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Posted: 23-Aug-2013 [15:37:55] into Admission by FUNAI INFO for funai 981 views | 8 Replies

I am currently a junior staff in FUNAI and also full time pioneer student of the great FUNAI. This post is created to provide you with info and assistance towards making sure that your dream for FUNAI comes true. To get connected, simply login to facebook and like our official page titled FUNAI ADMISSIONS AND INFO. You can also ask any question here to get the answers. Goodluck
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Replies (8)
Val1991 says;
Pls,i made funai as 2nd choice but i havnt seen my result,it keep sayin wrng reg confusd wht do i do??
25-Aug-2013 16:22:33 ·
victorsvc says;
pls hv funai release 2013 departmental cut-off mark?
25-Aug-2013 23:33:54 ·
Like I said, I wil paste the cutoff marks when am done gathering them.
26-Aug-2013 08:14:55 ·
Silverpink says;
Am igwe doris amara.. scored 34/60... 227/400:.average score 203... Am 4rm imo. Funai is my 1st n 2nd choice wit biokem n microbiology. What re my chance of getting admission?
28-Aug-2013 15:11:43 ·
FUNAI INFO; You may be lucky in the supplementary.
29-Aug-2013 11:38:20 ·
Flexyblaise; My name is Odinaka I scored 202 and funai is my first choice and Ma course in microbiology
15-Jul-2017 19:16:47 ·
anoi says;
I.D funai pioneer is a staff.
01-Sep-2013 08:21:23 ·
Flexyblaise says;
Pls I scored 202 in Ma jamb and my selected course is microbiology,funai is my first will I know if am accepted?
15-Jul-2017 20:53:26 ·
Raph4040 says;
am an aspirant too. this is my number. whatsapp me so that I can follow up. Tanx.
17-Jul-2017 09:41:38 ·

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