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FUPRE Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 21-Nov-2016 [10:10:36] into General by ezehp for fupre | 111 Comments

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The management of Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE) has released the list of admitted students for the 2016/2017 academic session.

How To check Your Admission Status
-Enter your JAMB Registration Number and Password in the space provided.
-Click on "Login" to access your admission status

Note: Admitted students are hereby advised to print their admission notification. Registration begins immediately.

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See official list of courses offered in FUPRE


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Comments (111)
francis95 says;
21-Nov-2016 10:14:13 ·
francis95 says;
Congrats Guys, Let The testimonies begin to flow.. Goodluck to yall as you check
21-Nov-2016 10:15:12 ·
clemz97 says;
since on saturday. Thank God i have been admitted.
21-Nov-2016 10:19:42 ·
bebenj; what score n course please
21-Nov-2016 11:04:31 ·
ereyomi; Am admitted too "Physics"
Which course are you admitted to.
21-Nov-2016 13:36:59 ·
clemz97; computer science, score: 244
22-Nov-2016 15:04:28 ·
gideontemi says;
@clemzy were u admitted wen u check on jamb
21-Nov-2016 10:33:42 ·
clemz97; no, what about u ?
21-Nov-2016 11:58:41 ·
Desmondeo10 says;
Thank God i have been admitted
21-Nov-2016 10:52:52 ·
emmykay007; badt guy
So u dey here sef
Congrats bro
25-Nov-2016 17:50:16 ·
Desmondeo10; Loll,sure na
25-Nov-2016 22:01:11 ·
jamesmona0 says;
Admitted!!!! Rep chemical engineering
21-Nov-2016 10:54:53 ·
Adetopsy; Xame here, rep chemical Engineering also. Dis Is ma no 09097394988
21-Nov-2016 12:48:35 ·
nnando; Wat ws ur. Score guys?
21-Nov-2016 13:36:26 ·
unique innovator says;
@james, what's ur jamb score and o' level points? (sorry for asking, I'm also aspiring for same course in a different uni)
21-Nov-2016 11:08:46 ·
gideontemi says;
pls dos of u admitted,did jamb give u admission earlier?
21-Nov-2016 11:27:41 ·
21-Nov-2016 12:50:44 ·
puvo victor says;
Anybody for computer science??
21-Nov-2016 11:29:57 ·
clemz97; yes.
21-Nov-2016 11:57:36 ·
21-Nov-2016 15:17:01 ·
ereyomi; Clemz97 what's your jamb score and waec result
21-Nov-2016 16:42:09 ·
Royalrick; yes I also got admitted computer science
22-Nov-2016 11:55:21 ·
ereyomi; Jamb score and how is your waec/neco royalrick
22-Nov-2016 22:35:25 ·
Royalrick; jamb: 218 4C 4B
23-Nov-2016 08:27:12 ·
clemz97; 244, 7cs and 1b.
23-Nov-2016 08:27:33 ·
Desmondeo10; 215,2B,6C....I did predegree tho
23-Nov-2016 16:37:49 ·
bebenj says;
please those of u admitted can we know ur score n course please
21-Nov-2016 11:39:07 ·
puvo victor says;
Pls wat was ur jamb score?
21-Nov-2016 12:22:55 ·
clemz97; 244
21-Nov-2016 12:34:13 ·
Adetopsy says;
Tnx God ve bin admitted rep chemical Engineering
21-Nov-2016 12:46:30 ·
Liberatorkingpin; congrats man, whats ur score in jamb pls
22-Nov-2016 07:42:15 ·
Adetopsy; 229
23-Nov-2016 20:00:26 ·
Liberatorkingpin; and you put them as more preferred right?
24-Nov-2016 21:21:41 ·
Adetopsy; Yeah
25-Nov-2016 12:04:18 ·
Liberatorkingpin; okay i just pray they offer me admission too
25-Nov-2016 15:59:28 ·
ereyomi says;
Any info about how the registration is going to be. Since acceptance fee for 2016/2017 is not yet out
21-Nov-2016 13:40:09 ·
Desmondeo10; It's out o,
21-Nov-2016 19:22:46 ·
Adetopsy; is the acceptance fees out ?and how do we go about the registration
21-Nov-2016 21:19:46 ·
ereyomi; Out!!! How much is the acceptance
21-Nov-2016 22:39:18 ·
Desmondeo10; Acceptance fee 45k school fee 80k
22-Nov-2016 07:15:10 ·
Adetopsy; U wil need al d necessary credentials to be cleared,after being cleared u wil make al the necessary payments,collect d receipts,get d receipts stamped nd get ur bed allocation as a female
23-Nov-2016 20:05:11 ·
ereyomi; What of male😁😁 Don't we need bed allocation
23-Nov-2016 20:27:23 ·
Royalrick; please does anyone know when the registration is going to end...
24-Nov-2016 10:01:40 ·
Adetopsy; Dnt no yet,but d earlier d beta
26-Nov-2016 19:44:50 ·
Royalrick; Have you done your [email protected]
26-Nov-2016 19:50:42 ·
ereyomi; Through with mine today(Friday).
26-Nov-2016 22:36:48 ·
26-Nov-2016 23:15:09 ·
Adetopsy; Nt done it remains hostel did u get ur hostel accomdation @ereyomi
27-Nov-2016 14:43:53 ·
ereyomi; I haven't pay for hostel acomodation.
But I will this week.
The registration is just copies of your Jamb result (Passport), Fupre admission notification, waec, certificate of origin, Birth certificate. Its simple, itsits just to confirm if you really meet all necessary requirements.
28-Nov-2016 05:37:04 ·
kenlixdgreat says;
My is showing not addmitted yet pls what does dat mean
21-Nov-2016 14:20:18 ·
bebenj; wats ur score n course
21-Nov-2016 16:43:46 ·
jamesmona0 says;
235 jamb score
4b's and 3c's
Team chem engr
21-Nov-2016 14:48:01 ·

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