23:18:57 ·
Temitopeade; hw abt Direct entry calculations
05-Sep-2016 11:27:58 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; don't know about that..they didn't specify how it will be calculated
05-Sep-2016 21:18:37 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; don't know about that..they didn't specify how it will be calculated,even jamb didn't specify
05-Sep-2016 21:18:43 ·
Temitopeade; owkay oh
06-Sep-2016 08:55:14 ·
Veektur01; Iave calculated mine and its 60.5 but no admission yet...
Civil engineering
08-Sep-2016 14:46:17 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; hmmm....futa..just pray hard for second batch sha,then if no luck again,you go and complain
09-Sep-2016 18:08:25 ·
Veektur01; It is well
09-Sep-2016 20:18:04 ·
afobj4; one of my guy told me that futa second list is out but they didn't give him the his prefered course i.e instead of computer engineering they gave him food science
30-Oct-2016 22:34:56 ·
dutchman says;
Nofin yet ooooooo..,
03-Sep-2016 13:19:06 ·
itz viche says;
congrats to d admitted ones...
03-Sep-2016 13:20:32 ·
hadepet says;
still waiting..looking up to God.
03-Sep-2016 13:43:57 ·
Engineerolummy; Hey guyz...

ds is 2 bring in2 notice of all SMAT students of FUTA that a whatsapp group is set to be created.

there,we share informations,ask questions,joke and so on.
we can equally share infos abt d registrations too.
believe me,d 200lv students wud b there to help wit questions.

Ds group x meant 4 all SMAT students,aspirants who av faith on his/her admission can do d same.

Reply ur numba to this comment so as to be added.


rbc: sir olummy.
17-Oct-2016 11:35:28 ·
dediwura4real; 08165902101
28-Oct-2016 12:16:34 ·
Phemstar says;
All is well
03-Sep-2016 13:52:14 ·
senatepresdo; BREAKING NEWS!!!
It has been brought to our notice and we
have confirmed that FUTA official website
has been hacked.
1. The Portal isn't FUTA
2. The Portal was a cloned Page which was
created By Hackers that penetrated into
FUTA Database
3. FUTA hasn't publish this to their website
since this new has been spread
4.FUTA Admission sender can neva be
5. The E-transact you saw at your
congratulations Page isl fake. So any
payment to made through E-transact isn't
going to FUTA account it's goes directly to
the account.
6.All 1st list Admission were always given a
Week optimum to make up there
acceptance fee where FIRAR gave people til
23rd of September 2016
7. No way no how FUTA will give you
admission without your course named
there.... Whereas FIRAR gave admission
without course named there
8. All aspirants that was texted should go to
JAMB website To confirm this is a Scam...
Please don't fall For this Scam FUTA hasn't
given our admission and the Screening
Result is not out.
Please if you have any questions, drop it as
Kindly share this info!
03-Sep-2016 16:26:55 ·
Engineerolummy; mtcheew fake post. just log in to and see for urself. Admitted
already....when I logged in,my details are don't say what you don't know. Concerning JAMB admission status checking,who told you jamb has uploaded FUTA's list? Schools first,then JAMB.
Don't give yourself fake hope because say you no get the alert. Instead of u to pray make your name follow 2nd batch out. Hmmmm.
03-Sep-2016 18:39:06 ·
harmony; Lol guy u harsh o
04-Sep-2016 07:36:19 ·
harmony; I just log on futa site nw d merit list is out or did d hackers hack futa official website too??
04-Sep-2016 07:40:34 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; anybody that was admitted,what course did you put,and what were your waec or neck grades??n jamb score,so I can calculate and know tour points,cux with calculation of many people's points,we would be able to know the cutoff.
04-Sep-2016 22:42:36 ·
bello joy ikeoluwa; dis mine 60.71
05-Sep-2016 15:55:13 ·
bello joy ikeoluwa; i score 60.71 4 anatomy in futa dat what i calculated am i in 4 it
05-Sep-2016 15:57:29 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; futa doesn't offer anatomy as a course...what school did you put??its certainly not futa,or you've forgotten the course you registered for??
05-Sep-2016 21:50:40 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; sorry joy I forgot futa actually added anatomy to their new courses,well just do as I have told you in the PM,and you can always give me feedback
05-Sep-2016 22:54:56 ·
harjulo; Pls bro's can I use English, mathematics, physics, economics and agricultural science to study mathematics in Futa without chemistry
06-Sep-2016 18:43:04 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; hmmm...wen you went for screening,what five courses did they pick for you??
06-Sep-2016 19:03:07 ·
harjulo; we just submitted all our results
07-Sep-2016 19:27:38 ·
07-Sep-2016 22:02:57 ·
i_am_sammy; Haven't been admitted ooo....calculated mine i have 53points
09-Sep-2016 16:32:23 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; hmmm...just pray for second batch
09-Sep-2016 18:04:49 ·
i_am_sammy; When would second batch be out
10-Sep-2016 00:45:03 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; any moment from now
25-Sep-2016 04:37:32 ·
David199 says;
This is wat we are saying... Now who knows the criteria they used, no point system, no cut off dem Just jump to admission after dey don finish everything underground.. Many wil still be denied of admission again... SHE WAT THIS ABOKI MAN CAUSED MALLAM ADAMU #ANYWAY NAA CHANGE OO
03-Sep-2016 13:53:43 ·
xavi2.2; Bro is nt showing hw to calculate it. Am for DE dou
04-Sep-2016 12:23:57 ·
Temitopeade; wah also a DE candidate
05-Sep-2016 21:30:31 ·
mido_ham; Av u guys submitted ur transcript to d skul registrar
14-Sep-2016 18:16:18 ·
mido_ham; Av u guys heard of any candidate dat has been admitted thru D E
01-Nov-2016 06:46:43 ·
kidda18 says;
which list was released is it merit or wat? i need answers please
03-Sep-2016 13:58:01 ·
kittykat; merit
05-Sep-2016 17:51:50 ·
kidda18; Thanks
06-Sep-2016 06:29:51 ·
SamsonJose says;
Pure cheat
Lmao no cut offs!!!
Screening indeed
03-Sep-2016 14:09:38 ·
sprintinn says;
I have not been admitted physiology, what is happening I had 259 in my jamb
03-Sep-2016 14:13:36 ·
kidda18; even me oo.197 civil engineering
03-Sep-2016 14:15:50 ·
my scholar; nigga jamb bin post u??
03-Sep-2016 14:32:10 ·
labi05; wat was ur screening score @sprintin
03-Sep-2016 14:54:38 ·
kidda18; jamb no post me oo
03-Sep-2016 15:15:18 ·
AkinseyeAyodeji; Not admitted yet 211-civil engineering
04-Sep-2016 07:59:48 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; what were your oLevel [email protected]???this years admission depends on your olevel grades in combination with your jamb,if anyone is lacking,no admission for you
04-Sep-2016 22:44:28 ·
harjulo; my own is English c5,mathematics c5,physics b3,economics c6,agricultural science c6 and I scored 255 in my jamb and I want to study mathematics
06-Sep-2016 18:46:26 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; your point is 48.54...just chill again,until after second batch,before you go to futa to complain
06-Sep-2016 19:00:08 ·
sprintinn; How many list moe?
09-Sep-2016 22:48:38 ·
25-Sep-2016 04:38:08 ·
Chinonso054 says;
as i don gain admission na God win,
03-Sep-2016 14:37:37 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; what was your olevel grades and jamb score,and which course did you apply to?
04-Sep-2016 22:47:23 ·
harjulo; Pls I scored 255 and admission is not offered
06-Sep-2016 18:49:11 ·
harjulo; and I want to study mathematics with 255
06-Sep-2016 18:49:49 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; what were your Olevel grades??
06-Sep-2016 18:57:18 ·
08-Sep-2016 10:21:46 ·
08-Sep-2016 10:22:31 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; congrats dear..welcome to futa
09-Sep-2016 17:53:41 ·
mosco06 says;
I don get alert Godwin!
#so excited
#team industrial chemistry
03-Sep-2016 14:44:47 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; what school?
04-Sep-2016 22:48:01 ·
kittykat; same here..industrial chemistry too
05-Sep-2016 17:09:17 ·
Prof. Suigeneris says;
Congratulations and Felicitations to the admitted Dudes,I rep Uniben to the core.
03-Sep-2016 14:50:27 ·
Busbus says;
Who as been admitted i represent biomedical technology
03-Sep-2016 14:54:32 ·
GODWINJUSTIN; what was tour olevel grades and jamb score?
04-Sep-2016 22:49:17 ·
mcbolous2015; @busbus I rep biomedical technology too.. let's talk on whatsapp +2348101738678
11-Nov-2016 00:03:15 ·
francis95 says;
Congrats to Admitted candidates
03-Sep-2016 14:55:01 ·

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