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Posted: 09-Jun-2012 [15:09:11] into Admission by Arogeancy for futa 11501 views | 17 Replies

It's very easy to calculate your FUTA POST-UTME SCORE:
First, check your result from Futa website;
According to the result, your JAMB-UTME SCORE has been divided by 4 in percent, and your POST-UTME SCORE which is a total of 25 questions has been multiplied by 4 to give you a maximum of 100%, So a person that scored 200 in JAMB, will have 50% JAMB-UTME SCORE. Let's assume the person has a POST-UTME SCORE OF 55%, then the TOTAL POST-UTME SCREENING SCORE WILL BE: 52.5%, which is the addition of both the JAMB-UTME AND THE POST-UTME SCORE DIVIDE BY TWO (2).
=(50+55)/2 = 52.5.
Also, after checking your result, you can just ADD both the JAMB AND PUME SCORE, then you divide your answer by 2.
Wish you all Success, Thanks!!!
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Replies (17)
Arogeancy says;
This is a very simple way for you to calculate the Final result of FUTA POST-UTME. Thanks!
09-Jun-2012 23:43:58 ·
Arogeancy says;
Your replies are highly needed and it'll help for the successful modification of this topic, if necessary. Thanks!
10-Jun-2012 00:20:25 ·
lanrrysmith says;
Wats d departmental cutoff marks, coz mine is 49.5 wen i calculated nd divide it, jamb 55% pume 44%???? MINNING ENGINEERING.
10-Jun-2012 08:43:49 ·
Profsamuel says;
Plz frnd,help me to calculate ma total jamb result is 259 y ma post jamb result is 32.
10-Jun-2012 09:40:00 ·
meyoho says;
hw can direct entry calculate dere post ume
10-Jun-2012 10:05:08 ·
Arogeancy says;
For info on getting the cut-off mark of your department, check "FUTA POST-UME COURSES CUT-OFF MARKS"
10-Jun-2012 12:07:34 ·
Arogeancy says;
Profsamuel, you Final Score is; 48.375
10-Jun-2012 12:12:47 ·
Middlebet says;
@profsamuel ur result is 48.3
10-Jun-2012 12:41:09 ·
Arogeancy says;
@meyoho: Direct Entry Candidates don't seat for UTME, theirs is a different case, it should be their Post-DE SCORE and credentials screening. More info to come. later. Replies needed!
10-Jun-2012 12:46:44 ·
olulana; Please how do direct entry add up their grades... I had 44% in ume is there chance I would enter mining engineering
19-Oct-2017 12:54:58 ·
Josh66 says;
..futa ar surpose 2 write it out 4 us nw aggregate=66% sumtin lyk dat..or ar dey goin 2 writ it [email protected]
10-Jun-2012 14:01:03 ·
meyoho says;
@arogeancy . pls wot is d changes of D.E candidate who score 25 percent n hv a G.P of 3.37 who is an awaitin student to gain admission into industrial design .thk u
10-Jun-2012 22:21:59 ·
shytune says;
I scored 48% in p/ume and 56%UTME...what are My chances of Gaining admission 2 study Architecture?
12-Jun-2012 08:18:51 ·
Arogeancy says;
Anyway sources haVE reviewed that Futa don't consider scores that are less than 50% PUME SCORE, NO MATTER HOW HIGH YOUR JAMB SCORE IS, they also note that there is mass failure in this year exam., you have to pray that the creator of the storm that scatter the house of the mighty man; should let them reduce there cut-off marks! Thanks!
19-Jun-2012 11:16:27 ·
Plz y didnt dey bring out d cut-off markz 4us 2c...hw do we change courses wen we do not knw d various cut-off markz 4d courses.......i scord 58 in UTME n 56 in pume...mechanical engin...n no admixion yet......plz do i av chancex in 2nd batch?
04-Aug-2012 00:37:57 ·
Tmcklein says;
My aggregate is 53 is there hope?
04-Aug-2012 16:27:33 ·

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