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FUPRE Post UTME Screening Result 2017/2018 Released

Posted: 12-Oct-2017 [08:51:56] into Post-UTME by Ejhide for fupre | 34 Comments

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This is to inform all candidates who sat for the 2017/2018 FUPRE Post UTME Examination that the result is out.

Candidates are to proceed to check their results.

How To Check Your Screening Result


-Enter your JAMB Registration Number and Password in the spaces provided.

-Click on "Login" and proceed to view your result

WARNING: Do not give money to anybody for admission!

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Comments (34)
soundboss says;
12-Oct-2017 09:17:08 ·
Made Me says;
Stc,Any aspirant with testimonies?
12-Oct-2017 09:49:20 ·
Obedino8; Letz talk on watssap...08145478817
17-Oct-2017 20:40:39 ·
Made Me says;
Y arn't u guys commentng?
12-Oct-2017 10:19:07 ·
Dexter56 says;
Results don come out since yesterday na now my school dey post am
12-Oct-2017 13:18:02 ·
Made Me says;
Is there stil other school's website were fupre aspirant are active?vry agent o,cos i'm presently off on watsap nw.
12-Oct-2017 14:33:37 ·
Adigwe Emmanuel onyeisi says;
fupre fall my hand sha..
the most ridiculous moment of my life was jeopardize....
anyway,its not over until is over....
i rep chemical engineering
12-Oct-2017 15:12:49 ·
Made Me; Hi,rep same dept bro wht ur score?
12-Oct-2017 15:43:35 ·
Made Me says;
How happy wuld i be,if dis trend keep busy
12-Oct-2017 15:47:05 ·
Obedino8; Wat did u score
12-Oct-2017 22:54:49 ·
Obedino8 says;
D results are horrible
12-Oct-2017 22:53:33 ·
Made Me; I'm tellng u ma broda;An academic staff there told me recently dat they re appealng 2 d schl managnt 2 reduce d cut-off mark from 22 out of 50% o for chem.eng.dpt,#real source
14-Oct-2017 12:50:25 ·
Obedino8; wat waz d cut off..??
14-Oct-2017 14:51:18 ·
Honorable Senator; Does it mean that the questions are difficult or the markings are hard?
14-Oct-2017 21:49:47 ·
Otaye oghenerume says;
Watz the highest score so far
13-Oct-2017 20:50:32 ·
Made Me; Don't knw 4 nw,i only knws mine.
14-Oct-2017 12:52:38 ·
Obedino8; wat ur [email protected] made me
14-Oct-2017 14:54:35 ·
Made Me; 25 bro,nd u?
14-Oct-2017 20:43:35 ·
Obedino8; wat dept??
15-Oct-2017 11:22:57 ·
Made Me says;
Any othr news apart from d one i stated earlier z hghlg welcm
14-Oct-2017 13:10:28 ·
Obedino8; Wat dept are u...nd watx ur percentage
17-Oct-2017 20:39:56 ·
Obedino8 says;
d highest i ave seen is 27
14-Oct-2017 14:52:15 ·
Made Me; what dpt?
14-Oct-2017 20:41:40 ·
Honorable Senator; And what should be the normal cutoff for each faculty and department?
14-Oct-2017 21:51:45 ·
Obedino8; dnt even knw......
15-Oct-2017 11:23:45 ·
Made Me says;
Are u an [email protected]
15-Oct-2017 20:14:36 ·
Obedino8; Whats ur jamb score nd ur department
17-Oct-2017 20:38:00 ·
Obedino8; I heard d cut off is 57.. so watz ur percentage wen u calculated it..??
17-Oct-2017 20:38:51 ·
Made Me says;
Lets us keep hopng on God,cos i hvn't see this kind catastrophic result b4 o.Hmm...
15-Oct-2017 20:22:17 ·
Obedino8 says;
I scored 18 but d cut off for elect is 57
17-Oct-2017 20:36:21 ·
Blessed P; who told u?
18-Oct-2017 16:32:46 ·
Made Me; 57 for elect.eng?i disagree bro,pls re_confirm
18-Oct-2017 22:52:01 ·
Made Me says;
How was d % calcutd?
18-Oct-2017 22:39:49 ·

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